Tonality For Effective Communication – Earn The Deal


“I hate being ‘salesy’.”

“My work will sell itself.”

“I’m a creator, not a salesperson.”

A lot of really talented filmmakers say things like this to me all the time…

My response?

You need to be both.

You’re a creative. And in order to be a profitable creative, you need to know how to share your value with the world.

A negative sales mindset is responsible for more abandoned passions and deflated dreams than any other challenge video creators face on a daily basis.

I get it though… your passion for filmmaking is really about being creative.

In many ways you’re an artist.

But even artists need to make a consistent living.

At Next Level Creators, I teach a fundamental skill called… “Earn the Deal”.

Today I would like to share a lesson on “Earning the Deal” with you…

– Paul Xavier

Transcript / MP3

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