• Name: Bayou Bennett
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Description:

    Bayou has been in the film industry since 2007 and has seen the dramatic shifting of the landscape that has been occurring. That’s what attracted her to the Next Level Creators program. Bayou recognized that the program offered a clearer understanding of how to not only adapt, but get ahead of the game in order to make reliable monthly income as a filmmaker and grow her business as a result.


I'm here to do my review of Paul Xavier's amazing creators operating system. Um, so what was life like before this video? Well, it was great. Like my husband and I have had our film industry for since well for together since 2007 and for him since 2001 and things have definitely changed. Like we've seen change in the industry. We've seen change and, um, and companies and what they want and need. So, um, when I found Paul's chorus, I was like, okay, good. This guy is ahead of the game. He knows what the changes are and he knows how to get wins for us. So, um, that's what it was like before. And I knew that it was forever changing and that he had some great things to share with us. And so here I am, um, how we found it. We were basically, I was online and he was just hitting everything that I was experiencing that the industry was changing and what was happening in the industry. And, um, and I just loved his buddy who, who closed us. He just really said, yeah, this will handle, you know, what you're going through. And so we're like, wow. Okay, great. Um, what has experience been like after the course? Well, it's been amazing. Like literally, um, I just love that I can, you know, every Monday I can be a part of the question and the answer and um, get my questions answered. Um, I love that he also focuses on marketing, sales, operations and finances and how to build your business. Like, you know, what are the different jobs and job descriptions and order to do is build your company a lot of things that we've applied and that he says is true to me. So that's another reason why I trust with Paul says I love that. How he basically gives at the end of each lesson a place for you to go and apply what you've learned. I think that that's excellent. Um, so I think that you already start getting wins as you go through the course, which is wonderful. Um, I personally love the wind when offer. I've applied this many times to my business. And, um, if you don't know what that is and you should take the course. Okay. And, um, where are we going next? So I personally am super excited about version four. Um, I know that Paul is a genius and that he's probably made tweaks that just have even made it better. I know personally that he's going to put in technical terms and define the things that might have been a little hard to understand before and make this course easier to apply and to just get through it and learn. So, um, I'm super happy with it. And I know that you as a filmmaker, if you were thinking about doing this course or, um, or you're like, oh man, and she's changing. Like, what do I do? Well, Paul does have a lot of the answers and things that you can apply. Um, so I hope you guys enjoyed review and I've enjoyed it and I hope that you are having a wonderful week and here's the mini wins, the more wins and wonderful things in our future. And here's to version four. I can't wait. Thank you. Thanks Paul to you and your team.
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