• Name: Bruno Filkin
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Germany
  • Description:

    Bruno went through a rough patch last year with his production company, having to lay some people off due to revenue issues. Now that he has found the Next Level Creators program he truly feels like he has found the solution to his problem, one that will help him grow his video production business dramatically.


Hi Paul. Hi Paul. His team, Hi NLC community. This is Bruno Filkin from Tech Film in Germany. Um, first of all, I like to thank you Paul and your team for actually setting up this program in the first place. I would really appreciate if you upgrade my program to volume four. Of course. Um, last year my company was in a real bad situation and I had to get rid of staff as well, which hurt quite a lot. And uh, so a friend came up to me with um, the program and said maybe this is something for me. And after I invested and got through the first weeks of training, my mindset seriously started to change. And for now I'm so motivated going back into my business and actually selling a product which should be a win win situation for me, my clients and the clients clients and the fact that we actually now have a mechanism and a concept that really works and makes sense on the paper, um, is so motivating and getting myself up front into the business. I'm going to the next sales call in like half an hour. I had five sales meetings this week already. Um, and I think, and I am really, um, positive that I'm going to see my first deal in the next few weeks. So I keep you updated on that. And one idea I have regarding the community is as we are all media and film makers, we should maybe share a bit more about filmmaking itself, about the subject. So if I make a start right here, I have a run in this camera gimbal here with um, a focus wheel and an Sony Estevan Ah, two camera with a seventies lens. And in there we mainly use avid media composer or Adobe premiere for editing. Um, so if anybody have of you have any questions regarding production and filmmaking itself, technical stuff. Yeah, just let's talk to them to exchange knowledge. Thanks.
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