• Name: Boris Hellriegel
  • Creative: Cinematographer
  • Location: Germany
  • Description:

    Boris has been transitioning from a 20 year chef to a filmmaker full-time. That’s why he joined the Next Level Creators program, to learn how to make his passion for filmmaking into a reliable living with monthly income.


Hello Paul's team, this is Boris from Germany. Um, at first, thank you very much to reaching out to me. I stumbled upon you on Facebook and you that they're a very good shop and it's crazy how often I see a ads and emails and Instagram photos and stories. So that's quite impressive. And the proof of concept for me that this, uh, lessons will give my clients, I'm also a big opportunity to reach out to their clients. So that's pretty impressive. How um, yeah, how everything works together and build this does bubble inside of Facebook and all that communities and you inside that bubble and see everything about this next level creators program. So pretty good shop there and I'm working with your next level creators program is pretty good. I really like it. Um, I had a lot, um, um, programs and my life because I have another professional job live before as a chef, 20 years. So I'm being a filmmaker is my second job and I started this second job to be my main job last year in summer. So I think the next level creators program is a really good step forward in the game. Um, yeah, so far I learned the, the focus lessons and that was quite impressive because I'm a creative guy. I'm not, so I'm structured at at all and I need to this more. I know that. But um, yeah, the lessons they're, they're good. Then the inflammation inside of the lesson is easy to understand and it makes sense. Um, most of the time, if not, I have to look for the English translation. Um, that's, um, the only thing for me at the moment that I, I get struggled sometimes, but in the end I really love to work with, um, next level creators program and the community is also pretty good. And um, we got a lot of feedback there. So, um, how has the next level creators effected Your Business so far? It doesn't affect my business, but it affects my point of view and how I think about some process I have in my business. So, um, that's a really good point. And I will, um, apply a lot of the stuff to my business because the impact will be huge. So that's pretty good. And I would recommend other next grade us, uh, the program. Yes, of course I will do that because you, you learn every day and you have to learn. And, um, if you see how much inflammation you got inside of this program for just one niche filmmaker or filmmaker, photographer and so on, um, that's, that's pretty good and quite impressive to get such a huge amount of, um, really good and filtered information, um, to you and just flip it around and use it for your daily business. That's quite an achievement. So thank you. Thank you very much, Paul, and, uh, um, your team, uh, to reach enough for me to me. And um, we'll see what happens, um, regards from Germany. So your next time.
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