German Filmmaker Lands €32,000 Commercial Campaign In 14 Days


One of the most frequent questions we get asked is:

“Will commercial campaigns work in my country?”

To which, our answer is always:

“Does marketing work in your country?”

You see…

At the fundamental level, commercial campaigns are simply a form of marketing.

In my opinion (and the data supports this), commercial campaigns are the most effective form of marketing that exists.

They combine the most powerful communication method which is video with the most powerful form of advertising which is direct response.

If your country has human beings in it that want things.

Then commercial campaigns will work because all we are doing is using this vehicle to get your clients offer in front of people who want the results of that offer.

For proof that you can offer commercial campaigns anywhere successfully, here is another one of our students breaking into a new market (Berlin, Germany) with this incredibly powerful offer.

Timo landed a €32,000 commercial campaign after just 14 days of studying & implementing what he learned inside the NLC program.

In this interview Timo shares:

  • Why offering commercial campaigns fits his lifestyle goals by allowing him to be a digital nomad and travel the world
  • How Earn The Deal shifted Timo’s mindset and allowed him to offer more value to his clients while earning more for his production company
  • The reason Ad Agencies are failing their clients and why there is a huge need for filmmakers to offer paid ads & production services
  • The mindset shifts that are giving Timo the confidence he needs to build a 7 figure production company

Enjoy the interview and as always…

Seize the day,
– Paul Xavier

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All right. Hey, next level creators community. I have Timo, the founder of red forest and creative director at red forest with me today and he’s going to share his story with you of why he joined next level creators and how he landed his very first commercial campaign client already. Um, how many weeks have you been in the program now? Timo?

No. Uh, around three weeks.

Three weeks that he dove in and he’s already gotten his first client, which is really exciting. So first off, thank you for being here, Timo. I appreciate it. And, uh, I’m excited to do this interview with you. And I know we sh we share something in common, which is that we both love to travel.


And you have traveled a lot, my friend, your creative director, you’ve been all over the place. Tell me a little bit about why you love to travel so much and all the places you’ve been.

Yeah, I love to see new stuff. Uh, I love to really big nice landscape or to be impressed of the nature. Um, every time. I think it’s a really, yeah, it brings me forward with my mindset to see new big things because you normally, your comfort zone, you think you have seen everything, but then you are outside in isolated Africa or I don’t know where. And you just think what’s that? So all the ways to, to getting bigger with your mindset, I think it’s very, very important to crop.

And with that you have, you’ve traveled, so you’ve lived in a variety of different places. I mean, I was, um, you know what I was studying a little bit and just looking into you and your history and the work that you’ve done and you’ve done, you’ve done some work in Kenya, you were in New York for awhile. Right now you’re residing in Berlin and working in Berlin, which is super exciting. And


With that, what, what was it that drew you to this career path of being a creative director and a video producer? What, what, um, sort of pulled you into this field of work?

Um, it was more like a little bit when only, so I was a dancer before and I, um, yeah, a solid just for fun under the beetle project and I thought, hey, that’s really, really cool too to create something for, for the internet or everybody can see it and uh, to have this impact around, around this little project. It was really awesome and I think, yeah, I can do this. Uh, yeah, full time. So I started studying film and animation in unit and uh, yeah, I had a lot of fun. Um, organized a lot. Those are free projects. Uh, yeah, crazy stuff. There’s a lot of kindness and actors and every single wrong and yeah. Well a lot of people saw my movies and photos said, hey [inaudible] and yeah, can you do it for us? Okay.

And that light into doing this full time. And so, um, what, so you were doing this full time, you’ve been doing it since you said roughly 2015, is that correct? Yes. Okay. And so you’ve been working full time as a creative director since 2015 travel all over the place, doing it, working on really exciting projects. Um, and you, you mentioned, uh, um, there’s a little survey for anyone who’s wondering that I always ask people to give me so I can come to these interviews prepared. And you mentioned that you learned the power of video, Facebook and Instagram ads when you were in New York. Can you tell me about that? What was it that you saw when you were in New York, you know, stuff or excited you about this?

Yeah, it was really funny because before I wasn’t New York, I worked for a lot of agencies, a lot of big agencies and also for a lot of big clients like Adi and otherwise really big companies in Germany. And it was a little bit do not. Um, yeah, annoying because, so you are working on a project for example, around six weeks and you took a lot of energy in it and it’s a really cool, bizarre, and these agencies, most of them are a little bit too, I don’t want to say stupid, but they don’t know how to handle Facebook or something like this. So the only thing they are doing is yeah, we produce a video and then we do it on Facebook and yeah, that, that’s all. But yeah, Facebook or youtube or something like this doesn’t work like this. And I’ve also a little bit sad because I lost my job and of mine, my project [inaudible] and to see the US, nothing happened because some, yeah, somebody is too, too stupid about this. Um, I have to buy my own and I traveled to New York and a friend of mine, um, yeah, it’s a PPC guy, a really successful person in this area. And he, he showed me, uh, some, some insights from his calling and it was like, yeah, to see that at, uh, his hunting seal points, your seal seal. One sense was like, what the hell is going on with this guy? And I was alive. Okay. I can do it by my own. And Yeah. So the, the journey starts in this way.

So, so you, you basically, and this is, this is something that’s really important to note because a lot of video producers and filmmakers and cinematographers, creative directors similar to yourself, they, they work in agencies, they work in, in that environment. And it’s really sad because in the agency environment, oftentimes, uh, surprisingly the client isn’t put first, right. And what you’re doing is you’re working and you’re shooting these really big beautiful or fun films, but, um, unfortunately they don’t get the distribution that they need. Yeah. So you put, you put six weeks into it, you create something that’s a very powerful, and then it just gets organically posted once on their Facebook page or the youtube channel and there’s no distribution strategy. And I think that’s a really important thing that you mentioned because again, like you said, you know, you said it’s because the might just be too stupid to know what to do with it.

Um, I think a big part of it is just they don’t know how and excellent the fact that you are actually taking that as your personal responsibility because this is something, again, when I taught, I talk a lot about responsibility and next level creators as you have, you’ve seen that, hey, these people need this help. They need these videos for one and they need to help with the distribution. You’re taking it upon yourself to go and learn that to benefit your clients and long term. That’s one of those skill sets that will allow you to never go hungry, right? When you can produce the creative and distribute it to actually generate a result, everyone will always need that because people need results and video distribution can help with that. Um, so that’s really exciting. You saw a PPC guy and that’s um, when did you start seeing or hearing about what we do here at next level creators? What point in time was that? What challenges were you facing at that time?

Yeah, that was awesome. A long time before. So I saw, I think I thought of first sketch for you around fi three years ago or something like this. So 2016 um, and I saw you maybe not. And I’ve also, yeah, this guy, well I was

very afraid of Facebook and laws.

Yeah. I’ve also lived with scary about this, but I don’t know why

and I mean I can understand that you see some random guy on the internet out there screaming and yelling at people or whatever it is, you know, on ads or I try not to scream and yell. I try to be a, a little, a little less like that. Um, and of course you again, yeah. You saw the power of Facebook and Youtube and Instagram, so you knew that that existed, but it was how to leverage those tools. It sounds that was what you’re really after when you decided to start working with us. Is that right? Okay. Were there any other challenges that you were facing or what point, cause you, you kind of were just starting your, your company, um, at this time as well. Read Four. So you’re going all in on a new endeavor. Um, and is that why you wanted to start working with us just three weeks ago because you wanted to kick this endeavor off with the new value proposition? Okay.

Um, so where was the thing boss? Um, so I, Boston New York and I saw the power of Facebook and Instagram. Um, otherwise I traveled forward to LIGO, to Sophia and [inaudible], uh, churn, but I don’t know the English part. I think automization [inaudible]

yeah, email, autumn. Um, basically, yeah, automation.

Yeah. And I saw a lot of case studies, but what’s possible, what can you do? Connect is, uh, the thing was, um, I was looking for like a mentor to see how can I say to, to my clients, it was always so I, I know what’s possible, but I couldn’t say, yeah, I do this or something like this. It was a little bit strange maybe like, uh, from my mindset or something like this. So I looked a lot of, um, other courses from [inaudible] behind us or something like this or we have also here in Germany, a lot of really good courses or um, yeah, yeah, very similar to the next level creators. But it was always to do more like consulting and not the service. And I was a little bit confused sometimes there and yeah, I follow a lot. Well I saw that, uh, things from you and I thought, okay, this guy has success with this. No, I tried it and it was very, very awesome position. Definitely.

Well, I’m glad that’s, that’s a good thing. So what, you, you made the commitment three weeks ago and since then you’ve gotten your first client. Tell me about how that came about. How did you get your first client and what is that worth to your business moving forward?

So it’s, it’s really strange. So I bought your course so, and I had a self confidence level, like 100% so it was, and it’s also not, so I think I can do everything and I, I’m not scary about any project or, or something like this. So it’s, yeah, you can do it. And if this to self confidence, I had to say this color and yeah, I’ve lost more like focused on the sales call before it was more, okay, I want to close this guy now I know I can do it. So I, yeah. Yeah. I cannot sue if us, if also cool because I think it wants to first client. Um, so normally that they’re coming to me because that’s all my, my project and something like this and said, yeah, you need now Biggio can you do it for funded? Yeah. That’s cool. But you don’t have to to say them and thing. But that was the first time that, yeah, I’m a little skeptic. I don’t know how it works. Can you do it maybe or something like this. And Yeah, I actually asked him and I’m, hello, really quickly.

And so, um, this is a client, are they also in Berlin with you?

Oh, down a strip gap. That’s in the south of Germany.

Okay. And, um, in terms of, uh, revenue moving forward, what do you believe it will be on a monthly basis and revenue for you?

Okay. I don’t know.

A lot is good. A lot is good.

Um, so I think, um, what’s possible, I think it’s a lot of hospital because they’re one to two scale, very, uh, aggressive now on the Internet. So just here they are, want to have around 1 million euros next year, 3 million and then five years unfortunately. So they want to grow very, very fast and the need, um, yeah, an online funnel for this. Uh, and also, yeah, it’s kind of commercial campaign. Um, and now I have to do for the next few months to try it for about seven. And after this, uh, I want maybe a condition, uh, for maybe 10 or 20%. And yeah, if you mean around 40 million, maybe in five years. So that’s a lot of money.

And so this is an interesting thing because you’re, you’re learning something here. That’s a really important skill and a really important thing to be able to recognize when you’re, when you’re in a conversation with a potential client. And I know you have big goals, you want to build a seven figure video production agency here in the next 12 months is the objective. And with that, with that objective, there are different ways of growing and scaling your business. And um, a lot of people, they just don’t really pay attention to the economics of things. They think, Oh, I’ll charge $20,000 a video, I’ll charge $100,000 a video. I’m not realizing that the cost of good sold on your video production, they’re always extremely high. When you charge $100,000 for a video, 5% sometimes a little bit less than that, is going to expenses in your production company.

Although these people are making seven figures in their business, they’re taking home less than six figures. So you found a model here, or with commercial campaigns, you can charge tens of thousands of dollars a month, I mean upwards of 20, 30, $40,000 a month to one client. And the profitability can be much higher than that. You know, with one client you can make as much as you would as a seven figure production company with one great commercial campaign client. But the secret to that is you have to produce enough value for them to pay you that. So when you think about it that way, in order for you to charge 40 $50,000 a month per month to this one client, you need to be producing more than a million dollars in revenue, in sales for their business, really at minimum. So that’s what you’re looking for. You are, you are positioning yourself and putting yourself in a situation and scenario where your videos can get massive impact for the companies that you’re working for. And with that being in mind, you know, a lot of people, they get a little nervous about the idea of working with a $50 million company or 40 or 20 or a 10. Um, what kinds of companies are you really passionate about working with? Are they, is there a specific demographic or sort of market? Is it ecofriendly? Is it, do you have a preference there?

Yeah, definitely. So I want to work this premium programs and for you said it like acorn. Um, I think it’s very important to, to do something, uh, for the environment and with my skills I can help.


The vote a little bit better than it’s now.

Yeah. So again, you’re, you’re really diving deep into finding companies that you have massive potential to grow. Yeah. Because I’m imagining these are product companies or extremely premium service company products. Okay. And so that makes sense. Yeah. Cause when you see that value equation, you can produce massive value in those scenarios. And so you’ve already gotten your first client, you’re only a couple of weeks in here. And, um, where do you see yourself taking things now that you’ve gotten this first client? You have to deliver results for them and make that, uh, as we call an early adopter period. Um, where do you see yourself going now? I know you want to get to seven figures. Um, what else is really important to you about this business? What are you gonna do with it now? Okay.

Um, now maybe in, in, in one year,

in one year,

in one year. A, that’s a question. So, uh, I want to have your I size already around five clients maybe. Um, I want a strong partnership with this guys. Uh, because I wanted to, to have a really big project. It’s not only to have every month. Yeah. I have to close some somebody that’s the problem. If you use only normal firms or image films, movies, whatever, then you have always to problem to looking for new clients or something like this. And so you have far, yeah. You say of infant offer for everybody. Uh, and that’s really cool. And you have, yeah, new opportunities. So if it’s, uh, yeah, if you have a business that’s running and you have maybe some employees are helping you, uh, then you have the freedom to do what I want you projects to go on a traveling or something like this or it’s also also possible because you are maybe two days, four for creating the content with the client and after awhile you are sitting at home or maybe in Bali in New York or something like this because you can from everywhere.

Yeah. Yeah. So, so for you it sounds like that travel is a big perk here. That’s sort of the big things you want to do with just travel, which is great cause that’s something that’s close to my heart as well. I love to travel. My wife and I, we travel all over the place. Um,

yeah, that’s about it.

We go on vacations, we’re typically not at, oh we’re, we’re, you know, we don’t go near, we go, we take a week or we take a month and we just have some fun. That’s a great flexibility is a form of freedom that not a lot of people consider there. Um, that location, independence, lifestyle aspect of things is really important. Um, in my book, the fact that you can just pick up a laptop and go somewhere, it makes life a lot. It gives you a certain level of freedom, that nine to five load. And so it’s really exciting. I love seeing someone get in and really, um, attack next level creators quickly. Uh, just within three week time span, getting your first big client here. And were there any lessons that you learned and next level creators that really let you or helped you, um, move forward and get this first client so quickly?

Yeah, I know. So I think it’s the under the year for most all my life. So yeah, I did so many mistakes in my own words because it was like, okay, Paul, you’re on the right. Well I saw you at 2016 and I think, okay, if I bought this course, maybe this time. So I sitting, no, maybe not in Verdun otherwise maybe, I dunno because it’s you make, yeah, it’s annoying.

Well, it’s an interesting thing to think through. If you had joined in 2016 instead of 2019, right? Yeah. If you had had earned the deal and you had dedicated yourself to mastering it in 2016, what would your life look like today compared to you? What it does now and yeah, it’s an interesting thing. You know, you have to be in the right mental space for any of this stuff to work, you know, and you have to make the decision to make it work for you. Um, and I more than anything, you know, we can always go back and forth and talk about, Oh, I wish we did this. I wish we did that. But the good news is in a place where you’ve made the decision and the commitment and you’re getting the results from it. So yeah, we can only push forward at this point. And what is the next big lesson or the big thing in your business that you want to tackle headfirst, um, with where you are right now?

Mm hmm. That’s a good question. Um, because I think everything is possible, so it’s not like to say, hmm. So you really picture I am so self confidence too. Yeah. Everything is possible. I think there is not judged,

which is an interesting, it sounds like you’ve been through the self transformation training. Um, is that right? The mindset training, have you gone through some of that already?

Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s because, so if you uh, you are in your bubble I think and then you think, okay, yeah, I saw lots of persons here and there doing this and I can’t do it. Or maybe like this. And um, in Germany for example, we have to split platform indeed and you can look in for chopstick and if you are looking for a child or a online marketer, yeah. Over $30 and chops open chops for this. So the market is huge. And I thought, and I know a lot of people that are doing online marketing or they are creators, whatever, and they have no clue what’s possible with Facebook. There’s Instagram, how to combine this, a really cool continence, something like this. And yeah, I must it not both girls look a content creator. So I am a credit direct. I, I know how to produce really, really good content. Um, I know of what’s possible this Facebook and something like this and if you know, and you can do it, oh, so you, you have for then it’s


yeah. A mess up you, you can create massive impact for your client and everybody needs this.


yeah. And this way I have, yeah. The challenge is to, to get the new stuff to the challenge is to find really, really cool lives.

Yes. If you want to work with them, which is a great statement to add to the end of what you’re talking about. If you believe in their offer and you believe in them and they’re good people and you want to have a relationship where you win together longterm, that is a, a really big mental shift. And for what I just, I could hear it. It’s resonating off of you. This confidence that you now have, that you’ve made a decision in your life has changed already. Income comes after the decision came earlier, right? Um, there it’s, it’s, uh, an interesting thing. Certainty, we, so many of us, we crave certainty. We want certainty, but so few of us actually have it. Um, and the, the crazy thing is you can create it like that if you really put in the energy and the effort to say, you know what?

I understand I’m doing this. It’s done. I have already made the money I’m going to make, I’ve already figured out how to get these clients results. I know there’s gotta be challenges, there’s going to be roadblocks with anything, but I’m gonna figure it out period. So it’s done. When you have that mentality going in, it’s like, well, how are you going to mess with that guy? Here’s who’s getting in that nothing will, you’ve got the certainty so you’re good to go. Um, so that’s really exciting and I’m, I’m happy that I’ve been able to help you, um, in that way or really more so show you how to help yourself in that way. Cause that’s all that I really do ever. Um, and so Timo, with that being said, I think that’s a good place to end the interview from that perspective. The last question I always ask people is, um, if you were to communicate to yourself, let’s say back in 2016 now that you’ve joined us level creators, you saw our stuff and you were on the fence about joining next level, creators are booking a strategy call. They’re talking to one of our guys. What would you say to yourself and why

do it do it now if you want to have a better life too,

that short and sweet is good for me. I love it. So thank you so much for sharing your experience doing this interview.

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