• Name: Carl Rettinger
  • Creative:
  • Location: Folsom, CA
  • Description:

    Carl started his video production business off telling heartfelt stories in a more documentary/artistic manner. As he and his team moved more towards working with businesses and organizations, they found it difficult to stand out among the rest when their value proposition was primarily video quality. So, looking for a way to increase the value they could provide potential clients, Carl decided to join the Next Level Creators program and says the education he has received has surpassed any expectations he ever held going in.


Carl, you're great at connecting with people and drawing them out, getting them to tell their story, their values, talk about what's important to them. And that was what my friend bill led with to talk me into getting involved in filmmaking and going to film school and, uh, just learning the art and science of storytelling. And it's been a great adventure. We have told stories of homeless people and people with drug addiction issues and mental health issues and it's been fun. But as we've transitioned more towards telling the stories of organizations and businesses, we've really struggled to find the right clients because anybody with a DSLR and an iPhone is now filmmaker and, um, it becomes harder if your main thing is, is just doing video. And so what we've been trying to do is look more for, um, ways that we can add value for our clients. And, um, that's when we stumbled on next level creators. And at first I was honestly a little bit, um, skeptical. It just seemed like it was a little too good to be true. And, um, and then we dove in and we started looking at the content and I've got to say it has surpassed our, um, our expectations. It's been awesome even though both of us have business experience, um, it has really helped us to focus in and find her niche and stay on task in building a business rather than getting distracted, getting, uh, going down roads that just aren't helpful. And, um, we're still in the process right now of creating our proof of concept and, but it's really helped to kind of, I think calm us down a little bit, give us, um, more of a realistic expectation of how long this is going to take and the fact that we are going to get lots of nos and that we don't get distracted or derailed along the way. And I didn't get into filmmaking because I'm passionate about business and I think what next level creators has done as hit has come alongside us and I'm just give us some invaluable tools that, um, you know, help us not have to recreate the wheel in the, on the business side of things. And then we get to focus in on, um, connecting with people and telling their stories.
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