Hiring A Chef & Decision Lifespans With Paul & Miranda


How much is your time worth while you are doing the following activities:

  • Doing the dishes
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Cleaning your bathroom

Probably not very much right?

Here are the symptoms of working HARDER instead of SMARTER:

  • You work more than 40 hours a week and have an unpredictable income
  • You’re always doing different things
  • You feel over worked, stressed out and uncertain

Business & life can be crazy & unpredictable if we let them be…

Key point: “let them be…”

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the past 5 years as a creative entrepreneur is the devastating power of one decision.

I put together a free training on “Decision Lifespans” which explains why:

  • I spend $2k /month on a private chef
  • Why I take every Saturday off of work to spend time with my family
  • Why Steve Jobs wore the same outfit for many years of his life

When people think about investing $1,000 it’s easy to visualize that one investment can & will have a higher return on your investment than another.

Decision lifespans explain why investing 8 hours of your work week into one activity will produce 10X the income over another.

As a video expert the three most profitable activities you can do are:

  • Conduct a Earn The Deal sales conversation
  • Promote yourself using the Earn Attention Marketing model
  • Improve your product / service so that it gives a greater benefit to your client

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Seize the day,
– Paul Xavier

Transcript / MP3


Paul: Hey, so Miranda and I had just got back from looking at some real estate. We spent all day. Today is Saturday, our day off, spending time together, driving around Maine looking at houses and while we were out, um, our chef was here at the house cooking us meals and she, I mean it’s just amazing what it’s like with this. I mean look at it. She has Kale Salad, we’ve got Chili, just everything’s prepackaged, pre-labeled and ready for us to go for the entire four week. And Miranda now why is, why is hiring the chef not just a luxury service but actually something that is a necessity and a certain point in your growth?

Miranda:  Because when you think about how much time you actually spend cooking and cleaning and grocery shopping and prepping and thinking about what you’re going to eat and arguing with your spouse about what’s for dinner and then arguing about who’s going to do the dishes, all that, it adds up like easily 10 hours a week. That’s probably low balling it. Yeah. And so I’ve just noticed since having Morgan coming over that like the fact that I don’t have to drive to the grocery store and make a grocery list and figure out what we’re going to eat. Like I have so much mental space now and time that I can’t even imagine going back to the way things were. It’s like freedom.
Paul: Yeah. And so what we, what they call it as a luxury, well, it definitely is a luxury, but also it gives us a level of freedom and create space for us to do other activities. Like today, we also, I mean we had business dealings, we were on the phone with people that could become clients. And when you think about those activities, you have to quantify them in terms of what is the value of this activity, right? Like going to the grocery store, how much is that worth per hour? I’m doing dishes? How much? How much is that worth per hour? Now being on the phone with an interested, qualified prospect, do you wants to hire you to shoot a video or create a commercial campaign or um, join a perpetual program?
You’ve put together, I mean, how much is that worth? Well, you know, in next level creators we quantify that at $1,000 an hour, then writing a video script, how much is that worth? And you quantify that at $10,000 an hour. Those are income producing activities. So what do you think about it that way you shouldn’t be doing your dishes at a certain point in your growth. Like you need to still do our own dishes. Well we do, yeah, at certain points. But you shouldn’t be cooking. You’re going to the grocery store and meal planning because at a certain point you should be outsourcing certain activities, um, that aren’t producing an income that you’re to reach, right? You’re going to hit a bottleneck with your time or you have to look at the hour to money ratio essentially. And Miranda is looking at sage as being real weird right now.
And so when we think about that, um, my last point with this video today, the whole reason I was making it was to talk about something called decision lifespans. So if you, if you’ve ever heard of this or even, have you ever taken a look at like Steve Jobs and I’ll post a picture right here. Um, Steve Jobs picked one outfit and basically wore it for his entire life because he, once he got it, he realized that that was what he liked to wear. It was his thing. And another major reason for that is because we can experience what’s called decision fatigue, where if you keep making the same decision, uh, every day you have to choose, what am I going to wear today or I like, you’ll probably notice 80% of the time I just wear under Armour stuff. So I’m wearing an under Armour tee shirt, I’m wearing an under armor, uh, like sweater or something like that.
Cause it’s my thing. Um, and so decision lifespans are, how long is this one decision going to last me before I have to make it again? Right. With food, oftentimes what happens is we get hungry, then we have to go figure out what to eat. So some people will take 30 minutes just to drive to get lunch, sit down. They have lunch, it’s another 30 minutes. Then I have to drive home this under 30 minutes, an hour and a half right there of their day gone just to eat one time. Then how much, how much time goes by right before that decision has to be made again. Well, for most people, we eat multiple times a day. The, the classic, uh, American way of eating is basically three times a day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, right? So you’re doing that same decision three times a day.
For us, we’ve been able to get rid of the need to make a decision three times a day just by hiring a chef. And that makes it completely worth the investment for us because we’re not doing that. And we have spent one hour hiring someone who puts together our meal plan, cooks. It cleans up in just one hour of time that it would take us to go get dinner. Right? We’ve set ourselves up for success for an entire week, so I can start to look at things in a different light as far as what does this activity worth to you in terms of monetary value? Um, that you’re, you’re performing on a daily basis. So I hope that makes sense. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did. Um, yeah, that was it. So Rhonda Smiling, cause I’m terrible at ending videos.

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