• Name: Arthur Murray
  • Creative: Cinematographer
  • Location: Houston, TX
  • Description:

    In today’s video Arthur briefly explains how the Next Level Creators program has helped him create a commercial campaign client worth $5,000 in production and $5,000 per month in management.


Hi Guys, this is Arthur Murray with an pro video creations. Um, I signed with Paul almost six months ago I think. And it's just like great program that he's put together, especially for people like us that are video production specialists. And, and for him to put something like that together is really great. So, uh, I really, I really love the program. I'm, I'm still learning, still working on my sales pitches, but I just, I got a special deal set up for, for my, uh, for a lawyer, a client friend of mine, and, uh, the deal is looking pretty good and it's $5,000 production fee and $5,000 monthly. So I think that's going to go through. So Paul, thank you guys and I really appreciate it. Thank you.
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