• Name: Gerry Fazio
  • Creative: Commercial Filmmaker
  • Location: Perth, Australia
  • Description:

    Ben Dunkin and Gerry Fazio were editing dance concerts day and night for months straight just to make a living doing what they loved as filmmakers. After coming across an ad for Next Level Creators on Facebook, Ben and Gerry decided it was time to try a different approach to the business. Quickly they were able to book their first recurring revenue video client in real estate. The future looks much brighter now that they have a system in place that can give them time, creative, and financial freedom moving forward.


- So, I had been editing for three months straight, dance concerts, on a really tough timeline. I was on my second last day of editing, and I took about a half an hour break, and I was scrolling through Facebook, and I saw Paul'sad, and it was like, "Oh my God, this is exactly me." I just was so exhausted from editing all those dance concerts, and all that time. - It really spoke to you. - It really spoke to me, before you know it, I was on a phone call with one of Paul's guys. It took me, I wanted a month off from editing, and then I got into the course, and then I thought, when the live event came up, I thought, "You know what? If I'm gonna do this, "let's do this properly, "and let's give it every opportunity." So we've come across to the live event, and I feel really good about it. - I think it's just taking that, that thing we do organically, film, and knowing that you've got that back, so that's gonna go somewhere. And that's what spoke volumes. - Prior to going back into video production, I was in the corporate world, and I just gave them my blood, and I'd said, "Enough's enough." And then I went into video production. Dance concerts was the main money-winner, but, funnily enough, I had picked up real estate videos. And it was funny because, back home, it's exactly what Paul had said in his little ad. They were charging really low money, and I said to the person that asked me to work for them, I said, "Look, I'm probably not for "every one of your clients, 'cause I'm not, "I'm not gonna get out of bed for $300 for a shoot." So I put my price up, and I did really well in the first year, and we were getting-- She was really happy with the product that we delivered, but I knew, in the back of my mind, that I was pushing the edge with her. And I also, always... One of the things that Paul talks about is niche-ing down on what you do, what your offering was. I had graphic design as an offering, we had music production as an offering, I had social media marketing there, not that I really knew what that meant. - But you do now - But I did it. When I saw this, I thought, this is actually what I've been wanting to do. And here's a guy... You do take a punt, from our point of view, I'm watching an American guy in Australia telling me, "This is what we do," and there's this strange guy on the end of the phone taking money off me. - Is that gonna translate to Australia? - And I'm thinking, "Oh, jeez, is this gonna work?" But, look, one of the things that I wanted to do before we came to the live event was secure that first client as a recurring revenue client, and the person that was giving me the real estate videos, she's a stylist, and I've converted her into my first client. So as soon as we get back, I gotta work on her policy. What I find, when you're doing an eight-week, self-paced course, you have distractions, right? And what I've found was, sometimes I would have a week of really good, solid training, learnings, and then I'd start to dwindle, and then the Q&A calls, for me, were the kick in the bum, so I'd get on the Q&A's and I'd hear how everyone else was progressing, and I'm thinking, "I've procrastinated for "the last week," so this has really booted me up the backside. I've made contact with a couple of people that are in similar niches to me, and we role-play, that sounds a bit funny, we role-play on the phone together. Actually, it's funny, 'cause when we first went to role-play, he tried to do it on the phone, and I Skyped him, and he's like, "Oh, we're doing it on video, are we?" I'm like, "Well, why not?" So that's really cool. I recall, it wasn't me, I recall a post that somebody did recently, about being, it was a vulnerable post, and how he felt that he'd failed himself a little bit, because he hadn't put the effort in. And it resonated, and I got on there, and I said, "Hey, mate, this is normal, - We've all gone through this. - "what you're feeling is normal," and everybody else sort of jumped on as well, so the community is a major part to this. This has cemented it, today. - To be actually in the room, listening to other people's pain points. Their pain points are the similar ones to what we've got, but just in a different, it might be a different niche, it might be a different situation, but still, we've all got this commonality, we've all got the same pain points. And to actually put a personality, not just a Facebook face and a few words, to actually get to know somebody, and have drinks with them, that totally changes it. - I think the common thing is you are going to be uncomfortable at some point during this course, and you've got to push through that, that uncomfortable feeling, to succeed. Because you still get to do what you love doing, which is creating stories and making films, or making videos but you're also ensuring that you've got a lifestyle that's gonna be able to be sustained, I think that's probably it, don't you? - But also to, for me, to know that you're helping someone else achieve what they need, but still doing what we love, so it's a win-win. It's actually a win-win-win. - And probably the last thing for me is, whatever I've done as a filmmaker, as a video person, I've always wanted to master it. - And this helps you do that. - Paul's course is a mastery course. You do it, you do it well, you follow his instructions and you will master it. So yeah, for me, that's-- - As filmmakers, we are all fastidious about getting stuff right, that's just the creative way. And the way this has been constructed and put together, that is fastidious. And that's how we all operate, isn't it? So it just speaks volumes to us. - We relate.
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