• Name: Benjamin Yoblick
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Lafayette, PA
  • Description:

    Benjamin felt stuck in his lane as a video creator, spinning his wheels and feeling as though he was not growing as a creator. After joining the Next Level Creators program, he found that he was immediately able to revamp his business by learning how to market and distribute the content he produces for clients which subsequently allowed him to take control of the creative aspect of projects and increase his prices.


Hello, I'm Benjamin Yoblick with video craft productions. I'm here to review the next level creators program created by Paul Xavier. I'll start with my experience and goals. So you know where I'm coming from. I've been running a video production business for about six years. I learned through mostly apprenticeship and on drive training. Uh, my goal in business is create quality content that empowers others and facilitates results. But to be honest with you, I was sort of stuck in my lane trying to get ahead, but I was stuck. I took on jobs that basically paid almost anything. If the prices were going down. I usually had jobs that had, they had this particular thing pretty simple. They wanted it done. I would do it. Not Too much creativity, but you know, I was doing, I had to do to survive. So I took the chance to sort of, you know, took a chance with the next level creators program. I wanted to, you know, elevate and get out of my lane and go to another level. Well, the first thing I learned the program is that the class is a lot harder than I ever would have imagined. I couldn't finish in eight weeks. Um, wasn't going to happen like that. I'm, you know, running a full time business, implementing a new system from the bottom up. It was going to take a lot more time and hard work and I realized it's like of rural full school, a material and with that came obstacles that I had overcome. But with every obstacle I overcame focus and help from the community. I was able to make it through so many hurdles and I became something truly different than I was before. Um, you know, some of the things just off right away that I learned was niche market, you know, p production. Learning how to create a message for my target audience and deliver that into video I own, I am a man of this right away with my production come, my production clients, things started going smoother. I was able to charge more and deliver a better product right away. In addition to that, I built my website, new branding from the ground up. Before that I was looking for someone that build my website, searching around. Instead. I didn't wait. I just did it myself from what I learned in the program. Uh, you know, my full creativity. I did it right now and now I have, you know, peers asking me to do their sites. I'm very proud of my website. In addition, all my social media sites sync together, tracking as well as creating and maintaining ad campaigns on multiple cat a platforms. Um, in addition, I learned how to create, organized and distribute full campaigns with multiple videos, deliver with strategy and variation within a brand message. I've already benefited that with clients. I've already sold that, but that's not all. What I really learned really changed my business forever and that is what I'm most excited. I learned how to properly provide marketing. I never really understood marketing. Marketing, marketing is like a heart delivering and distributing to the desire system with the message. I've learned to create, hone, produce a comprehensive message to an audience with results, to have the ability to work with message. Then right produced and delivered allowed me to be in on a new conversation entirely with clients. I was no longer making videos. You know, people had already in mind I was collaborating cold core concepts. Instead of taking requests, I'm constructing multiple faceted marketing campaigns where I actually get to pick artists and productions and you know, facilitate these campaigns. I could finally create films that I had dreamed of. It's like unlimited potential to be talking about these things with clients. I was never even in my conversation and guess what? They pay a lot more for that. For example, I've actually put my own music. It's a project because it made sense. It's much more fun and profitable. I'm so inspired to create a comprehensive plan. It's, it's, it's interesting, it's empowering and it's a lot more profit like I said, and it delivers results that the client wants and that's specialty to get paid for. And on top of that, I can scale up within a niche market, repeating and growing my business. And a game changing way. I actually feel more confident in my ability to deliver results. I now enjoy the con the process. It's exciting and I feel confident like I never have before. And at the same time I'm humble about it because I feel humble in the sense that what I learned, anyone can learn. Any video producer can learn this. These tools are there for anyone who could use to work at their pace right now, others in the community or finding their voice and adding the positive, you know, content and profit into the video space, which all leads back to my original goal of making a positive difference for others with my voice as a creator and turning that profit with meeting in my career and in the career for other people. Um, you know, I very much recommend the next level creators program. It was scary at first, but it's been a game changer for me. I enjoy my work, the sky's the limit and I want to say thank you so much to the program and I want to thank you for taking the time to watch this video. Have a good one.
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