• Name: Daniel Herman
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Boulder, CO
  • Description:

    Daniel is a music video creator who does freelance work and has experienced success so far.  However, he found himself stressed out about the paycheck to paycheck gig to gig life. So Daniel decided to join Next Level Creators to try and shift the nature of his video production business and increase his skill set beyond just technical filmmaking.


My name is Daniel. And when I came across blogs, Xavier's program, I was working as a videographer, creating music videos for local artists mostly. And my last time mostly consisted of freelance work, Gig to Gig come and stuff. And in the past year while I've experienced a lot of success in terms of building up my clientele, getting steady your work and I'm really reaching the level of quality that I was shooting for when I started the business. It is stressful, it's really stressful being, um, paycheck to paycheck and also gig to Gig in the sense that you never know when the next Gig is coming in. You never know if next month is going to be boom or bust. And I'm quoting a lot of words of Paul Xavier uses, but um, when I heard them, they really resonated with me. I think he really understands the struggle of a freelancer and that's what resonated with me when I saw his ad. I was just scrolling through Facebook and um, yeah, is that spoke to me really directly. And I read through, watch this free Webinar and signed up with Nicole and I didn't, I didn't need very much convincing. I had a very strong feeling that what he was offering was going to be right for me. I did a little research on online just to make sure he wasn't a scam. And I found a lot of people saying, you know, how can he, um, clear to be teaching about videography when his videos looking at their shot on an iPhone and it's, you know, followed addresses that very specifically. And that was actually what I had a big impact on me. It was realizing that it's not about the clients' ego, it's not about the way that the product looks, it's about what the product does. And as someone in my role, I experienced so much making videos for musicians and putting them on Facebook, anyone on youtube and having them, having them get like a thousand views, 2000 views, but not doing anything for the artist's career. And it's really frustrating because I want to help the people that I work with. I don't know how and really know what I was getting into with Paul's program and I'm so excited to see that it's addressing that problem directly. Now I'm just in one week two and so I can't give a comprehensive review of the system, but what I can say is that just the two modules I've, I've learned the fundamentals and foundations and I'm setting up Facebook campaigns has been really transformative already. Paul's recommended playing the role of a teacher and I've been so excited to share this knowledge with my friends who all have their own online businesses. They're wondering how to make Facebook ads work even after just two weeks of the program. I feel like I have so much more of an understanding of just the dynamics of online marketing and how to use, how to leverage the algorithms of Facebook, how to capture people's attention and how a lot of counterintuitive things are actually really effective. And so I'm just really excited about moving forward with it. The community has been really supportive and really active. Um, I've never had a question go unanswered. I either Paul or the other members, which is really great. And whenever I feel like a little bit of a low in my desire to move forward with the program, as soon as I dive back in, I get really, I get really excited. I get excited for the future and the potential of this program has for me to just improve my life on a very basic sense and prove my finances improved by living situation and be on that. Really just giving me a skill set that is just universally applicable to a wide variety of industries. Like no matter where I go in life, I'm going to have the skill set that is universal. I'm going to know how to reach customers and reach clients and connect with people through the Internet, which is everyone's problem. It's everyone's sticking point. Everyone has a boy as a business. Um, it's the problem that needs to be solved. And I think Polish showed me a really clear path towards achieving results in that, in that way. And I'm just, I'm grateful and I'm really happy that I made the leap and I would highly recommend it to people. My only reservation is that, um, you know, I don't want everyone to know about this because my worry about the market getting flooded with people that are super good at what they do. Obviously I want to be one of the few, but I don't want to be too selfish with it, you know, the end of the day. Um, it's a big market. There's lots of players, lots of room, and yeah, if you're, if you're on the fence and you have the resources to commit to it, I would say 100% go for it. It's a good choice.
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