• Name: Ashley & Megan Cox
  • Creative: Filmmakers
  • Location: Footville, WI
  • Description:

    Ashley & Megan have been working as filmmakers for years doing weddings and other various projects. Ultimately they had grown weary of the project to project work as they found it stressful and unreliable as a source of income. They discovered the Next Level Creators program and they realized that this was what they needed to completely reinvent their approach to filmmaking to produce a consistent, reliable monthly income while scaling their business and helping clients grow in the process.


Hi everyone. I'm Ashley. I'm Megan and we're the owners of Megan Cox media. So life before and I'll see, um, we decided to start a business because Megan is a great video producer and I like to talk to people. So life before the next level creators was all over the place. We had just started our business. Um, it was, we're both working full time. We still are both working full time, but we were doing everything that we could on the side. We were doing family photos and wedding videos and, and the income was not number one good or consistent at all. So, uh, then we ran into NLC, which was you. And one day I'm on Facebook, I think I saw an ad for Paul's program and I clicked on the, uh, watch the free video. I watched the video and I mean everything that he was saying made sense to me. And then I really got sold when I watched one of the testimonials of a filmmaker and I just, it, it resonated with me so much that I was just like, man, I know this guy's pain. I feel it all the time. Um, and that's kind of when I went to Ashley and I said, you know, let's, let's schedule a call with this guy and let's, let's see what happens. Because honestly, I don't know where to go from here. Every day we're trying, we're trying to build this business and it's really going nowhere. The next level creators program is so encompassing. Like we didn't, we knew we were signing up for something that was going to help us boost our business, but we did not know that when we signed up, we were going to have homework and course lessons and things step by step telling us exactly what to do next. It's been so helpful, especially for us not knowing the business side of things. Um, that Paul walks you through everything. I mean, he's so smart, but he doesn't make you feel dumb for not knowing it. Um, you know, he really gives you the basics so that if you're new, like we are, um, you'll understand everything. It, it doesn't matter how much prior knowledge you had it before you started the program or not. Um, and then there's always the community too. And you, you pretty much know you can go there, ask a question and it's probably going to be answered, uh, within the hour, if not by Paul himself. Um, which is incredible. It's invaluable. You know, the goal that we have set for ourselves is that we want to be able to own our own business and work for ourselves. And that's always been a goal of ours. And I really believe that with this program we're going to be able to accomplish that within the next year. Um, I, I truly, truly believe that. I think it just really comes down to how hard we work. And that's the other great thing about this program is it's really made us realize our mindset towards business was totally off. And, you know, Miranda's mindset calls and just the community in general have, you know, like minded people. That has really helped us to focus and really I think like propelled us forward and um, motivation and just kind of sticking with it and keeping going. Even when, you know, we get frustrated or we just feel like we're stuck. I think it's safe to say that we would both definitely recommend Paul's program to any videographer that's looking for a way to boost their business. Um, a way to build a plan and to know exactly what they're doing. Um, to learn something new and to be part of a community that is growing constantly all the time. Um, which is a really cool thing to be a part of. So thank you for this opportunity, Paul. Um, we really look forward to learning more and to growing our business to where we know it can be. Do the best. Paul.
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