Paul Nethercott Lands First Commercial Campaign Client


Why would an award-winning filmmaker want to change his life and career?

Because awards don’t always lead to financial, time, or creative freedom.

Awards feel great for a short time, but then it is always onto the next project, usually with less $$ in your wallet than before.

Paul Nethercott has been working on documentary films for the last thirteen years.

The subjects he covers and the stories he shares have a lasting impact on those who watch them.

That is what drives Paul Nethercott’s passion as a filmmaker, telling stories that change the way people view the world we live in.

But unfortunately it’s a labor of love which rarely nets much profit.

Paul had been eyeing the Next Level Creators program for months, with the notion in the back of his mind that he was ready to start making money as a filmmaker.

Money that he could use to continue pursuing his passion projects.

Money that wasn’t rooted in making a video that didn’t help his clients grow but actually added value to their lives.

Before Paul joined the NLC program, he dealt with the following:

  • Producing incredible films that just didn’t translate into a financial return
  • A limiting belief that he was, “Just not good at making money”
  • The lack of a system which could keep him on track to turn his passion into a source of steady income

Paul had the desire to utilize his storytelling abilities as a way of helping businesses & their passionate founders grow, but he desperately needed a step-by-step process that would show him HOW.

HOW to use his skills to produce a consistent & reliable monthly income while having a massive impact on others’ lives.

After joining Next Level Creators, Paul found the system he was searching for.

Perhaps you are a filmmaker who, like Paul, wants your work to make a positive impact on the world. Next Level Creators is founded on the principles of producing story driven videos for clients. The result is always a win-win when your focused on making an impact.

Seize the day,
– Paul Xavier

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Paul Xavier: All right. Hello everyone, it’s Paul Xavier here from next level creators and today I have international award winning filmmaker with me, Paul Nethercott. He’s one of our clients in the next level creators program and he’s had a lot of transformations that he is of course fronting and moving forward for himself and his life and his business right now and we’re going to get to hear about all of them today. So Paul, thank you so much for being here and sharing your experience.
Paul Nethercott: Thank you for the opportunity to be here and thank you for putting together a really practical, valuable, good quarters.
Paul Xavier: Yeah, I appreciate it. Um, so Paul, I always like to start interviews like this off by asking you what made you want to become a filmmaker in the first place? What was that spark? Was it curiosity? Was it passionate? Did you always have a camera? As a kid,
Paul Nethercott: looking back in my life, I see the spark from early on. I went to see the sound of music when I was about eight years old and let’s just transported into another world. When I saw that film member sitting almost in the front roll and absolutely loved that movie, I mean, it just made a huge impression on me and uh, you know, I played around in high school with it. Our cake, a really early form of video. I mean it was like a suitcase sized reel to reel machine that shot grainy looking black and white footage. So I played around with that and use cameras, someone college photography course so I can see. I mean I had an intense interest in movies and films and visual things since I was a kid. I really didn’t start making a film until about 13 years ago. And I visited, I visited the University of Southern California, met the professor and I was living in Tokyo at the time and he said to me how you like to make a film with us in Japan? And I said, man, that sounds really interesting. Let’s talk about it. And about a year later I made my first film with a university universities, students in Japan. So it was a big divide into it. And I was producer on the film. That was my first film.
Paul Xavier: Wow. So 13 years ago and yeah, 13 or 14 years ago was about 13 years. And so you’ve got a very fascinating, fascinating background. You were born in Canada, you grew up in the United States, you lived a lot of your life in Japan, so you’ve traveled a lot film for the past 14 years. You’ve won a lot of awards for the film is, you’re creating a traveling around quite a bit here. Um, you know, walk me through where you were and at what point in your life you were at when you first encountered
Paul Nethercott: next level creators and what we do know when I first saw you on Facebook, I’m quite sure, uh, your advertisements on facebook about middle of last year. So eight, nine months ago. I think I first spotted you on facebook and I was curious. I had only, I mean it took me months to get to know you a little bit and what you offered. I looked at your videos. I looked at, uh, the text you put on your, on your website. I joined, I think I joined two or three webinars at least two and you know, saw you. I saw you on mine and I think there was a q and a time on them. And so, you know, I, I became more and more interested over time and uh, the reason I was looking for something is because I’ve been part of the nonprofit and mission organization in Japan and I really had the wonderful opportunity to make films without having the pressure of making films that made money.
Paul Nethercott: So I didn’t have to make like I didn’t have to make this film and make $100,000 this year to make a living and you know, it just didn’t work that way. And I was able to do disaster relief work where I produced a lot of videos for promotion in fundraising and produce a lot of other stories, print, printed media and so on and so forth. And then make a number, a number of films. But without the pressure of having to make a living at it directly. So I left the mission organization and left the nonprofit just over a year ago. And so last year, 2018, financially it was a pretty tough year for me. I mean I basically made roughly $20,000 last year and trying to figure out, okay, how can I make a living and do what I love to do, which I really, really loved to tell stories.
Paul Nethercott: And last year I made a film called grateful. It turned out really well and it’s won several awards and it’s getting into film festivals and going to Sedona international film festival in about three weeks and screening and Sedona, which, you know, it just, it just like the icing on the cake or you know, I mean it’s like letting a kid in a candy store for him because then Sedona is one of the most beloved film festivals for filmmakers. They treat filmmakers extremely well there. So I get to watch a lot of films, meet a lot of cool people and screened my film, which is a thrill and you know. But in terms of making a living, it just was not working for me.
Paul Xavier: And maybe it could possibly work for me, but I was looking for a way to make an income and still keep doing what I love to do, which is producing stories, making films, traveling, meeting people. And I really want to tell stories and produce stuff that makes a difference in people’s lives to idle. It’s too hard to make a film, to make films just to make money for me. It just doesn’t motivate me. It’s not fun if you’re not doing it to make an impact. And um, yeah, we, we, I always tell people I don’t want to work with anyone who’s out just to make films just for themselves. I mean, you can do that as a hobby, which is great. Um, and it’s fun to do that. But our whole mission that next level creators is, we’re working with people that want to use video as a tool to change other people’s lives, to tell stories that actually make a difference in the world. And yeah, I 100 percent agree with you.
Paul Nethercott: And I really believe that stories change, hearts and minds stories define a culture. Stories, shape, culture. Stories are so important to who we are and like why we do what we do. And so, uh, you know, last year I was searching around for a way basically to make a living and keep doing what I really want to do with my life and I think what I’m called to do with my life and you know, after a lot of looking over really, really carefully, I decided that, you know, I, I would invest in your course and be a, become a part of the creative community and I’m really glad I did.
Paul Xavier: Yeah. So really glad I did and I appreciate that you and I have, you know, we’ve come accustomed to each other in our q and a calls and working together over the really, um, you know, you said you’d looked this up for about six months. He did a big analysis. Honest you didn’t actually join until just to, I mean, almost less than two months ago at this point. Still you’re less than 60 days in and um, we’ve been working together. What were the biggest changes or shifts that have happened to you since you joined? And what have been the biggest transformations you would say for either your personal life or your business? Well,
Paul Nethercott: that’s a really good question. That’s a really difficult question to answer. I think self observation is really a challenge. I think for much of my life I haven’t really believed that I can do it, whatever it is. And so I haven’t tried. And uh, like today I just reached a fitness goal, pretty significant goal for me that have been working on for several months on the way home from the gym today. I thought, you know, I, I wouldn’t even have tried, you know, 20 years ago. I don’t think I would’ve even tried to do that because I didn’t think I could, you know, if, if I, if, if I, I did it because I, I really, I realize now that if I take certain actions that I can have these results and I believe that I can. And because I believed I could do it, I took certain actions and work myself up to doing 600 steps on the step machine when, uh, when I first tried doing it, you know, just three, four months ago, I could barely do 100. 100 was about it. I just was spent after 100. So realizing that I could do it, I could work myself up incrementally working towards that, you know, and I achieved that goal. And it’s really a lot with the creators community. It’s very similar. You talk in the coursework about taking action that action based you follow the course and do these actions and do this step by step and you will get to where you need to get to. And that’s what’s happening with me.
Paul Nethercott: Last week I got my first film shoot done with my first client, got my first check. Now I’m working on developing the campaign. And is it easy? No, it’s not easy at all. In fact, it’s really pretty complicated. I mean, it’s. I told my brother a few days ago on the phone, I said, you know, I, I just, I just don’t think I couldn’t have done this without some support. I mean, maybe I could have done it after months and months of struggle and difficulty. Maybe I couldn’t have a. But like for example, I said to my brother, you know, I had a sample contract agreement, what do you call it, Paul? Our service agreement, service agreement. I had that service agreement template that I was able to take and tweak from my client. I mean, if I hadn’t had that, I mean it was just almost a mount everest kind of thing that would prevent me from moving ahead with getting a client because how do I develop that kind of legal document all by myself? I mean, could I hire a lawyer? I guess I could hire a lawyer, but one lawyer and how much would it cost and what do I, you know, what, how did this, how’s the lawyer and all that I need. So you know, you guys, you and your staff, you’ve done all this work, extensive work for years that provides the resources, the templates, the step by step directions to step by step process. You walk me through through the course work last week to set up my website.
Paul Nethercott: So what can I say at work? I did it.
Paul Xavier: Yeah. And that’s the beauty of it is when, when I started, I didn’t have that. I didn’t really have anyone who could show me how to shoot, how to shoot a video that would work. There was no one who said this is a good website, this is a bad website, no one who said this is how you get clients without relying on referrals or networking or here’s how to value yourself. And it just took a long, long time and a lot of fail from a lot of failures to make my way through everything. And Luckily I was in a good enough support. I had a community of supportive people, um, as I was going through it. And if I didn’t have that, I agree with you. I think there’s no way I would’ve been successful. Um, if I look at my environment from where I was, you know, my family, no one was an entrepreneur, um, and that kind of mentality of take the right actions and you’ll get the results. All you have to do is keep doing it right. I didn’t know what the right actions were to do and because of this idea of overwhelmed with what are the right actions, I’m trying everything. Nothing ever gets done. Procrastination sets in. And it sounds like that’s been the big, big shift for you is just here’s what to do, let’s do it. And then of course if you need help, we’re here to support you with that.
Paul Nethercott: Yeah. And you talk, I don’t remember your exact words for you. Talk about the inner obstacles that we deal with and that’s,
Paul Nethercott: that too is so practical because it’s true, you know, we, we generally the biggest challenges within myself not out there. And I, like I said, I don’t remember the exact words you used, but you know, discussing, you spend quite a bit of time discussing those inner obstacles that we deal with the fear and you know, the excuses and blaming other people. And, you know, a belief that I had for many years is that I’m not very good at making money. Well, if you believe you’re not any good at making money, you’re probably never gonna make any money. Can you talk about those beliefs that we can have? It just completely screw us up sometimes. Um, yeah. Also I’m, I’m dealing with that stuff. I’m looking at it
Paul Nethercott: being challenged at that level. That was really helpful to me and I, I have to keep telling myself, Paul, you can do this. No, you can’t do it. And you talk. Another thing you talk about in the course work is, you know, just taking a step at a time. Don’t try to do everything all at once because if you try to do too much, you know, look too far ahead and do it all at once. It’s just completely overwhelmed. Whelming it. Just take it, uh, take it a step at a time and it’s very true. Know if I just keep moving ahead, step, step by step through the very well planned, very careful process you have set up, then I’m confident that I will get to where I need to get to, which is a successful advertising campaign for my new client who’s a real estate agent and she’s. And she’s really good. And another principal that I picked up from you is, you know, vet your clients really carefully. I mean, I have no interest in, can’t set up an advertising campaign for some real estate client that’s doing shoddy work.
Paul Xavier: Yep. To work with people who are offering truly valuable products and services to their clients because it’s the same thing I say. Everyone thinks advertising creates demand. You advertise it. All of a sudden people will flock to you because you’ve created this desire for something in someone’s heart. It’s not the way it works. It’s the opposite. There has to be a desire already within people and then our job is to be responsible enough as storytellers to choose the stories we tell. Right? We don’t want to tell stories that are going to negatively affect the people who see them by buying bad products and services. We want to tell stories of people who actually have something transformational to offer their clients.
Paul Nethercott: Yeah, exactly, and that’s. I really appreciate that philosophy because it’s my philosophy. Mali is a good real estate agent and she lives in. My basically is not exactly my immediate neighborhood, but she lives in my immediate area. This is my community and I don’t want to promote some of those doing poor work for her clients in my community, so to me it’s a real win situation. I can promote her and I’m probably gonna have a house that I’m rehabbing this year. I’m going to put up for sale and I’m probably going to have her be the selling agent for the hills.
Paul Xavier: Very good. That’s great. She does good work and so Paul, I mean really just everything that you’ve said has already proven itself to be true, right? You’ve said, I didn’t know that I could take the actions and then get the results. You got into the program. You set some goals for yourself business wise to get your first client by the end of January. You did it. You’re already facing the camera,
Paul Nethercott: so you remember that. I do said and I actually skipped ahead in the program. I asked, okay, what can I, what do I need to study right now? So I think I skipped a week four and worked on the sales section so that I could get my first client right away because I learn best by doing. And I thought, well ideally I need to get my first client so that I can directly implement as I go here for that first client.
Paul Xavier: Yep. And so I remember you came on, you set that goal. It sounds like you didn’t tell me these personal goals of health and probably the other areas of your life that perhaps you set goals for as well. And again you went in, you’ve been taking the workout actions and you’re already seeing progress there. You hit 600 steps that you told me before we started this. He did 40 pull ups as well. I don’t know if I could do 40 pull ups to be honest. I haven’t tried on more of a pushup guy, but that’s thing that’s incredible. You’re making great progress already and you’re only 60 days in are less than 60 days in and that’s such a phenomenal thing. Now we need to carry it forward. And so that leads me to the next question, Paul, is what are the next goals here for you and where do you see yourself taking this?
Paul Nethercott: You don’t have papers on my wall here, you can’t see them, but um, income goal for 2019 is a hundred and $60,000 and my income goal per month is $20,000 a month and that would be just absolutely phenomenal for me and I think it’s realistic, you know, I can do this and you know, I also have here we are, what we repeatedly do in my wall, but aristotle, I think, I think you posted that one time or set it in a video and a. and then I’ve got on my, on my other wall here. There’s big goals provide for my family, a film project in Europe that I’m working on called thin places, travel, living well and living well. I just mean not scraping the bottom of the barrel, you know, eating decent food and just. I mean I’m not talking about living in a mansion, I’m just just, I’m happy with just basic things. I’ve got a film project in Africa I want to do it. Won’t make any money on it at all, but I want to make on Africa and work with people. I’m in touch with her to make a documentary film in Africa and Cademy award I’ve got on there. That’s a big dream that I get an award nominated film made and I’ve got two projects. I’m working on it. I think I have a shot at that
Paul Nethercott: and I’ve got your time on the wall here to do you know what that means?
Paul Xavier: I do know what wouldn’t be in our
Paul Nethercott: seven figure club. So that’s a big goal. Great. We’re making progress towards it. So that’s the beauty of this. You are exactly who the creator community is. What’s built for someone who just like me in the sense I had a lot of doubts. I didn’t have the community, I didn’t have the resources, the step by step instructions, I didn’t know what actions to take and it wasn’t until I hired a dozen mentors and spent five years figuring stuff out that I started to get things to work on and that is my goal is to shortcut that timeframe down for people just like you who have this passion, who are storytellers, who just need that resource and then they can extract like they’re to do the work they’re going to take action. And so thank you so much again, Paul, just for being here with us, for stepping up for yourself because on it for you and your. Yeah, you and your family. It’s great to see. And um, I can’t wait to have another chat like this in a year, in two years time and start talking about what the next goals are. Right? And started looking at all the progress that you’ve made. Well, I want to see you on the yacht and a year or two. Okay. That’s the plan. And you know, I, I wanna I wanna tell you I have, I have two master’s degrees, one seminary degree and a degree in counseling
Paul Nethercott: and you know, I really don’t like sitting in classrooms and I, I don’t do it anymore. I really hate sitting and having someone talk at me and it’s a really poor approach to education. But I’ve had a lot of that in my life. And the course work you offer really is on a par with and better than better than any of the educational courses I’ve taken.
Paul Nethercott: Like the chorus you have put together is excellent. And, and what I really appreciate about it incidents, it’s basically hands on learning. It’s very, very practical and you know, I’m really fed up with people just standing and talking about ideas as principals. I mean they may be fantastic, there may be good, but it don’t help me very much. Your current coursework is really well put together. It’s very practical and I’m really glad I’m a part and I, I, I knew that I needed a mentor type person. I knew I needed help. I didn’t know where to go. So I carefully checked you out over many, many months and decided you are the real deal and you really are who you say you are and there are quite a few people that aren’t. So I’m glad, really glad I joined and it’s not cheap, but it’s worth. It’s worth it.
Paul Xavier: Thank you Paul. I really appreciate it. And um, yeah, let’s keep getting to work.
Paul Nethercott: Okay. Alright. So in the interview there, that was unbelievably good. That was such a fun interview. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and that was all from the heart. I didn’t make anything up. You have a really good course here and it’s more than a chorus. It’s, you know, the community andq and a sessions. I mean, it’s really, it’s really impressive.
Paul Xavier: Thank you. Yeah, I’m, I’m looking to make a dent in this world with the people that are our clients. I want to change their lives. I want to have longterm, lifelong relationships with them. And uh, in a way, practice everything that I preach, you know, every single day as much as best as I can for you. So, uh, next, uh, Paul, I’d love to walk through your campaign, um, any questions that you have, and now we have 25 minutes here where we can discuss anything. Uh, you have the floor as far as anything, really make them be your campaign messaging. However I can help.
Paul Nethercott: Fantastic. I’m going to send you a link to my KPI. Okay. That’s really my, my campaign plan. Can I do that in chat here?
Paul Xavier: Yeah. All right. I’ve got the KPI document open
Paul Nethercott: by the way. I’ve used for many years in my film projects. Oh, very nice. Yeah, it’s totally natural to me to use drive as part of the.

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