• Name: Chris Stanley
  • Creative: Cinematographer
  • Location: Vancouver, BC
  • Description:

    Chris Stanley talks the “peaks and valleys” struggle of his old way of doing business as a filmmaker. Set against the backdrop of beautiful  Vancouver, Chris praises the lessons he has learned and the connections he has made which have helped his business thrive.


Hi everybody. My name is Chris Stanley and this is a video review of Paul Xavier's Creator Community filmmaking program. So I'm a 30 year old filmmaker from Vancouver, Canada. So you can see it's a winter wonderland out here right now. I thought I'd just give you a quick video review. So first off, if you take nothing else from this review, just know that I whole heartedly recommend this program. It is phenomenal. If you take nothing else away from this, go get it now. One of the challenges I've constantly had has been the peaks and valleys of this industry. Where you get a great, awesome high paying job, you do it and then as soon as you're done it's like crickets. One month it's steaks, the next month it's macaroni and cheese. And so I kinda figured there had to be a better way. There had to be a better system to either automating this process or just getting more leads. I went to film school. I did the whole classic film school route and I learned how to make beautiful films but I didn't learn, they didn't teach us anything about marketing, about selling. And you can make the most beautiful film in the world but if you can't sell it then that doesn't matter. So that's why Paul's program appealed to me. I think I originally found him on Facebook. I saw one of his ads. They really spoke to me and so I made the decision and jumped in. And I can honestly say I am so happy that I made this decision. I actually had the pleasure of going to one of his live events last fall in Arizona, in Tempe. It was really inspiring to hear him talk. To meet other like-minded community members. To just see how passionate he is about seeing us, the filmmakers, succeed. In fact just after I did that live event, we locked down our first paying commercial client. And I'm very excited to say that one of the other fellows that I met in Tempe, his name is Glen, he's an awesome guy. He lives very close to me in Vancouver. We became good friends. We've actually since had a bunch of work. We've been working together on side projects in Vancouver. On top of that, we've teamed up and we got our first commercial campaign client. We've been working tirelessly and super hard and that's actually going live next week. So I'm so excited to put all of this education to work and to reap the rewards from it. And I am so confident we are gonna smash this out of the park. So he's laid this program out in such a way that he basically hand holds you and shows you step by step via video and documents he's created on how to set up every single aspect of your client's project. From basically creative inception to setting up completely integrated marketing machines that are gonna work for you behind the scenes, and work for your clients. So not only can you bring in clients, you can set this up for them and actually get them results. One thing I just love about this program is there's a really supportive and amazing community. He's got a very active Facebook page. On that page there's tons of like minded filmmakers who are working their way through the content as well. Everyone's there to support each other. Paul is extremely active on Facebook. If you have a question, he'll get back to you usually within a couple hours or same day, definitely by the next day. Paul also runs two Q&A calls every week. So if you have questions you can hop on board and he'll literally walk you through it. He'll screen share with you and work you through and get you through that problem. One of my critiques of the program would be, I think when it was originally marketed to me it was sold as an eight week program. And although I think it possibly could be eight weeks, if it's literally all you did for 12 hours a day. There's a lot of content to go through to kind of take in especially if you're new to marketing. I mean realistically I think it's more of a six month program. So in conclusion I'll say that I'm just super grateful I made the decision to jump into this program. I've met some really incredible people along the way. The content has been just so good. I am so excited to see where this goes. Reach out to me on social media if you have questions. I'm more than happy to answer your questions. It's a great program. I recommend it. See you out there.
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