• Name: Domenick Cucinotta
  • Creative: Cinematographer
  • Location:
  • Description:

    Domenick recently joined the Next Level Creators program and is excited to start implementing the retainer client model for his video production in order to create consistent, reliable monthly income from his work.


Hey Paul. Hey community. Uh, my name is Dominic. I run a production company out on the East Coast here and I do commercials, branded content, music videos, uh, you know, your typical kind of kind of production stuff. And I had found myself in that stereotypical cycle of just getting project chasing project at their project, um, and never really having a steady, consistent predictive, a revenue stream. So I was going through all that. Paul came across my Instagram and he was definitely speaking my language, um, of where I think I needed to be at that time where I should have been. Um, so I checked out NLC and to be honest, like I knew right away like Paul new his stuff. Um, I haven't gotten through it yet because I'm just kind of backed up on these other one off jobs, which I'm trying to switch out for these retainer clients. Um, NLC has done for me. I've only gotten two weeks in, but what it has done for me is it's given me the confidence to have this conversation with my clients to switch them over to retainer. Um, I do a little bit of a youtube marketing on the side. So, um, just by having again the confidence from next level creators, I was able to switch that model and get a lot. I get two retainer clients, um, from work that I was already doing. I was already getting paid for, but I just switched that and into month a month reoccurring stuff. So, um, it's for me and I'll see you. It's, it's been great. Um, even though I haven't even finished it yet. Um, so I plan to in the future I plan to finish up these next couple of things, next couple of weeks, really get in and dive in to, to the meat of this program, a study it, learn it and apply it. Um, and once I do that, I know I'll be able to 10, 20 x my business already just just, just from the clients that already have. Um, it having that, the backing of Paul and his tools to be able to convert those clients into PR, retainer reoccurring clients. Um, I'm super excited to do it. I tell any of the filmmaker I know, like, Yo, you gotta check out this program because the model's changing in the model is becoming this, the, you need to get people more than just a video. And that's all a lot of the people in the industry. And at my level I know I've been doing, it's just these one off videos. Um, and once you have that mindset to switch it over to this retainer model, um, I think that's the way to go. I think that's how to be successful in this business in 2019 so I'm thankful. Thank you. At OLC, um, it's the other later.
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