• Name: Avery Phillips
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Description:

    Avery recently joined the Next Level Creators program looking to grow his video production company. Already he has gained huge insight into how to approach new clients offering value first in order to produce a win-win result.


Hi, my name is Avery Phillips, founder of eclipse sky studios. I am doing a review for the next level, create a system, and I just won't talk about how it has influenced me. In the last month or so, I first found out about the system through fulltime filmmakers group. Somebody had asked about it and if it was a legit system and it turned out Paul was in there and he commented on it and I was like, oh, this is interesting. What is this about? And I think I remember trying to Google it, but it was one of those, I put it off to do list and I forgot about it. And then his ads started popping up and I was like, okay, uh, now I remember this guy. Let me look him up. And I did. And I remember seeing some posts on Reddit, what other people were asking if he was legit or not. And a lot of people talking just bad about the system saying, oh, it's a scam. And stuff like that. And all the information is available out there. And, but you know, when I listened to the videos that Paul had posted on the trainings and stuff, he basically admitted that he was not the best video guy out there. He's basically a marketer, but he also has a really good detailed on research system and he had all this information streamlined for us, but you could find it on your own, but it'd be like pain and heartache to do all that. So I said, okay, you know what, maybe this is something that I could look up on my own. I tried it, I googled a little bit of it and gave up within five minutes and I said, you know what? Maybe it's better if I actually sit there and invest the money in this program. And you know, I got the call, I signed up and immediately within one week I could see that I'd made the right decision. The information was right there available, separated by weeks and sections. And I said, what to look at it at my own pace and what the real thing that was worth the money to me was being able to sit there and ask questions. And have somebody respond really quickly and explained things to me in detail, especially Paul himself. But there were obviously other senior members that were able to explain things when he wasn't available. Um, another thing was being able to just search and find answers to almost everything I needed to find. Since I've started using the program, I began to see opportunities everywhere else I look, I'm, I'm focusing on car dealerships and I can't drive past a car dealership, but I go and that's a potential client and thinking about how I would go on there and approach them and try to add value to their dealership by getting them more customers. It's also affected the way I see my friends with their ventures and encouraging them to put themselves forward even more than I already did to accomplish their dreams. And then if they want to start a business, how to market themselves so they can attract their market needs, his attention, which before I didn't really know how to do. But thanks to Paul System, I have a better idea of how to identify my industry niche and research them. And you know, really figured out who my ideal customer was before I could not do that. So it's given me a leg up in understanding how markets work, how to approach them, how to sell to them. Uh, the only thing I would have fixed, which I'm hoping it's fixed in the new version, is the campaign compass section because I believe that it was a little bit incomplete. I think there were a couple of videos missing. So I'm currently stuck at that part, but I'm trying to figure it out and I'm just have to keep going back and forth. But other than that, you know, I love the system. I love being in the group. I love, you know, the commodity in there. I love being able to celebrate other people's success with their lights, camera action. I like being able to welcome new people and you know, feed off their energy of, you know, as newly enthused students of the community. I'm looking forward to the section foreign. What else Paul has to teach us and I'm thinking for the system. Thank you.
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