• Name: Alex Konyves
  • Creative: Video Creator
  • Location: Vancouver, B.C.
  • Description:

    Alex was on the verge of abandoning his creative entrepreneurship as a video expert, looking for a new job, when he discovered the Next Level Creators program. Now he is able to leverage his video production to solve a client’s problem, and as a result grow his business in the process.


Okay. Hi, my name is Alex and I run a video production company out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Um, before joining, I don't see, um, things were kind of nerve wracking. I wasn't really sure where my next contract was going to come from. Um, mainly because I didn't really have a plan for how to bring in business and how to offer more value besides just creating, um, a video and that caused a lot of stress. I reconsidered owning a company, um, started looking at jobs, um, kind of giving away the freedom that the entrepreneur me was starting to, um, create for myself. So when Paul came along and I met him through the NLC program, I realized that there is a structure that I can use, um, to really have a foundation for stepping up and leveling up. Um, working with Paul's Great. He's really easy to get in touch with and very knowledgeable. Um, all the works shop videos that I do with them, um, that you fall along with online, um, are really clear and to the point. Um, and I feel more equipped to run a day to day business because of this new, um, level of education that I've received. MMM. How I actually discovered it was through a Facebook ad, which really spoke to me. It really cut through to exactly what was going on with me. Um, and realizing that if Paul's able to do that with me, how can I learn that to be able to do that with other clients? So really seeing, um, the, the power of his message, um, works so well. Uh, I, I want to learn from someone like that. Um, so I feel more equipped now when I meet with clients. Um, I feel more resourceful to offer value to my clients. The biggest challenges as it running video company is, here's your video, you know, go get some views on youtube. But really that's not the purpose. The purpose is to bring in business and bringing value for my clients. So with the NLC program, I'm now able to do that. I can help them take their videos that they spend money on creating and turn those videos into profits for them. So the more that these videos succeed with their businesses, the more they want to work with us. And is that this beautiful cycle that ends up taking place. MMM. Where this is now leaving me is in a place where I can see my business growing even to that next level. And having someone of, uh, having having a strong foundation allows me to almost franchise my company and grow it and be able to bring in people to do the work that I do on a, on a grander scale. So scaling up my company is now seeming more like a possibility than it was ever before. Um, I would highly recommend the NLC program to anyone who has started a video production company and is now the next stage of, okay. Now what, um, this is gonna set you apart from all other video production companies and without it, I don't think I would be where I am today. Um, one of the biggest lessons I learned from the next level creative program was the idea of closing the gap. Uh, realizing that everyone has these profound, deep rooted needs. And through our products we can, and through the production of the right video, with the right message, you can help your client realize that that gap between where they are and where they want to be is able to be art, um, through the right messaging and the right products. Um, realizing that everyone has these basic needs and everyone has his basic desires and not basic, like they don't matter, but basically like deep, deep rooted inside them. Um, that helps clarify my role. Um, video isn't just about entertaining. It's, it's, it's a tool for educating, for helping, um, for bringing someone here and allowing them to traverse to where they want to be. So because of then I'll see all the many, many tips I learned along the way and all the many resources that I learned along the way. I feel a lot more, um, powerful with where I am today.
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