• Name: Cedric Jean Baptiste
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Description:

    Cedric is looking forward to utilizing commercial campaigns in his video production company so that he can secure consistent, reliable monthly income.


Hey guys, my name is Cedric. I'm a filmmaker from Sydney, Australia and I just wanted to talk briefly about the next level, creator course, um, from, from call them. I've been on it for a couple of months now and it's been a, it's been really good look at a very high level. I won't make it too long. That at a high level it really gives you this other way of thinking about approaching your business, um, about, you know, it teaches you how to approach client, you know, finally niche and actually do commercial campaigns. We're sitting here sending you up in a way that's going to benefit you on a monthly basis. Um, and that kind of really, it really just changes the way you think about business and filmmaking and working with clients. Um, and I personally loved it. I go through a Condo, I still go through the content all the time. There's always new stuff to up. I do use, you know, we've got an online community on Facebook and that's super active. People are super friendly and they, you know, you get our ideas bouncing back and forth. You've got questions you posted on there. Um, so that's been huge, super beneficial for me and I would recommend it for, you know, aspiring filmmakers. I don't have that much experience in filmmaking, so that helps, has helped me out a lot as well. Um, or, or established or majors, you know, even if you're already making a lot of money in filmmaking, I think this will allow you to take it to that next level. Right? That's why it's called next level creators in a way. So I would highly recommend it for, for, um, for anyone. If you're, if you're looking at this, give it a go. See if for yourself, try it. And, you know, what's the worst that can happen? Um, I think you're getting a lot out of it. Like, like I personally did. Then, um, you know, in a few weeks you'll be, uh, you'll be cheering. That's it. See you guys.
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