• Name: Brandon Seers-Ford
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: UK
  • Description:

    Brandon has been working in the wedding industry as a video creator and photographer but he knew he wanted to try and take his skills to the commercial level. Looking to work with large companies on video projects, Brandon was unsure about how to approach them with a value proposition. After recently joining the Next Level Creators program, Brandon feels as though he has an entirely new view on how to run his business and the confidence he needed to talk to larger companies about utilizing his video production to grow their businesses.


So before I joined the next level creators program, I was working in the wedding industry, um, filming weddings, shooting wedding, sang photos of them. Um, and I fought to myself that that's where I wanted to be, um, in the future. Um, obviously eventually keep putting my prices up bit by bit. Um, and yeah, have my business in that sort of industry, always fought to myself that I wanted to be able to shoot more sort of commercial style videos for large companies. I never, he know how to sort of get these contracts. I never knew how to approach companies to tell them what I have to offer. Um, and it's furnace. I didn't really know what I could offer them, um, until I joined the next level creators program. And it has completely changed where laughing about every frame. So I first found the next over credits program, um, on one of course posts on Facebook. Um, I clicked on it and I worked for the application, filled out the application as it really, really appealed to me and it seemed like it was actually what I was after at the time. Um, I went pretty application, uh, perks my core and I think I was on the phone for around two hours. Um, it was such an incredible call. And I realize from then the, I want to say the next step means achieving my dream and having, um, having a very successful production company. And that is what I went ahead and dock. So I've been on the course for about, um, six weeks now and from day one it completely changed the way I think about my business and why I business in general. Um, it's completely changed my mindset about life, um, for the better. And it's just been one incredible journey so far. Um, there's not really one person that I could not recommend it to if I'm honest. Um, if you're sort of, if you have big dreams, if you have big aspirations, um, if you know you want to achieve from your business, then talked to Paul talks to the guys because this course is just game changing is absolutely incredible. Um, I cannot recommend it anymore. Um, if you'll sort of individual with that strives to achieve and really wants to get somewhere. And with their business and has big aspirations.
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