• Name: Adam Eskilsson
  • Creative: Cinematographer
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Description:

    Adam is a cinematographer who was looking to learn how to differentiate himself in the creative marketplace in order to secure new clients with a reliable model of distribution in order to drive tangible value to his clients. Adam is currently in the middle of the program, but his opinion so far is, “If you are in cinematography, you need this program”.


Mm. It's like eight in the morning here in Sweden. I'm going to get to my day job, but first I want to talk a little bit about education. I used to start it so it learns cinematography, photography, videography, all those camera things. That's so fun to learn and to practice. You know, I've been doing that for like two years now. And uh, even though I learned so much about cameras, about myself, about being creative, um, I have not learn, not learn anything about marketing, how to sell myself, how to, so I thought around newer at year 2018 to 19, I thought to myself like, hmm, maybe I should learn something. Um, and like one more month until that thought I got an ad by Pawlak severe and within one week I hope jumped up on the program. I did not have the money sort of, but I had some money. Um, but it fig, uh, it all worked out in the end with the people that at the program. And, um, yeah, the things I like about the program is to start to with the, like the, it's eases its way in the, with the more like philosophical stuff in the beginning and more like mindset. So you get like get back, if you haven't studied in a long while, blue, you get back to it easily and then you get into the tech or Facebook and Google advertising and that's where I am right now. And I can tell you it's a, it's a pretty straight forward program like you did monkey see monkey do. You can ask questions in the forum. And I mean for me, like I'm a, right now I'm pursuing like fashion the fashion industry and like compare it to like sending an email to directly to a client or a prospect. Like this method I think is going to be so much better. So if you're into cinematography and you need marketing, then you need this. This is how it is. Like if you don't have the context now, this will get you to contact I believe 100% thank you. Goodbye.
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