Jakob Owens Interview Paul Xavier On How To Make It In The Commercial Filmmaking Marketplace


🎥❤️ I've been a fan of the (BuffNerds) youtube channel for years...

Here are the smart business decisions I've witnessed Jakob Owens make over the past few years that have allowed him to reach to 7-figure creator level:

  1. He selected two audiences he was going to go all in on providing the most value too:
    🎥 Filmmakers
    🎤 Music artists that want to produce awesome music videos

  2. He used his personal brand as Jakob Owens - the Buffnerd to communicate to those audiences instead of trying to creating some random brand name and be seen as a "company"

  3. He invested his resources into make his offerings better for his ideal clients. He bought multiple properties he can shoot music videos at, and has a studio he can use to produce tutorials of the music videos to offer value to the filmmakers.

    ^^ This is resourcefulness & smart businesses at its finest

  4. He built info products that are incredibly valuable which he can sell without selling his time.

The dude is a successful:

  • Youtuber
  • Filmmaker
  • Music video producer
  • Director
  • Real estate investor
  • Buffnerd..

And what I've always admired most... "💰Wealthy Creator💰"!

So when Jakob asked me if I wanted to do an interview on how to make a living as a commercial filmmaker for his audience, I started jumping with joy!

Here is what you’ll learn in this interview:

  • How to add $10k in monthly recurring revenue clients to your video agency in the next 90 days
  • Why I stole Jakob Owens face over the last 2 years for my ads... (and what is produced for me)
  • And what the 6 systems you want to install in your video agency are that will allow you to set a goal + actually hit it

Enjoy the interview and if you want to enroll in Next Level Creators and get the Jakob Owens masters collection ($350 value), check out this page: https://mrpaulxavier.com/jakob

– Paul Xavier

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Jakob Owens: What's up y'all. I know a lot of you guys are trying to learn how you can make it in the film industry. So that is why in this video today I brought on Paul Xavier, someone who can really give a deep dive explanation and talk to making it in the filmmaking commercial space industry, something I don't necessarily have a lot of expertise in. So I'm going to talk to him today about that. He has this program called next level creators. So in this talk with him that's kind of interviewed discussion, I talk about the program, what it is, but also just how we got to start, how it got to where he is and how he built this huge successful business with recurring clients in the, in the filmmaking, uh, commercial space. And so I talked to him about that and his program and how he's helping other filmmakers all over the world do the same exact thing. So hopefully you guys can learn something, take something away from it, and learn how to get also a reoccurring cashflow every month with some big commercial clients. So check it out, listen to the conversation. Hopefully you guys enjoy it.

Jakob Owens: What's up y'all? I'm here. Jacob Walls buffing airs. I got Paul Xavier with me. The man that stole my face.

Paul Xavier: How many messages do you get per week from people wondering if you allowed me to steal your face?

Jakob Owens: I think not so much anymore, but early on like I would get at least one a day from some. Yeah. Facebook screenshot they'd send me, he'd be like, yo, you know this guy is using your photo and bed. Yeah, my stuff's on Unsplash. He pulled it from there, you know, free to use. So that leads me to my question is why did you steal my face?

Paul Xavier: Well, I use your face first and foremost because it's a very good looking face. So you've got the beer. Do you get your good looking dude? And of course we're helping filmmakers or helping video production experts and they all know you, right? You have a huge following, you've got a lot of trust, you've got uh, you know, a lot of really valuable information. You're always putting out in this YouTube channel and everywhere. And that made it. So if I wanted to get the attention of filmmakers or video creators out there, I just, I was like, I'm going to take Jacob Bowen's this guy that I really like cause I pay attention every time I see your face.

Jakob Owens: So

Paul Xavier: that resonance is what I was trying to get and it worked.

Jakob Owens: Makes sense. Yeah. That's what I mean. That's pretty much what I put together. That's what I was what I thought. But nuts. It's, it's funny to hear that.

Paul Xavier: And now this is cool cause now we're talking and I get to use your face again.

Jakob Owens: Yeah. So I want to talk about your program and asked you some questions. I feel like my, you know, uh, followers or viewers or whatever you want to call them, I think could definitely, I learned a lot from you in the program and what you have going on. Um, I'm always a big advocate on helping filmmakers grow, growing their business. I share so much information, whether it's free or I do have programs and mentorship programs and stuff and you have a program, um, which is called the creators Opry rating system creators operate. So the creator's operating

Paul Xavier: system is the six different systems that we help people implement to grow video production agencies with predictability, um, are actual programs called next level creators. It's, it teaches you how to install the creator's operating system. So what, what is that kind of all about? The simplest term just taking, so yeah, thinking about it through the transformation that next level creators is designed to produce for a filmmakers is our objective is to help you get recurring cashflow. Right, okay. Consistent. That's what everyone wants. Yeah. So it's consistent monthly income coming in from a handful of great clients versus always having to hunt for that next project. I always happen to get the next gig. And so how it works is we really specialize in video marketing and commercial filmmaking marketplace and going to businesses where you can produce with video in distribution or ongoing video production or just one really great video series over the course of a duration of time, right?

Paul Xavier: A massive amount of value for that business. Hundreds, you know, maybe a million dollars in sales if the video and distribution and the content you're producing is done the right way, which the beautiful thing is, you know, of course, cause your success is, is you know, massive in the video industry, there's huge power when you leverage video the right way, right? And it can, it can deliver massive results, massive growth to a business owner. [inaudible] not only, not only that, but yeah, I don't, I don't think people realize how much opportunity and possibility there is just and the, you know, video production space in general. You know what I mean? And, and so, um, and there's so many different ways you can like tap into that too. There's not like, you know, only one way. And so like what you're doing, it's really cool. And there's, there's so many opportunities there and things, knowledge that you have and things that you guys are doing that I don't even really know and that's why I'm here to talking to you today.

Paul Xavier: Not only learn myself, but you know, hopefully, uh, you know, teach and have, you know, some of these people watching, uh, possibly learn from you because you obviously know what you're doing. I mean your stuff, your stuff's everywhere as well. Um, so how can you scale like a video production agency running commercial campaigns and like perpetual programs? So the major, the major way to do it is you want to identify a specific type of business that you want to help and you want to go after and approach those business owners leveraging video content, right? If you're going to be offering video content, it makes sense to create video content to get someone's attention so they reach out to you and want to work with you, right? That's just kind of a no brainer there. And so we'll reach out to them and we'll make them an offer based off of a commercial campaign, which would be basically video plus paid or some form of distribution on Facebook, YouTube ads, Google ads, Instagram ads that are going to bring a new audience that they're not tapping into right now.

Paul Xavier: Expose them to that audience, bring them over to them. And granted, you know, your video is powerful. Meaning you've got a good message. The business owner offers a great product or service that actually gets their clients results in that area. You can turn $1 in advertising to get that video in front of people into $2 in profit, right? Right. And people are always asking me, they're like, Paul, how I've seen you running the same ads for two years now to the same video with Jacob. Oh face on it. How does this keep happening? It's because it's, it's actually, it's getting more profitable as time goes on, not less. And that's the beauty of having a really strong message. You can, you can build assets with your videos, right? Things that produce continuously for you over and over and over again. And that's what we're, we're helping people do for their clients, which then in turn give them revenue.

Jakob Owens: Oh, some of the people like you've helped and the people who have joined your next level creative program. Like what are, what are some of the numbers that they've gone from that they do on a monthly recurring basis? Cause everyone wants to, you know, have not, uh, you know, they want to have that recurring monthly income and those clients that it's just like they know they, they, they can trust that that's going to be there that month and that they're going to work with them. Like, no, freelancers don't want to like, I mean that's, that's the scary part about being like a freelance filmmaker is like, when is the next client gonna come? When's the next job I'm going to come. And you're teaching people to have those reoccurring clients and to get those clients. What, what were some like, I don't know, tell me like a, like a, I guess a story or some info on like some of your,

Paul Xavier: some of your people. So one of our guys out in a tiny place in mobile, Alabama, his name's drew. Um, you would never think that there's big production companies out there between September and October. He's, he's done $200,000 in sales just for his video production agency. He went from, when we first started working together back in 2018 he was actually not looking too good as far as his monthly recurring revenues. It's almost that nothing was all gig to gig making about six a probably six figures a year. So 8,000 bucks a month. And within just the first few months of working together, he increased that to 32,000 in recurring. Um, and that's, that's kind of an example of someone who's already, they're an expert in filmmaking. They're already doing video gigs, they have past clients. Things are looking good for them. Um, we've had people who have gone from working a job as a content creator for another company to stepping out of that job in getting a $10,000 a month quiet. Okay. Then we've had people who are just getting started again, they've been through other programs out there that'll teach them how to shoot. A lot of them follow you, right? They learn how to shoot from watching your YouTube videos. They love cameras and everything like that, but they don't know business as far as how to market themselves, how to sell. How do you deliver value without giving away all their time?

Jakob Owens: I wouldn't even say that's almost as important and that's just as important as you know, if you're trying to run a business, and you know what I'm saying? If you're trying to run a business and grow like you, those are things you have to know and things you need to know to grow. Like cool. You could have all the skills and knowledge in the world, but if you can't land a client or get your work in front of a client or have people see it to where they want to hire you, then like, you know what good are those skills? So yeah, no, 100%. Um, how long, I mean you said 2018 would that

Paul Xavier: guy

Jakob Owens: and it's 2019 so not, not that long.

Paul Xavier: No, that's not that long. I mean some of our, I love any form of success, so don't think that that's like, the only thing I look at as success is getting to six figures. We have some people who get in and you know, their film directors, their passion is making films. They're in Hollywood, they're in LA, they there, that's their thing. They don't really want to be doing commercial filmmaking, but they've got four kids and they've got, they've got this passion. So how do we get them to a point where they can provide for those kids and pursue their passion. We'll go out and get two clients bringing in an extra 4,000 bucks a month. Something like that. But it only takes them a day and a half a week to manage those clients or less. And then they put all their focus towards family. And so, and that's, that's success in my book too. Oh, 100%. Yeah. Cause I mean,

Jakob Owens: yeah, it's not always like, Oh, how much money can you earn? It's also the, the, the freedom that I know that allows, you know what I mean? Like, and that's what, you know, even with me, I've branched out and done so many other kind of like businesses and things that bring me in that monthly kind of recurring income. And the reason I love that so much is cause I can do what I want to do and I can, you know, just, you know, relax. If I want to relax, I can make fun my own films. If I want to fund my own films, I get just opens up. Um, just, you know, a whole nother world.

Paul Xavier: Yeah. The things you've done, I think are really smart is you've packaged music videos and you've packaged the films that you're doing with something extra. You have your audience on YouTube that you've packaged in. Whenever someone hires you, you get to distribute to that. You have your houses that you are uh, you know, bought, which then are a package cause you can go and shoot at them, have cheaper costs and massive value.

Jakob Owens: I just shot three videos at my new, a 40 acre desert spot, the eclectic West. And literally like I was just thinking about when I was on set, it was just, it was a, like the budget, the music videos, all three of them were only 10,000, 10,000 a piece. But like what we did for those videos we wouldn't have been able to do, but because I owned the location that we are able to do the, the, the like one have this awesome location, but two the extra things in the video that we wouldn't have been able to do [inaudible] for the budget restraints. So yeah, no, it was, it was cool. And with that you get to profit more because you're like, if they're coming to you for that experience, you're connecting the dots. Like that's entrepreneurship. That's resourcefulness right there. And I mean, beyond commercial filmmaking, that's the key.

Jakob Owens: Yeah. I leverage it all the time. Like I had this artist that you have the other day, um, just on like the low level, like I have no budget. It's just me. I'm, you know, independent little artists like trying to make it in LA. And uh, she was like, I have 1500 bucks. Like, and it was just like, that's, no, there's no, I can't get a crew. I can't get a locate that's like, I'm just, I have them make something on the fly with her and that's just going to be what I make. But I have this awesome house here that's a movie set or film set. And so I was like, yeah, come to the house and we shot here for like five hours and let's say, because all the art direction here that sets are here. And it was just me and her and my camera and I was able to do that and you know, pocket that money for my and not have to like pay it to someone else because of those resources I've built and whatnot here.

Jakob Owens: And so yeah. Yeah. Kind of leveraging all those, all those aspects. Um, another question, what is the most important thing when producing that, uh, that sells like for a client in the commercial marketplace? Yeah, so from a commercial filmmaking standpoint, the most important thing is probably not most filmmakers would think, which is how do I make the highest quality looking video? Right? When it comes to video marketing, it's far more about the content and the message than it is about how like there's a reason people are making millions of dollars with high phones. It's because of the message in the story that they're telling is very good. It's crazy. You don't like, I'll even notice that this on a small scale with Instagram, the stuff sometimes that I find gets the most interaction. Engagement is a crappy fit, not crappy, but a 15 second phone video that I throw up on my Instagram.

Jakob Owens: It's not red camera music video, high quality. Like it's me, like handheld operating from often it's like iPhone clip and like throw it up and for some reason that engagement, it's like again, it's not high quality. It's the content that it's of, you know what I mean? Yeah. See what I'm doing in that moment. Like, Oh my gosh, that's sick. Whoa. So yeah, no, 100%. And, and, and with that, I mean it's all about understanding. I mean whenever you're trying to get attention from human beings on these different platforms, someone's on a device, they're on a phone and when they look at Instagram,

Paul Xavier: they expect to see other people on their phones creating content for their [inaudible]

Paul Xavier: to transfer to them. If someone brings a high level of quality to that, that's one way to connect with that audience. Another way is if you use your phone, you actually create a bit more of an authentic experience. Cause it's like, this isn't premeditated. This isn't someone with a giant camera crew trying to put a message specifically together for this one instance to get my attention. It's a, a human being with a phone just talking. Okay. That creates a emotional experience of authenticity that a lot of filmmakers, they don't leverage or think through that lens of how can I leverage different types of creative, different types of media with my videos to convey different emotions and experiences for the viewer. And then you do that very well. How did you, how did you get into this space, the commercial space and then this kind of the business marketing side and then ultimately teach people to now I guess do it and make money for themselves.

Paul Xavier: Like it's been a, it's been a journey. Um, I work for the government for about five years and I was doing really monotonous work, kind of data entry related stuff and building a, a software tool and I didn't like it and I wanted to get out of it. So I quit and I wanted to be a full time creative. I just didn't, I would do anything for money. You know, I was the definition of a struggling freelancer and so, Hey, you got a wedding, I'll shoot it. Hey, you got a party, I'll be there. Hey, you got this, I'll do that. And so everything was low valued, charging a couple hundred bucks to do pretty much anything. I also had a little bit of software background so I could create websites and do some graphic design related stuff. But again, I was just a generalist and because I was doing everything for everybody and most of the people I knew had no money.

Paul Xavier: Um, I was making nothing. And so I went into debt and decided like I've got to figure something out here. The real kicker moment was my mom actually, like my family went through a financial crisis and we had our house foreclosed upon. That was kind of this period in time where I decided I needed to get my stuff together and stop going out to drink every weekend and I needed to get serious about who I'm going to be and what I'm going to do with my life. So that scared the crap out of me when that happened to my mom. So I just went all in. I said, I'm going to, I'm going to figure this out [inaudible] because entrepreneurship is the way to massive success. If you're at that, at that stage, I firmly believe it. Right. And so I went in and um, basically I started hiring mentors, getting into different peer groups and friend groups stopped doing things with the previous friend group that I had from high school.

Paul Xavier: And um, I learned about, Holy cow, if I create a website and shoot a video for someone for, let's just say I charge $2,000, they ended up spending $2,000 a month with the guy who distributes that website and that video I just produced. And not only that, that person who's distributing it, that marketer is getting all the credit for the success of the stuff I set up. All they're doing is running some ads. Could I figure that out? Well, I know I figured out how to shoot video and make a website so sure. Why not. Went and started offering that to the people that I was creating content for. Um, or setting up websites for and sure enough, just, okay.

Jakob Owens: It added to it. One of the, one of the big things in the next level creators is like kind of pitching to clients like how to land clients. Like is that like a big [inaudible]

Paul Xavier: 100% so the six systems are first off, how did decide what you want because at the end of the day, if you don't know what you want, you don't know what the type of freedom you want, you don't know what [inaudible] like what that system looks like when you get it [inaudible] it's like showing up to an airport without a ticket. Who knows where the heck you're going to end up one day. So picking a goal and then going after it, then it's all right, well how do I create value for clients? So that's how to run video plus distribution campaigns or how to create online programs and deliver value with those types of mechanisms. Then it's sales. How do you actually sell but do it in a non sleazy ethical way, right? A way that actually makes sense and is a win win for you in the client if they choose to say yes, right? How to market, get in front of those people, how do deliver that service with operations and then how to basically manage your numbers and finances on the back end. So everything you need to run any of those business models. Oh,

Jakob Owens: I need to go cop that. I appreciate it. Like a, I guess I'll link it in the video description. So yeah. What, so how do they sign up? Like if I were to put a link, I'm going to put a link in the description. They click on it. What happens next?

Paul Xavier: So basically, yeah, below this video we're going to do a special offer for anyone who is watching this specifically through you, Jacob, where um, you know what happens is basically we, we aren't like most online programs that just sell to 500,000 people. Um, my philosophy is like knowledge is great, but the real way to get results is to have support and a mentor who's there with you as you're implementing that to get results. So we work very hands on with people and for that reason we have to do a strategy call with you to determine if or how we can actually help you. So, um, click the link below. There's a little application, there'll be a little video there as well, and you can watch that video. I'll give you all the background information on commercial filmmaking, this business model, what you can make some of our success stories. What was that video you sent me? Yep. So I'll put that on on the page and then there's a little place where you can book a call with someone on my team, fill out a little survey and if you do decide to join and work, we find it's a good fit for both of us. Um, I know you wanted to throw in a little bonus for those people, right?

Jakob Owens: The throw on anyone who signs up. Um, I wanted to throw on basically my whole master collection, uh, on my online store, which is basically everything that I offer on my online store. So it's my books, my guides, my Lutz, my affects photo presets, like uh, music, video treatments, original treatment templates, like everything that I have on my Jake [inaudible] productions online store, the master collection you will receive if you sign up, um, with Paul and his next level creators program. And yeah, but I mean at the very least guys, you should click the link, schedule a call if this interests you at all and you're looking to grow your business. Um, yeah, I mean this, this, this, this man's out here killing it right now and doing, doing that and teaching people how to do the same. So yeah, at the very least,

Paul Xavier: give it a shot, try it out. There's no obligations. It's a conversation. And the way I look at it is like we're not true. We are not going to try to sell you something, period. Okay. The way we do things is we lead with value in every instance that we can. The same way you do produce free content for people that you can use and go get results with. This call is a, I mean, it's $1,000 value. My team has trained, they're experts. I mean the people that you talk to, you have run seven figure companies oftentimes. So when you chat with them, they're there to help you put a strategy in place. And if, and only if that makes sense to both of us, will you, you know, have an opportunity to work with us. Um, and that's the way I think everyone should really run their business as well. It's like you're just out there selling, selling, selling, selling, selling for the sake of selling. You're going to be burning relationships and that's not a good way to operate. 100%. Yeah. So set up a call and let's, let's do it.

Jakob Owens: Oh, thanks. Uh, Paul for your time. Appreciate you talking to me. And uh, yeah. Do you have anything, anything last, last words? Anything to say?

Paul Xavier: I appreciate you wanting to share this information with your community. You know, now I must stay with my friend. It was good getting to meet you at good. Get, uh, you know, the real face, the real conversation. And so to put that you stole his face conversation to rest,

Jakob Owens: gentlemen, the man that stole my face, Paul Xavier or do man,

Paul Xavier: thanks guys.

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