• Name: Brendon Skinner
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Adelaide, South Australia
  • Description:

    Brendon joined the Next Level Creators program to pivot from an unpredictable sales model to one that is structured to grow his business as a filmmaker.


Hey, it's Brendon here from gravity creative, just wanting to say a few words about Paul Xavier and the next level creators program. So we were running a video production services company and uh, we had some busy months and some not so busy months and that meant our finances were up and down and our sales process was pretty unpredictable. And so we were looking for ways to grow our business. And, uh, when Paul Xavier started advertising to us on Facebook, uh, I was interested, I clicked, but I let him sent me a whole, send me a whole bunch of emails before we followed through on anything, uh, just cause our, I was hesitant but wanting to suss it out. And then we did eventually have a, uh, call, uh, and then sign up to the next level creators program. And so our experience with that was it, uh, the training in the next level creators program really helped us to, uh, forge a clear path forward for our business. And it helped us to build a strong proof of concept and our business as well. So, uh, it meant that we could move from having an unpredictable sales model to having a predictable pathway to growth and scale of our business. And so that was really good. We found those great principals in the program. It really helped our mindset in terms of how we're operating the business. It helped us to step outside of our comfort zone and also have confidence that we had value to deliver to our clients and that we, we actually gave us the ability to deliver that value as well. And so now, um, half of our profit really comes from our, uh, commercial commercial campaign clients. And our immediate goal is now to grow that, to have five commercial campaign clients on board as a starting point for our future. And so certainly if, if, uh, if you find yourself running a services production company and you are on a race to the bottom competing on price and you have ups and downs in terms of, uh, the jobs that you're getting, certainly I would recommend, uh, the next level creators program for you to really help you lay out that path for the future. And set your mindset straight so that you can offer, uh, services that run month in, month out for your clients and deliver value to them.
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