• Name: Andrew Heathcote
  • Creative: Cinematographer
  • Location: St. Neots, UK
  • Description:

    Andrew discusses how the “feast or famine” lifestyle of working project to project pushed him to look for a more reliable system of generating guaranteed monthly income as a video creator. This motivation led him to the Next Level Creators program.


Hi, my name's Andrew. I run a video production company out of the UK and I decided to do the next level program with Paul Xavier, um, around nine months ago now. Um, I undertook the program because as I say, I run a video production company and I, I felt going back nine months that, um, there were definitely times where I felt a lot of anxiety. I felt, um, slightly insecure about perhaps the jobs that are coming in a month, two months time from now if you like, because of the nature of the industry because you're always doing one off projects, which are great, which are really fun. But as a business model and not always the best. And I came across Paul's program, decided to, to, to give it a go because I really wanted to take my production company to the next level and I wanted to do it in a way which doesn't, you know, whereby I'm not worried about that work coming in where I feel like I've got more security where I've got more control of my business. And that was kind of why I decided to undertake the program. Um, I dove in, um, and I worked very, very hard. There's a huge amount of content to cover and that's one of the strengths that I can really talk about when it comes to the course. It really is so in depth and there's so much information to cover, um, along a variety of different topics, which helped you to kind of piece together the business model that Paul teaches you when you enter the core. So that's one of the massive strengths I would say, is really, really impressive in terms of the amount of content that you can cover. Um, in terms of the caliber of the contents as well, it's just really, really strong the amount of information that I've learned in terms of online marketing and in terms of sales and just generally in terms of, again, the business model that the poor teachers, it's just very, very impressive. And I'm also say that it's very, very supportive. So the Facebook group that I'm the poor has with all the different members, everybody supports each other. You can post questions there at any time, and the, the, the, the time to respond is minimal. Uh, which is impressive in itself. And there, you know, Paul and his team are always very, very, um, keen to, to get back to you and they really care about helping you to get the result in, in any different areas and push through the blockages that, that, that you might face. So, um, I've absolutely loved undertaking the program. Our production company has experienced success in, in a number of different areas and so we haven't really rolled out the next level program in our business to the extent that we want to. Um, having said that, it is a huge part of our plans for, for, for this year and it really is the next phase of, of our, of our agency and the way that I, I see us being successful. So I really do think that their approach is very innovative, very different. Um, it can really help us to be a success in our industry. Um, and so it's the area that we will be attacking. In short, I definitely recommend the next level creators program. Um, it's definitely the future of my business and perhaps the future of the, of the industry. It's a very intelligent way of doing business. And I believe what really sets it apart from so many of so many of our competitors over here. It's a very thorough course. I will teach you a huge amounts. Um, I just feel that it's extreme worthwhile and I'd recommend it to anybody.
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