I Sold A Video Retainer In 6 Weeks After 5 Years Of Working Project To Project


If you’re a freelance filmmaker thats tired of working project to project…

You’ve got to watch this video where Luke walks you step-by-step through how he landed his first ever video retainer client.

Now the benefits of offering video retainers are huge:

  1. You get to have a long term win-win relationship with your client
  2. You get to have insight into how your videos perform for your clients
  3. You stabilize your cashflow
  4. You get to stop obsessing over where the next client is!

Enjoy the interview and as always…

Seize the day,
– Paul Xavier

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All right. Hey, next level creators today I have Luke butcher. That’s how he told me to introduce him here, the man himself, Luke butcher, and he’s been an ex level creators for a little while and he just got his first client. So he’s going to share his experience, how he landed that first client and uh, what got him to join as a filmmaker and director and got him into the creative path in the first place. So Luke, thanks for being here.

Absolutely. Thank you for it. Um, hosting this.

Absolutely. Um, so Lou, I always like to start these interviews this way. What got you into this creative field in the first place of shooting video and producing them for people?

Um, I went to film school and had a really tough time. Once I got out of film school, they taught me how to do the art but not how to get the art job. Um, so I was always looking for a way to find that and I was always looking through craigslist, indeed linkedin, um, landing one time jobs or jobs that were just over worked. I’m not feeling I was getting compensated the right amount. Um, so yeah, these one time gigs were just not making it work. And I saw one of your ads that specifically said that these one time gigs just don’t cut it. I was like, dude, this is for me. Like this is literally what I’m living in. Um, so I did a bunch of research, I found all your free youtube videos. Um, took a bunch of notes and I was like, okay, if this is his free content, what’s his paid content? It’s gotta be out of this world. Um, so yeah, I did the call with you guys, um, signed up and ever since then the, the quality of content within the next level creators is just impeccable. And then being able to look back at it, you’re always adding new content. It’s, it’s just, and also the community is one of them. Shoe selling points for me. Everyone’s posting, everyone’s very, um, helpful and excited when everyone else makes success. So it’s huge.

It means a lot. That means a lot. It really does. I mean it gives me goosebumps when I get to hear how, how, how much you in for one enjoyed and are enjoying your experience as a next level creator so far. Cause a not a lot of people know how hard we work to make that experience as good as possible and more importantly make the results as good as possible. So, um, as you said, and I want to connect, I want to resonate with this cause I know there’s a lot of people who are in your shoes where that where they were working project to project, how long were you in that place after film school or you were working project to project and things weren’t really clicking you, you weren’t hitting your goals, it sounds like

like five years. Tufts barely paying rent, barely paying bills just okay and I pay all my things I need to pay every month this month. Is that possible? Like I need to get at least two this month to pay it. And it was such a tough lifestyle to live. Then I’d bounced to getting other jobs that weren’t in my field just to start paying things. I stopped being in filming and then, um, but man, this has been huge for me. Still being able to art and yeah.

Did it feel like at times it was difficult to kind of look beyond one month or two months or three months and even think, what would that look like?

It was like a week. It was too far ahead to even think about. It was like, what can I do just today to try to land that Gig? Just to get that one gig that pays maybe the amount of rent and bills I do pay.

Yeah, I remember that cause it was the same for same for me for a long time. And then it would be, well how do I get one client that can pay my rent and bills for two months or three months? And that was like, that’s how you actually like that was my mindset around growing was just how do I get bigger clients that will pay my bills for a couple months or for a year maybe and then just focus on them. But that was, that wasn’t a thing that happened either. Because if you get those types of clients, they take longer to serve and then um, they, they have bigger costs associated with them too typically. And then all of a sudden, um, you’re, you’re still back out doing the same thing, like opening for the next one. Um, so you saw that ad, it sounds like you watched your free content, you got on the call, you joined. Um, what were the biggest lessons that resonated with you when you got into next level creators? What was it that, um, what has made the shift for you

the shift into like going full fledge within or

yes, you like making the shift, starting to go after these, um, essentially ongoing video clients.

So I started with the version three. Version four is a little bit outline differently, but through version three, once I learned how you teach the marketing, I was like, he got me and he’s teaching me the exact way he got me. This is how it works cause I know it got me. So, um, that made me believe in validate the system that you’re providing. Um, and then it’s really interesting not just showing, you know, how to do the marketing, the pre and post, how to make the video cause you don’t like, you kind of explain a little bit about that. There’s also a section on a self transformation, which I believe is highly important. Um, just being able to switch your daily routines, changes in the amount of work that you put into things. Um, that has been a huge shift for me. Like setting a hard 10 30 curfew for me. I have to go to bed by that time. If I don’t, my next day gets ruined. Um, my energy’s different. But, um, the self transformation was huge for me for value.

Yeah. That’s awesome. Cause I mean, of course, uh, my wife Miranda, she, she’s a big part of that. She was a big catalyst in my journey, uh, transforming my personal life and habits. And at the end of the day, um, the self transformation training is to bring business back to who you are and what you want to live in life. Because, um, yeah. Have you heard the Walt Disney quote? I think it was Walt, his and he was like, we don’t make money. Um, uh, we don’t make money to make films or something like that. Um,

or we don’t make money from films. We make money to make films. It was like, that’s great until you’re a struggling artist for five years. Yeah. I was like, I, I respect you there, but I also want to know I can take care of my family and not put them through emotional distress every day or every single. And um, the self transformation training is really about defining what matters to you from a personal perspective. Is there anything that you found that was quite interesting and revealing for you as you were going through that process? Like the time thing, going to bed at a certain time. Any other big transformations from a personal perspective that you, you became aware of?

Yeah. Um, the amount of distractions that I put upon myself. Um, like finding all the different avenues to look through, um, video marketing. Like, okay, this guy says, this guy says this, this guy’s over here. He’s saying that, um, the Facebook eradicator newsfeed eradicator huge for my productivity, like just not even looking at the feed has improved. Just seeing it, they’re seeing that one quote and like, okay, get off, get off, go to the next level of creators page. That’s all I’m there for. Um, so things like that really, really helped out. Um, it’s finding where my bad habits are, um, really helped improve my performance within the, within myself, the way I’m applying it to the next level creators everywhere else really just applied throughout my whole lifestyle.

That’s awesome. I love hearing that. That may, I’m going to tell Miranda that. Oh, and haven’t watched this one. Um, so with that, Luke, you know, personal gains, I love that mindset of shifted you. You’ve had some, some awareness, a winds as well. You, you took your business and you got started. Um, you were looking to make the shift from selling video projects to ongoing video solutions where you’re getting paid every month to deliver video solutions to companies. Um, what did that process look like when you first got started? What, what did you, how did you approach it out of next level creators tell you to approach it and, and what was going on there?

Um, at the time, version four was just like pretty new. So I was told to go to version three, first rant version. Yeah. What I believe I need. No, which was, um, self transformation and then everything. I did a little bit about that, about the pre Facebook campaign and then everything leading to it, like finding a client outreach, um, and all that. And I just watched it over and over and over again. I think I have like this, this whole notebook is just your notes. Um, just over and over, you’re watching new things. I’ll watch a video on there. Okay. Let me implement that into this next time when I outreach to this person. Um, there are things I just slip and gotta get it back in the notes. Um, okay. I may have forgotten the question.

Yeah. The question is, what was it like, so you went through and you just consume the content, like a crazy wild man. Love it. Um, when you went to implement it, so now that you’ve seen how to do outreach, what did, what did that look like? How long did it take for you to start picking up traction? How many meetings have you booked or done so far and what are the results of that?

Yeah, so I treated it as if it was a nine to five job. I was either doing research through your videos or trying to implement it throughout finding clients. And it took a little bit of while to find the right wording for the outreach. But once I found the word being curt niche market, it definitely gained traction and people were at least responding or at least just saying no thank you. Even just getting a no thank you. It’s great. Um, but um, and then I get people who are interested then people who warrant like, I’m not really interested in, you’re in this amount that you’re going to give me. But then I kind of found a way to provide it within the earn the deal sales model to word it and make it sound more, um, I guess enticing and that the value within the project is 100% there. Um, and then once that kind of happened, then the confidence within the whole process of the beginning to outreach to the earn the deal sales model completely

like increased. Nice. So you were going about outreach. It took you a long time to develop the messaging, which is something that’s completely natural. I didn’t no how to communicate to, uh, creators and filmmakers and directors and photographers and producers and I didn’t know how to communicate to those guys. When I first started, right when I first started, everyone said nothing. Then I started getting nos and I was like, Ooh, no. And then I started getting some, let’s talk and then I started getting some, I’m going to buy. Then I started getting some testimonials and then that led to more, and it’s all momentum. It’s all a part of the process. But again, it’s about speeding that process up in every step of the journey as fast as possible. And so how many outreach messages, um, did you have to send in? How many or have you sent now, how many sales meetings have that generated for you now at this point?

So within Facebook loan. Okay. Yeah I did.

And then linkedin was just over a hundred. Um, within that I got about just over like around 10 sales. Um, some of them, the first ones, oh my gosh, I just did not know what I was doing, but once I got used to the flow of not reading a script, but okay, this is the next section. Let’s just kind of remember what he, what the script says and kind of free it. Um, until the very last one where I did make the, the, I did get the client, um, I free bottle thing just said, hey, like I’m, I don’t want to run the script. I want to do, they want to ask all these questions. I’m just gonna answer them this time. Um, and that is really what made the difference. She’s such the, the client was very connected. She said, I, I’ve never trusted someone as much within a short timeframe on a phone call as much as we just did. Um, so it, it just ran so much better. Um, and our connection that we have is tremendous.

It, it’s, it’s funny cause, um, I, I say it’s, it’s one of the things I noticed. It’s the moment that someone throws away, well, they’ve been practicing and just says, you know what? I’m just going to do this. That they start getting results. It’s the same thing with messaging. When you first wrote your first outreach message, you were probably, it has to be perfect. It has to be this, it has to be this way because Paul says it this way, what you know, and all of a sudden it sucks really bad. Nothing happens. You get no results. And then he started saying, well, what if I put myself in another person’s shoes? And I was just communicating that person. I’m just going to write whatever. I think that is. It works. It cuts through the noise and you’re like, oh, I’m just talking to someone who’s like me.

They’re just a real human being. But in order to have an effective conversation that typically follows this flow, and that part’s become muscle memory for you because you’ve been practicing it, you’ve been listening to it, and it worked. And that’s the beauty of results, right? Like, um, there’s, uh, the book relentless. Have you read that one? It’s by Tim s Grover. Not yet. Okay. So that’s in, that’s in the community. It’s, um, it’s one of the recommend. It’s on her recommended book list. Tim Talks about how what you want to do is you want to not think it’s like the first chapter. Don’t think that best people, he trained Michael Jordan, Koby Bryant, Dwayne Wade, some of the best basketball players here in the U s and NBA. And he says that the way that those guys become the best is they practice like they’re in like the, the most important game of their life, the hardest practice they ever do.

And that way when they get into that game, they don’t think they just do [inaudible]. It’s subconscious at that point when they go to take that game winning shot, it’s not, oh, this is the game winning shot. It’s, I’ve taken this game winning shot 5,000 times every shot I take as a game winning shot. And that’s how they approaching every moment of, of their practice. And the fact that you were able to do it, do it in such a short period of time, it shows that you were practicing hard, you were getting yourself prepared and you were how to create that connection and learning how to create that trust. And um, I’m, I’m excited because, uh, for, for this deal, for you on an ongoing basis, walk me through the dynamics of that you’re going to be doing what kind of commercial campaign, how much will you be, um, uh, earning for your company? What’s the value you’re looking to provide?

Yeah, so we are, it’s a clothing company, so we’re going to do two, one minute shorts and then one long form. I’m explaining the company back background a little bit more in depth about how, um, the products made the material, why this company is different. Um, and that is a s setup up fee of twoK and a monthly, um, ad spend for one k and a monthly management fee, first $760. Um, so that is amazing right now.

Amazing win. Yeah, that’s awesome. I mean that one of the things that a lot of people forget when they’re in business is that business is about the longterm, not the torture. If we’re living project to project, we’re living short term, we’re living longterm 750 bucks a month for one, it’s awesome short term, but for two, the longterm effects you delivering results to this person to deliver this type of value, to get a proof of concept there. Well that’s a case study like success in this area. It will fundamentally change you as a human being and your business forever. It’s the most exciting thing. So I’m really excited for you from, from that perspective and um, that sounds like a, a really great campaign for a clothing company. It’s pretty much exactly how I would do it. And of course you can come to the Q and a calls to, so I can help you map it out and we can design it from there. But with that being said, I think I have a good idea of where you’re at. Where do you want to take this company over the next six months here.

Okay. Oh, sorry. My company or

your work, your company.

Hmm. You know, um, I’m, I’m looking forward to getting my fifth clients once, once I get to three, four, five, then, um, I am just looking to scale really to scale up, um, and provide value to two companies that need it. And, um, one thing I forgot to mention within the sales call that I got the client with was coming from a place of compassion really changed and sort of coming from, I need to make this sale too. I just want to help you. Um, really changed the energy that I was putting out and the verbiage. So being I, I want to be able to provide people with solutions, um, and I want to do that and help them and help myself at the same time.

Yeah. Awesome. Yeah, that’s awesome. So number five is the win for you. And it’s funny, um, you know, my rule of rule of five, like I want five incredible clients. I want, I don’t want hundreds of, I want a few people I can make a massive impact for that. I can help them make a bigger impact in their lives as well. So you are touching hundreds of thousands of people with the work you do, but it’s actually through others that you do that. And so, uh, with that being said, looking back at yourself when you were working project to project, you’ve been in it for five years before you joined next level creators and you’re watching youtube videos just like this one. For anyone who’s watching, what would you say to that person and would you recommend them join next level creators if they were similar to you?

Okay. Oh, what I w I don’t know what advice I would need to hear cause I don’t think I was in the right mind space to hear the correct advice. But

yeah, I would, I recommend that for those creators. Absolutely. Um, the amount of content that is in there is impeccable. He’s always being updated. Um, the community with in Nice little creators is probably one of the biggest resources that there is. Um, everyone posts every day and you post something. There are people who respond right away. Um, even you, Paul, you respond really, really quick please. And I’ve seen other people who join other courses like this and like they say, the Master Guru will respond within 24 hours. It takes them weeks to respond. Okay. Um, so having an active leader and this other people who are leaders as well, active leaders really helps, um, with the questions or advice. Um, yeah, advice, content. Um, community are huge. Um, but I would say invest in yourself. Being able to make that jump and investing in yourself really does pay back when you, when you do that and take action.

You said something I want to, I want to go after. Okay. Bear with me for a moment. You said you were an in the right mind space.


What do you mean?

Okay. It’s that mind space is not somewhere I want to be right now. It’s

okay. Okay. I don’t want to push, I don’t want to,

oh no, no, it’s fine. It’s just, it’s something I don’t want to read it. Don’t want to like live it, it’s something where it’s very like, it’s very hectic. It’s very, it’s a scared mindset of like, can I pay the bills, can I pay my rent? Um, I have this to do this. Do it’s very anxiety. He driven. But now with the self, the self transformation course that you have, um, as well as all the content in there, it’s not, as I said before, I’m coming from a place of compassion, more so than anxiety driven. So when working with compassion, it’s like, oh, of course I need to just remove my distractions. It’s that easy. Um, of course I just need to, you know, put more time into doing more research and practicing the art. Um, but when your anxiety driven, it’s just what can I do right now to like at least get someone to say like something me. Um, and that is a may calls, people can tell that you’re anxious and you’re having anxiety and you’re trying to trying to get it. Yes. Um, but yeah, the course definitely shifted that into a more confident mindset.

And that’s the reason I wanted to ask about that is cause you said you don’t know what you would have said to that person. Yeah. But here’s the thing that’s not true because when you are in that place, you had a conversation with someone on my team and it wasn’t us telling you to join next level creators that made you join next level creators. It was something you told yourself. I’m curious, do you remember what it was that you told yourself that made you say, you know what, I’m going to do it.

I think it was taking, taking a jump and I haven’t done a full investment in myself besides this art school that I went to. Um, ever since then it was just go, go, go into the world and do your art that you got a degree in. Um, but ever since then, I didn’t really do an investment and I thought, why not now? Where I am having trouble? There were people here who have also had the same trouble. There are instructors and teachers who can help me through this, um, in a very proactive community. Why not just invest, um, not into some other person’s company but into my own development as myself, my business, my art. Um, and making that jump really, really helps. But um, yeah, that, that, that is what happened.

I want to, I want to share one comment with you from, from that perspective. Um, it wasn’t us that did anything here was all you, every single row, everything you’ve done, all the results that you’ve gotten, all the knowledge you’ve consumed was all you. And I tell everyone that whenever I work with them, I don’t get people results. Period. You get them. That’s why my ironclad guarantee exists. You hear me say it at the beginning of knowing amount of modules is, uh, if you consume all the content in this training but don’t do anything, nothing happens. And, um, when we get into a sales meeting with someone, I don’t consider it a sales. To me, I consider it a conversation and if it turns into a sales meeting, it’s because we’ve both identified an opportunity for us to help each other. That’s what it really is. Um, so thank you for doing the work.

Absolutely. Thanks for providing that content.

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