• Name: Alexander Sharkey
  • Creative: Filmmaker
  • Location: Lennox Head, Australia
  • Description:

    Alexander recently retired from his work in the hospitality industry in order to pursue filmmaking full-time. Although he has only been a member of the Next Level Creators program for three weeks, Alexander has already found the mindset training and business strategies to be immensely powerful on how he intends to run his company moving forward.


Hey, I'm Sharkey originally born and raised in Philadelphia and now living in Lennox, Hud Australia. I joined next level creators in May of 2018 I was really excited to join the program, but it did take a while to get started with the coursework and it wasn't until my trip back to the states last August for my wedding that I started the lessons and began rethinking my business. As of yet, I'm unable to give a review about retaining a new client within the program, but at the end of the day, it's a personal choice if I succeed or not, and what I've gained from next level creators so far, only at the three week mark and the course and still no client is well worth its value for a variety of reasons. First is a mindset shift. When I joined the chorus, I was working two jobs as a waiter in hospitality, something I've done since graduating from college with my degree in cinema production, alongside with freelancing from job to job with photography or video, which didn't pay the bills. The first week of the core stimulated a massive mindset shift. I began to rethink my business, how I should spend my time, how to approach new clients and what types of clients are valuable to my business, how to price myself and how to say no. It made it clear what I had been doing. Working 20 to 30 hours a week at nights in a restaurant was holding me back from pursuing bigger and better things. So in January this year I made the leap and completely retired from hospitality. Yay. My wife had always urged me to do so, but this course was the writing on the wall. Since then, I've taken on a handful of new clients and grow my business simply for the fact that I have more time and that I can say yes to a job no matter the time or day. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to gain a client within the program yet and I wouldn't fault this on the training. If anything, I would follow it all myself. Trying to juggle too many things at once and not focus on what really matters for my business. And I've pursued two niches. My heart was originally with solar, which is something I would want to do still, but was hitting roadblocks locally in my area. During that time period, I had a potential warm lead and adventure tourism. That client made me rethink the possibilities of the new niche seem promising, but ultimately strung me along and backed out. After a couple of months of going back and forth, that alone made me realize that you can't put your eggs all in one basket and just settle for one prospect and hope that's going to work. You need to be constantly trying new ideas, pursuing new clients and possibilities. And that's a big thing. This course preaches. There's nothing good about hypotheticals and there's nothing good about planning without action from a financial standpoint. Um, with this course, all the technical tutorials and legal documentation that's included with the assignments as well worth its value. You could do the math and easily add up one by one and it would come pretty close to what this course cost. And lastly, Paul's attention to detail with each creator is truly impressive. So thanks Paul. Um, he listens, gets to know you and inspires some possible suggestions for the course. First is accountability. The only holding you accountable to this courses yourself. This is a personal thing and I think it's a good thing, but if one were to be held accountable by another creator member, then maybe it could benefit for a few reasons. Practice being one. When pursuing a new niche you need to practice your pitch cold calling, emails and brainstorming. There's a lot of nerves and fear involved in that. When it's something completely new and practicing with someone in the same shoes could build a lot of confidence and strategy. Motivation would be another as other members are holding you accountable and you are more pressured to stay on track to not let yourself or your community members down. So some kind of buddy system. A second, which I believe is addressed in this new version is organization. I like how the first week goes into detail of basic company structure, but one thing that lacks is after completing assignments, understanding where the spinal lives, some can be very evident but others can get confusing. The course is all about learning in the moment and this is just another way to do that. One thing I feel that has been holding me back is just continuing with the weeks courses. Even though I haven't gained a new client, I know a lot of this is hands on. However, I would feel more comfortable and knowledgeable approaching clients if I first understood the science numbers and tactics with the commercial campaign, this would give me a lot more ability to have an educated and professional conversation when pursuing new clients and instead of seeming like someone who doesn't know what they're doing. Another suggestion is of course roadmap or chapter index. There've been a few instances where I need a crash course on how to do a certain task, which is out of order of the course chronologically and I don't know where it is without asking in the Q and a or in the community. So an index to find those things would be helpful. And lastly, being in Australia and makes it a bit difficult with communicating with other members and Q and a sessions due to the time zone difference. Maybe having a subset group of members in the Oceana area would be helpful for collaborating and connecting with others in the same time zone. I just want to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to join the new version of next level creators and I'm really excited to see what lies ahead.
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