• Name: Andres Ribot
  • Creative: Commercial Advertiser
  • Location: Massachusetts, USA
  • Description:

    Andres Ribot was working a soul-sucking job with a $30k annual salary that he absolutely hated. After deciding he was done living a life he didn’t love, Andres fully committed to the life of a video creator. Recognizing he needed a system in place to make it work, Andres joined the Next Level Creators program and was able to turn his $30k per year salary into $23k per month in recurring revenue.


Hey guys, this is Andres Ribot and I wanted to make this quick testimonial about my mentor Paul. Um, you know, really before working with Paul, I had a full time job which I hated and I was making, you know, predictably 30,000 a year and you know, getting fifty cent raises, dollar raises here and there, and it was really kind of a redundant existence. It really didn't have a lot of satisfaction or fulfillment. And when I had met Paul I had quit my full time job and I decided to go out on my own, um, and try to make it and I really didn't have a system or a plan to do that. I just knew I wanted to quit my full time job. I worked in retail for many years and you know, when I met Paul, it was just at a time when, you know, things were sort of trench starting to click for me and I was looking for something, looking for a system or a program or steps to follow to really find a path. And you know, it was amazing because he had a plan and a system that I can work and I can, I can do those steps. And really working with him, he always pushed me to take that next step, take that next action, even if it was not perfect. And that, that, that was really kind of the turning point where I was taking imperfect action. And really it's about, for me, it was about taking that action and making the mistake right then and there and then fixing it right away. Because if you don't do that then you really can't move forward, you can't improve. Um, and you know, after working with Paul for um, you know, maybe, I think it was about six months, I closed a really big deal. It was one of my first big deals that I closed for $24,000. So a website and sign that client for a 20 a to $4,000 retainer. You know, fast forward to now really, um, you know, I closed 20, this is a mid April and almost end of April. Um, you know, we've done $23,000 this month in business and um, you know, it's amazing. I'm, you know, I'm working with Harvard University doing advertising for them. I've got clients who are doing a testimonial just like this for me and you know, really just getting them great results and I couldn't have done it without Paul and I couldn't have done it without the system that he gave me because it was really something that, um, you know, I took the leap and I took that next step to really make the, in my life. And you know, since working with Paul, I, I, you know, bought my girlfriend a car. I'm actually, I have a baby on the way. So, you know, having that financial freedom is, he's given me the, the chance to start a family. Um, you know, I'm not worrying about the rent or worrying about when my next paycheck's coming in because you know, that system that he's given me is always giving us, giving me, you know, new new consultations every single month. So I really, I hope hope you guys find this testimonial valuable. If you're thinking about working with Paul and you kind of sitting on the fence and asking those questions, you know, hey, should I do this? Should I not do this? Um, you know what I would say it's just pull the trigger, you know, just do it and take action because it really was the turning point in my business and in my personal life. Um, you know, again, right now we're, we, we close $23,000 this month and um, you know, I can only see the sky being the limit with the system that he's given me. So, um, I hope you enjoy this video and go out there and take action.
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