• Name: Drew Hall
  • Creative: Commercial Filmmaker
  • Location: Mobile, Alabama
  • Description:

    Drew Hall has worked on many independent films and has done numerous commercial projects as a filmmaker. The problem was that his company has reached a plateau.  Drew knew he needed a better way of conducting his business if he wanted it to grow, so he decided it was time to give the Next Level Creators program a try. The result? Almost immediately he was able to 4X his revenue by using the tools he gained from the program.


So, one of the things for us early on, we're a relatively young business. We kind of came from the film industry and started this side of production. And one of the challenges we had, we had clients but we weren't really growing. We weren't seeing a lot of growth. We had been about the average for us for two years. So we'd seen this sort of average start to occur, which is never good. So we wanted to do something different. One of the things that we came across was the NLC program, and with Next Level Creators I went through the courses, I passed them along to my partner, and then he and I just started kind of implementing the workflow, the mindset, all the different aspects. And we tripled, almost quadrupled, our revenue immediately after that. We went from an average to blowing it out of the water. For us, it was a pretty big deal and it's kind of changed the landscape. Being able to go to one of the NLC live events, the Next Level Creator live events, just adds more fuel to the fire if you will, and then we'll just keep on chugging along. The one thing about the program that grabbed me pretty quickly, was just the interpretation of being a filmmaker. I don't have a lot of business background, so my background's always been in film finance or that side of it, never in commercial side. So being able to take this advertising content, or advertising mindset, and apply it for our burgeoning business, our growing business, was part of the attractive quality. And then I haven't done a ton of social stuff, we hadn't done a ton of Facebook marketing or Google marketing, and we wanted to learn more. So that's what we did. We jumped into it, and it worked out to not just benefit our revenue but our clients, their successes, their own personal successes are much higher which then makes us feel even better that we're doing the right thing. Pre Next Level Creators, we had kind of averaged off. We had kind of landed in this space where financially we were doing okay, but we weren't seeing a lot of growth. So two years of that you start to wonder if you've kind of hit your peak. Our market is very different. We don't have a huge market, so we started blaming the market instead of ourselves, instead of taking accountability. Once we kind of went through the Next Level Creators program the thing that we found most interesting was that we quadrupled our revenue the following year, the year of rather. We expected to continue to be that trend going forward. It may not always be that high, but instead of being peaks and valleys we feel like it's going to be a little more leveled with a scale involved. So it's a slow gradual slope, and we want that gradual slope. That's something that we're excited about. My biggest takeaway from Next Level Creators live, was niche development and kind of understanding this idea that it's not just one industry you're working in. Niche means kind of your proof of concept, so it works across multiple industries in that fashion. One of the big goals that we have with being part of Next Level Creators, having gone through the first round we wanted to see an increase in profits. We wanted to see an increase of income, basically, and we saw that. We had that happen for us very quickly, very aggressively. We're still dealing with that as we speak. We've seen this beautiful increase in revenue. But our next step is really scale. We want to be able to build up fewer clients with bigger output, meaning we want to have just a couple of clients that just provide us a lot of value instead of multiple clients. To where we get to a position of there's only, we're working on three or four jobs a year is our goal. We want to have three or four large jobs a year, and I think NLC will help us get to that spot. That's what we're most excited about, and that's kind of our goal for 2019. Oh yeah, one of the greatest attributes of the Next Level Creators program has been the community. We have great access to Paul, who's obviously a super smart guy, mastermind if you will. But then there's guys like Andres, and everybody for me it was a young lady named Emily. We just connected. She helped me think outside the box, and approached it in a way that I had not thought of it before. I guess to me the community aspect of Next Level Creators is a fantastic, amazing experience. It's an added bonus that is just tremendous. There's not just value getting that, there's encouragement, there's accountability, there's everything that you need to find success you can find within the community side. It's, frankly I look forward to checking it, reading it, being part of that community every single day. One of the other parts about the Next Level Creators community, is the Q&A that you have access to. Now they've opened it up to multiple, but being able to go to these Q&A's and ask any question you want, being able to kind of if you're stuck in a rut work through the problem live and kind of see what Paul's thinking, or what whoever might have feedback on. I've had Q&A sessions lead to breakout conversations that have led me down a path of rethinking how to approach something. So those Q&A calls and that community session is just another aspect of Next Level Creators that is truly unique, and truly fascinating.
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