• Name: Elliot Hornell
  • Creative: Cinematographer
  • Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Description:

    Elliot has worked in television and video production for many years, but he was always used to charging for his time. This system limited his potential earning power because, as we all know, time is a finite resource. So Elliot discovered the Next Level Creators program and has been able to start charging his clients based on the value he is providing them, tangible results that he can use as leverage for recurring monthly income and system that is scalable.


Next level creators and it's been good for me in a number of ways. I've been working in TV and video production for many years and as a freelancer for the last five years, I had reached a stage where I was doing well and I was busy, but I couldn't see a way that I can move to the next level. Uh, when you're predominantly charging for your time, there's only so much of that thing that you can sell before you run out next level clears. There's has helped me shift my mindset on placing two, charging for the value that I can bring to potential clients rather than the time that I spend worked for clients. That in itself has been a huge help to me that our other services that offer business advice to filmmakers, but the next level creators not only tells you what to do, but actually sure you hope to do it. You can follow the process through step by step and this means that what might have taken you several months, if not years, and possibly even never to do when you're on, can be achieved much, much quicker. That said, it's fine to, to to your own time and work through the program when you can. That's important too. If like me, you are already busy. You'd on an existing business and need the option to dip in and out at your convenience. Also, I need to mention the Facebook community that you get access to with your membership. The saloon is such a volleyball resource. The ability to see how others are over the world are running their campaigns, the challenges they've faced and how they've overcome them is invaluable. I have to also see that whilst if I'd looked, we'll need for direct support myself. Yet whenever someone has posted a question for Paul directly, he has applied very quickly. It's like having a business mentor on hand when you need him. Finally, I just like to say that if anyone out there is still wondering whether this program offers good value or not, they're not as up to you. If you follow this program through and tick the recommended actions, then it is absolutely good value, but it's not silver bullet. You all need to work at it. And even with all the great advice available in the program, you will come up against challenges that you'll need to overcome. You'll be facing those challenges with a new positive mindset, however, and you also have a new group of colleagues who can help you too. Good luck. And I look forward to hearing from you and the community.
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