Why Filmmakers Need Set Work Hours To Have Work Life Balance


Does your spouse think you’re choosing your filmmaking career over your relationship?

Many of us have been there!

For any entrepreneur, the need for strong time management skills in order to be productive and successful is no secret. It’s also no small task!

For Miranda and I, it is essential for us to maintain set hours for work. Without this, it would be impossible to make real progress in our business consistently. Also, it is incredibly important for creating a healthy work/life balance.

In this video we discuss:

  •  How to have a great relationship that supports your career
  • Why structuring your hours consistently is the key to success as an entrepreneur
  • The positive impact transparency and open communication can have on your business and relationship

In this video Miranda and I explain how we manage our time efficiently and effectively, let us know what you think in the comments below!

Seize the day,

Paul & Miranda

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Lights, cameras, action. Hi, I’m Paul.
Hi, I’m Miranda. And we’re from next level creators. And in this video we’re going to talk about a huge problem that tons of filmmakers and video creators struggle with, which is how do you plan your time so that way you can grow your production company and more importantly, where most of us struggle. How do you communicate that to your significant other so they don’t hate you? Yeah, so we work with about five or 400 uh, video creators and filmmakers right now. And one of their biggest struggles is people have this misconception about being a creative entrepreneur and being a video creator or filmmaker where they basically think you don’t have to work like a regular nine to five job hours, right? Like, I mean, how would you explain it?
So a lot of the filmmakers and producers that I’ve spoken with express this concern actually that their significant others have, which is that they may work different hours, they may work at night. And there there’s a stigma or a misconception that if you’re an entrepreneur, you can just work whenever and wherever you want and you know, be a digital nomad and just work from your computer, um, here and there so that you can be on call for your friends or work, you know, when your spouse is at work. But the truth is you actually need to treat your business like a nine to five job and keep those set hours. So how do you communicate that to your friends and family and loved ones so that they understand you’re not just choosing the business over them, but you’re doing things strategically so that you can have the life you want with your partner and do things for the betterment of everyone.
And so step number one is to have a conversation about it. Okay? If it’s just this unspoken thing where, hey, I’m working late tonight, Babe. Uh, and that happens all the time, that’s going to lead to a really, really big problem in your relationship. Um, especially, I mean, I see it all the time with filmmakers who have kids who have big families and it’s like they’re, they’re choosing their work in their passion over the family at that point. And that’s a huge, huge problem. So the first thing is to have that conversation. And in that conversation, step one is what are the, what, why are we doing this? Why are we doing it? I mean, you love this video production team, but, um, why are you doing, why are you creating videos? How much money do we need to be bringing in? What are our goals for how much time we spend together? Um, and then once you have a goal, you can set an expectation on achieving that goal. But if there is no goal and there is no outcome that’s decided upon, then there’s always going to be a problem because expectations won’t be met because they’re uncommunicated. And when there is no communication of expectations, there’s no way you can live up.
Yeah. So setting expectations. So then both of you are on board and agree to commit to working towards those goals together. And just involve your spouse or your partner in that process, asked for their support so that they can be really a pivotal part in the growth of the business and your personal growth and the growth of your relationships so that it’s not the business is growing, but we’re growing the business together. Even if they’re not necessarily working with you, they can still support you.
Yeah. And so step number one is have that conversation set a goal and then through that process you’re going to create a method of achieving it. So do you give you an example for us? Um, what are the big things that we love to do is to travel. Um, and other big thing that we love to do is just to wander around places and how to figure out what’s this place like secular. Yeah. Exploring, uh, we know of adventure and explore it. So because that’s one of our passions every single quarter we take a five day vacation. And in that, you know, that’s time off where we’re going to be spending time together. We know that there’s that expectation that we’re going to do it every three months. And also every single week we take at least one full day off. Yeah. So that day is for us, it’s just us hanging out. It’s doing things. We’ll go to a coffee shop and we’ll go ice skating because I love that. Um, we’ll go place, I mean a sport, we’ll do anything. We really just, as long as we’re doing something together,
if you have a family and you have obligations, your schedule may look differently. You may have to take three days off to accompany all the things you have going on, but basically know that when you’re not working, you’re not working so that when you are working, you have that time scheduled out and you can set the boundaries, set the expectations that people won’t be interrupting you. Um, and you won’t be able to just drop what you’re doing when somebody calls you. You have those hours for a reason.
Yeah. And so just remember, I’m consistent. Actions produce consistent results. You want to systemize your business. You want to systemize your life in a way that is effective for what you want and what your family wants and what your spouse, once you know more work four days a week, great. That means those four days better be very consistent because you kind of need that in order to achieve, uh, those having time for those three days off and making enough income to do that. So you can do anything in this world as long as you know what the, uh, what actions, specific results and this, that was why we created this video to help you if you’re currently struggling with that, which we know a lot of filmmakers are. So step one again is to maybe show you were partner this video and then schedule a time to have that conversation.
It will be one of the best conversations you have in your relationship has been for us because before we had it, expectations were dropped on both sides all the time. I just was always, and he didn’t know why. And so I had to express why I was hurt by his actions, just as much as he had to explain to me why he was doing those actions and what the bigger picture was. Yeah. So now we have the bigger picture. We’re working together to achieve it, and that’s what marriage is all about. So thanks for watching. And if you liked this video, click that subscribe button below or head to our youtube channel. If you’re watching this anywhere else, and click the button being more free videos like this on how to improve your business set life, everything. It’s connected. Thanks.

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