• Name: Bryant W.
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Huntersville, NC
  • Description:

    Bryant has a diverse background in the arts but has been looking to focus on his video production company. He needed a business model to scale his video production company , so he joined the Next Level Creators program. Bryant feels that he has truly found the all encompassing program to help him grow so he can work comfortable hours while making consistent income on a monthly basis.


So what's up guys? Uh, I'm just following up. Um, just to talk about, um, the, the power and the impact of the next level creators program. Um, basically the, the main struggles that I faced was, um, was, uh, I had been doing video production, um, and I've been doing okay. Uh, as far as projects are concerned at some big clients. Um, but when, when it really came to what I was looking for, more predictability and my service offerings, um, I had one client, I was starting to do some digital advertising core, but, um, I really just needed to have a streamlined process because I was starting to get bigger clients interested in the idea of like digital advertising and video and all that. But I, I needed a surefire improvement system to implement that kind of rinse and repeat everything. And that is really what next level creators did for me. Um, I found, um, Paul probably like a lot of other people, Facebook ads. Um, I may have gotten a couple of youtube, but definitely it's on Facebook, you know, seen as ad seeing the impact. Um, saw him, he was practicing what he preached when it came to digital advertising. Uh, I was getting retargeted. It was getting the followup emails. I was getting everything that I'm always looking to offer other people and he's doing it himself. So, you know, that added to some level, a good level really. Uh, that's actually what made me believe in what he was selling because he was actually doing it. Um, and basically like working with Paul and just working through the program, it had more than I anticipated. Um, it definitely covers the x's and o's of like running a business, especially the specific needs, uh, in a creative business, you know, um, when it comes to just dealing with clients and fulfilling projects and you know, things of that nature. And like I said, I've taken courses in the past and you know, they've, they've helped me in, in different pockets, you know, maybe selling just a video or maybe, um, you know, how to handle a client so to speak. But this was kind of all encompassing, um, when it comes to this whole retainer model that I was looking to have to add more predictability and my business income and just get that, that, uh, predictability in my business for my family. So I'm not working crazy hours doing crazy productions and you know, dealing with budget cuts and just, you know, getting squeezed of value instead of, you know, being able to be the person who's providing as much value as possible. And that's, that's what the next level creators program did for me. Um, where I see myself going next is really scaling my business. Um, my company's name is real results and, you know, really taking it to a place where, you know, not only are we impacting our clients from a financial perspective, we're able to scale what they do do to these commercial campaigns that we're in. We're now offering. Um, the clients love it. Um, it's made my life easier. It's easy, um, offering to sell and even pitch. And like I said, you know, I felt like I was about 80% there. My business, I was figuring out a lot of things on my own and this field and that 20% gap and it's like that 20%. It's going to get me to my next level look growth. Um, I would definitely recommend this to somebody who, you know, they have the business, you know, you're doing video production, so you're working with a lot of project clients and you're looking for that predictability. That's my story. That's my unique piece. Um, you know, you already know about video. This isn't really about like teaching you how to shoot. This is more of like your, uh, you know, you do video production, you're, you're good at it and you, you want to have a better business model to add more value to your clients and have a much better lifestyle. Um, you know, for myself, you know, I want to be able to buy a home. Now I want to be able to, you know, actually have the benefit of having a, uh, you know, the pain, like the contract team, uh, that I work with when I shoot for different things like audio or, you know, lighting, you know, and know that I can pay them like they're great rates and we're still profitable because I'm adding so much value to my clients there. They don't have a problem with extending more than marketing, but it to me, and that's actually been really great. So, um, yeah, that's it. A great program. Uh, again, it was a little skeptical at first, but again called practices, what he preaches. Uh, definitely the courses amazing when you, especially when you dive into it and so much content, so much value and the biggest stuff that really helped me outside of just the x's and o's was the mindset stuff gets really clear about the mindset of a, of an entrepreneurial leader. And, uh, overall, just I'd say five.
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