• Name: Daniel B
  • Creative: Film Director
  • Location: LA
  • Description:

    Daniel joined Next Level Creators so that he could annual recurring revenue to his video agency while he pursued his passion projects in Hollywood.


Normally if you go out and study something, you're going to learn it either in some kind of a university setting and neither pay a lot of money or have to go through years of school and uh, or you'll read a lot of books by people that know a lot about this one thing. And then you have to find the right collection of books and weed through a lot of information. It could take you a long time to truly get a real system together at ditch requires a lot of different elements. And that's what next level Creator and Paul Xavier, I've done in this program, they've taken a, at an entire complete blueprint of a, of a company, not only theoretically but practically when providing you the tools and the, and the knowledge and references to which books to read and where to get more information about certain things.

And then of course, also the technical knowhow and theories and strategies behind everything. So I don't, I don't know if I've ever seen a comprehensive, um, guide like that, that hey, that includes everything kind of from marketing, uh, client acquisition mindset, uh, relationship nurturing, outreach. You know, those things, uh, that you're not kind of, that you're neglecting when you're, when you're becoming a film maker because you're worried about the, the, the cinematography and the director, how to work with actors in writing and you're worried about a million other things, editing and new software and cameras. It's is not for everybody. It's for driven entrepreneurial minded, hardcore go getters that really just have everything but not the time to go out and spend 10 years accumulating all this knowledge that Paul's put together in this program here. So financially, is it worth every penny, 100% a million times over if you apply it.

And you are actually the kind of person that can push through the hard parts because they're honestly are some scary moments when you're fully at, uh, like when you're executing a full on commercial a system campaign for a client and you're spending a lot of money if there's every month and you've never done it before, there's a law you need to get through and you're going to lose money at first. But then he'd come out the other side. And I've had that happen now in my own company that I applied the techniques. I've had it happen for my client, uh, one of my clients, a lawyer. And then I also am working on a couple of more, uh, with other clients that's looking very promising and other niche industries. So it works. You are definitely looking at a program that packs a real knowledge and that packs everything that somebody learned and their entire life.

And this is very unique in that sense and it's therefore it's worth whatever they want for it. Because even if it was a $50,000 program, you would probably struggle with coming up with that money. But over time you would make it and then some you would make it back and then some. So, uh, just, you know, if you're debating on whether or not to jump into the next level creators world, if you are a pretty tough business minded, I want to build and I want to help others build and I want to help others thrive and really create value for people, then you might be onto something here. And Neil definitely have a bright future with the kinds of things that you're going to be learning here. You can apply this knowledge across businesses in any way to, you could, you don't have to take the whole course as a complete thing.

You can take certain modules that deal with just Facebook mastery or that deal with outreach or social media, um, you know, or mindset and various, you know, website design, building all of these things. Um, it's, it's a blueprint then you shouldn't just copy it. There require, it requires a lot of creativity and obviously still needs to be successful, needs your creative mind and, and hard work behind it. Uh, but that's what you want to do is focus on that part of your job and let the creative community and uh, and Paul's a next level creators system worry about how the nitty gritty of the actual infrastructure of your campaign or your, your setup for your client or for your own business is going to actually work. And then you have this creator community and Paul himself who you're, you're, uh, you know where you're a member and you can consistently reach out and ask for help with if something isn't quite working right or you don't understand it.

So altogether, I've never seen a system like this and if you're the right kind of person, this is 100% gonna work because it's worked for Paul. It's worked for me. It's worked for a lot of other people, um, because the principles he teaches are just good business principles and the marketing is just good marketing and, uh, everything makes sense and it's all based on true value. He provides true value and therefore we provide true value to our clients as well. I hope that helps make a decision. And, uh, I hope to see you in the creator community.

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