Niche Selection – Understanding Your Ideal Video Client


The man who chases two rabbits catches none.

Having a niche market is a scary task for any filmmaker or creator…

So why is it so essential to select a niche market?

Answer: Specialists earn more money & have more fun

When you look at the video production industry today, most people are just:

Humans with cameras doing:

  • Wedding project one week
  • Two real estate jobs the next
  • A music video the next

And their cash flows are all over the place because they are charging different amounts for each type of shoot + they have no idea where the next project will come from.

The most important thing in marketing is knowing WHO your ideal client is.

At our last live event in Phoenix, Arizona some of the filmmakers in our community were asking questions about selecting a niche and I wanted to share that training with you.

In this video you will learn:

  • Why you must know your niche to truly produce consistent results
  • What actually defines a niche (hint: it’s not just an industry)
  • How to communicate to your niche market effectively

In order to grow your video production company you need to put a proven system in place that focuses on providing your clients true value. Not just a video, but an actual RESULT.

Developing your understanding of who your clients are and what they desire is the key to creating a message that will resonate with them at their core.

Defining your ideal client will help you unlock a higher level of communication with your clients that will get both of you paid.

Seize the day,
– Paul Xavier

Transcript / MP3


– So raise your hand everyone here. All right, you’re gonna take an oath right now. I am going to pick something right now, say it.

– [Students] I am going to pick something right now.

– Alright you have five minutes.

– Supposed we get five big clients and they’re all different, what is my niche?

– Nothing. Like, I mean, that would depend on the variables within your proof of concept. So if you’re doing, if you have five clients in different markets, let’s say one of this is a practitioner, another one like as a dentist, one of them is a dealership, one of them is something else, but they’re all doing Google Adverts, and they’re all doing the lead generation sales funnel. Then, what you do is you help companies that wanna grow, that need phone calls, right? And that’s your niche, because that’s your desire of result, cause your desire of result is more phone calls, right? So that would be it.

– So that’s so even though the ad copy, the messaging is gonna be completely different?

– Correct.

– It’s still the funnel and everything.

– The funnel, the ad, ad’s structure, like the ad campaign that you’re running, the copy is gonna be different. But overall, there are variables from the net proof of concept and there’s a trend, the pattern within that desire of result, that’s proof, that’s your niche. Right?

– But in that, you have to still learn, you have to learn the mindset of the customer in what their needs are in all those different places.

– And yes, that’s true. There’s gonna be more work for you if you make that decision to do that, but, you will have, like your marketing message is gonna be most companies really suck at getting phone calls in getting people into their business. Right? And you can talk about how local companies like dentists do, local dealerships do, so you’re gonna be a little bit more broader because your proof of concept is built across them. You’ll still be able to make that work. Does everyone see how I mean that? Yeah? I’m looking at you. I’m not, I’m saying niche, you had your hand up right?

– I had my hand up.

– Let’s get into it.

– Okay, well honestly, I was just thinking about people that I could have a conversation with as soon as I get home and wanna help me feasible niche.

– So that’s step number one, if you don’t have anything specific, just go after everyone in your hot market, every single, like your sister’s child, just anyone you could possibly talk to who would know someone or own a company, introduce you to the owner, all past clients you’ve ever worked with, their acquaintances, their colleagues, find something and this is what I recommended yesterday but you’re someone who’s passionate about film and you’re passionate about helping people grow. And your new personification that you’ve creating in your success mechanism is someone confident in your ability to figure it out, right? So, now it’s your responsibility, you go figure it out for other people. And so we just have to go hard on that hot market and try to find someone else who’s really passionate in wanting growth that you can help. Because that person who’s passionate, will make you passionate.

-we are confident with demos, We approached 300 of the top executive and marketing directors, we got one reply, saying So, I would like to know that our message might be, or might need to repeat this 299, we did get the one but I think that also, we’re challenged with, “okay, shall we continue with advertising message or because there isn’t an exact ROI but demos, for example, they can’t track their hotel occupancy based on our ROIs, should we rethink everything and try to make or modify our niche. Based on your thoughts of the fact that there isn’t that tangible, trackable,

– I would just say that this one attempt to do one thing has not worked. It doesn’t mean the niche is broken. That doesn’t mean the niche doesn’t work. It’s just this one marketing message that you’ve put together and sent to 300 people didn’t work. But that doesn’t mean that a different one would. Right, and just because something isn’t necessarily trackable on the way of going to cause for acquisition, from these companies, they do have a metric that they want to see grow and improve. So, we know there’s a desire of result there, which means, there’s a niche there so we have to figure out how to communicate to them properly, we’re pretty much gonna get into that right here today, So this is the same thing Jason and I were talking about yesterday. Jason, went into the community and someone had going after private schools. And then they pretty much put together a commercial, they never sent it to anyone, and they talked to like two private schools, I think, and then they dropped the niche, and said, “This is not gonna work, it’s too hard.” And so he took that, and took that as “Oh, I shouldn’t go into that niche even though I’m passionate about it and I want to.” Then, yesterday he told me, he already has a proven concept in that niche market for videos he’s made that have helped these private schools grow and he hasn’t done any distribution for them. And I was like, “What are you doing?” And then, not only that, just the other day. Sam Morsett, posted in the group how he had a video that’s pretty much got him a private school client, like $30,000 this year cause they saw that video that he did. And they’re like begging him to work with them for So you can’t look at one person’s opinion, you can’t look at one of your client’s opinions and make a huge decision offer on your market on that. Does that make sense?

– Yeah.

– Cool. So one approach may not work, we change it.

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