• Name: Daniel Borba
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Greensboro, NC
  • Description:

    Daniel has been in the video production business for the last 6 years crafting animated and explainer videos for clients. Daniel reached a certain point in his business where his earning potential was capped by an inability to create more time for new clients. He realized he needed a new system to increase his scaling potential, and he found the Next Level Creators program to be the answer he was looking for.


Hi, my name is Daniel Borba and I own my own business, my own video production business. I specifically focus on explainer and animated videos. Uh, I'm married, I have three kids, three kids, and yeah, I've been in business since 2012 and 2018 was my, uh, one of the, the first time I became profitable. So I was looking for different ways, uh, to grow from there. And, uh, Lo and behold, I came across Paul Xavier's ad on Facebook and a, yeah, I was interested. So I started learning more about the program of the things that I struggle or not necessarily big struggles, but, uh, again, in 2018 when I became like, when I saw that I did well, I was like, Oh man, great. Now where do I go from here? Right? So like, what's the, uh, what's the next thing? And I noticed like that, um, I was already working a lot of hours so I couldn't take on more clients, so I could either increase my prices, hire somebody, or just a pivot the business and become a sort of an agency that offers like digital marketing services. So the turn dsls monitor, I can already tell it like it's going to help me a ton because it's something that I've been struggling with. Like how can I make a better sale? How can I make a sale without having to like lower my prices and you know, all those different struggles. So definitely, um, that's going to, that's been great. And I can tell you like it's already paid for itself. Uh, that module alone has paid for for the whole program. Now that I have a scale model, it's just about pivoting and for me specifically, it's not a, so you have to understand like you either making enough or you're not, you're not in the middle. You're either making enough money and growing and your, you have a healthy business or you don't. And so if you don't make enough money, then you need to do something to make money. So this program provides that help and that structure that you need to be able to follow it and grow your business accordingly. Uh, now if you want to pivot and change or add services, this is also great because, uh, you will learn how to do that. But if your business is healthy, uh, that transition, right, it's a little bit different. Um, if you are like me, if your business was already healthy or good for you, it's about growth. It's about the next five years, what's going to happen in the next five years, in the next two years. And that is you need to scale. That's the only way you're going to grow because you already putting in a ton of hours, you already profitable. So you either bring in somebody or you pivot your business or you charge more, right? So those are your three options of growth for, for growth is program helps you transition and pivot in a way that doesn't need you to leave the closed doors and start a new business, right? Like it's not about that. You can slow to implement new services and new concepts into your business without having to leave it behind and uh, and grow from there. Continue to grow versus having to start from scratch. Right? So at that, that's why I would recommend this to anybody that's in the video production industry. Whether you're healthy or like whether you have a healthy business, a successful, profitable, healthy business, or whether you have a business not generating enough revenue or enough income for you.
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