From Music Videos To Commercial Campaigns


Andrew Mossop shot his first music video on film many many moons ago.

Over the years, Andrew:

  • Accumulated over $100,000 in camera gear and now has enough equipment to shoot a full feature movie.
  • Learned how to develop extremely creative ideas and produce them at the highest quality.
  • Developed serious skills with his camera.

Some of the music videos Andrew produced had budgets of over $100k but as the years went on, those budgets became few & far between as supply and demand shifted in the industry.

With all of his skill, accolades, connections and equipment, Andrew’s  biggest frustration was the feast or famine nature of the industry.

In this interview, you’ll learn how offering video + distribution has transformed Andrew’s business in just 6 weeks.

He has landed two clients thus far and has a lot of opportunities in the pipeline.

As Andrew says, “these are very exciting times.”

Enjoy the interview,
– Paul Xavier

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Hello everyone. Hello, next level creators and creator community. Today I have Andrew [inaudible] with me and he has a really exciting story about what he’s been able to accomplish in just a month and a half since joining next level creators. And Andrew, thank you so much for being here, first of all,

thank you.

Um, and it’s really interesting cause I want to talk first off in this month and a half, talk about some of these deals that you’ve already been able to land in the revenue that’s coming in for you and what that looks like so far for your production company.

Okay. Um, I’m still learning. I got probably three quarters of the way through the course and one of the test the waters and um, first client, um, is in the wellness business and that’s a $15,000 video and set up and then a 4,000 a month ad spend. Second client is a totally different business, which is in the, uh, space of home health care. And that one is a lot less as a $2,000 video size, elaborate as a production, but that’s a $4,000 a month ad spend. Then the going back to the first client, which I think would be cool, my second client, they are already gearing up to come out with that product, which is a protein meal replacement, um, high end, and that’s a $20,000 video production, $10,000 a month ad spend. Then there’s a pharmacy, um, that’s a $20,000 a month, I mean 20,000 miles for the video and that’s a $5,000 a month ad spend. So I’m kind of, I’m putting the brakes on it right now because I’m still learning. I’m doing the video production and coming up with the concepts. I’ve been very fortunate to be pretty successful at that in the past, but the best format right now, very exciting.

So, I mean, for a lot of people, to think of all of those opportunities happening in just six weeks or less. I mean, yes, it probably does feel like there’s a lot of momentum and it could even be a little scary having all of these opportunities come at you, which is, um, it’s funny, you know, when you got nothing going on, there’s a problem when you’ve got a lot of success coming in, that creates another type of problem. Right. We talk to me a, talk to me about your background in a production in video in general. And when did you get your start here as a cinematographer, director, producer, really getting into this line of work.

Okay. How many, many moons ago? Um, that was when we were, okay. I started off in the music business first of all and had some success with that. Uh, worked with a lot of different acts. Um, I was able to do a song that went on a soundtrack called a show that went triple platinum. But that music industry is so up and down. You’re making a bunch of money one minute and then you’re broke the next. So I couldn’t keep up with that and I became a firefighter. Um, but prior to the fire fighting, I a was on a lot of music video sets and I, uh, was talking to a friend of mine that had a song that he was coming out with and I gave them an idea and he said, hey, why don’t you direct it? And I was like, oh, okay. I’ve never directed before.

So, but being on set, I was able to create contacts and relationships. So I, I reached out to a, um, an Aidy named Claire and, uh, I said, I need your help. I need to put this project together. So she was able to align a great team, a DP, the whole crew. So I shot my first music video on, um, on film. It wasn’t, was, it wasn’t digital back then anyways, and I didn’t know what I was doing, but I, I got hooked. I was like, okay, I gotta learn how to do this. I felt restricted being on set, having to rely on the DP. And everybody else execute what I wanted. So I went and bought a, Oh gosh, it was a canon XL one mini DV. I don’t want, have you ever seen those? Or bent weird. So I bought that and I started teaching myself how to shoot and asking a ton of questions, annoying everybody.

And I got better and better and better. And as time went on, um, I kept with the fire department. I never retired five years ago. Um, my, my shooting skills got better. I was able to work on a lot of big campaigns, national campaigns, and do a lot of great projects. But years ago, our, our, I live in Florida, our, uh, Governor Rick Scott took away the film tax credit and Florida took a huge hit. A lot of the films and productions that were being shot down here just left. They went to Atlanta and everywhere else. So we went for them just like crickets. There was nothing happening. So over the years, I’ve accumulated a bunch of equipment

and [inaudible]

I spoke with John a year ago about this program, but I was not 100% sold because I was tapping into the crypto space. I was trying to find a space though, something I got into bitcoin that went well, but that wasn’t my calling. I wasn’t happy. So I, uh, but month and a half ago, I get on the phone, oh, actually two months ago, I’m looking at all my equipment. I’m saying, okay, it’s collecting dust. I should just sell this stuff.


I, I guess I saw one of your ads again. I said, you know what, let me, let me give John a call. Let me just reach out to him. So I gave John a call and it didn’t, he didn’t have to go through the whole, um, revisit the whole program with me. I kinda knew what it was and I just realized, okay, I have a skillset and let me just give it a shot. What do I have to lose? Okay, you pay them money and I’ve lost a lot of money, but other things. So I gave it a shot. And, uh, here I am, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m excited. I’m, uh, looking forward to expanding whole lot more than what I am right now. And, uh, it’s the days of chasing after a client, you know, do a video production on one off and they’re gone.

That’s the reason why I was walking away from the industry. One of the biggest demotivators for me, I was a gym. I can’t, I gotta tell you this. I was about four months ago and a buddy of mine, he’s an attorney, he goes, hey, um, you, you shoot videos, right? And I’m like, yeah, man, I shoot videos. He goes, um, yeah, well, I’ve got this whole lot. He tells me this whole idea. I’m like, yes, it sounds cool. Um, and I go, what’s your budget? 300 bucks. I go, not me. Not happening yet. And he said, he can get it done. I’m sure he can, but I just, it was very disheartening. But this, what you’ve presented to us all in this creative community, it’s been a huge eye opener for me and an opportunity.

It’s really, it’s really exciting to hear that. You know, you’re, it’s also interesting because one of the things that you’ve done as a client is you came in and embrace that you were going to have to change, right? Your mentality has to change. You have to understand your value. You have to go and approach people who can experience the value you can bring to them with video and distribution. And you’ve executed on that because a lot of people, they say they want success, right? They say, Oh yeah, I do want to offer a return on investment on my videos. But then it stops there. It stops at the one, it stops at the, hey, I want to do that. You’ve actually taken to the next step and you are going out and actively doing it and pursuing it. So that’s a really exciting thing. And do you, what does it feel like to be doing that, to have made that decision and now to be in the program to have these clients, um, what does it feel like for you now? Are you in a sense of like, do you feel empowered? Do you feel excited for what’s going to happen next? And what are the next steps for you as far as working with these clients? Where are you gonna take, take them, and what are those, those things you’re working on right now?

Um, it’s given me major hope. Um, I’m thrilled I can, I don’t feel disgruntled about my gear anymore. It’s a real good feeling. Um, where do I plan on taking this as a good question? Um, I know in, in the program and the modules you talked about capturing a niche. I think my niche is, uh, anything that speaks to me that I can really communicate with. So I don’t want to say I want to be stuck in one industry as far as let’s say healthcare. As a matter of fact, I was talking to a roofing guy the other day. That’s how much jumping around. So if I’m able to connect with that person and, and, and come up with an idea to, to, uh, show value of what they’re doing and just plug it into the funnel, let’s say off with Facebook, I just really want to be more proficient with that.

The shooting part I got, I’m real comfortable with that, but I’m struggling still with plugging it all in. But with the help from you and the community, that’s been huge. There’s at times that I’ll just sit down and listen to the Q and a and am doing busy stuff and something will pop out. So I’m just trying to absorb all this information. What I want to eventually do is bring on a couple people to help expand this. You know, there’s a lot of opportunity for me here right now and, but I don’t want to go crash and burn. I want to go slow and make sure I’m proficient at it. So the sky’s the limit as far as I’m concerned. There’s a lot of opportunity.

Yeah, it’s interesting to go from that paradigm shift, right? From $300 gigs, one off projects up and down to tons of opportunity and recurring cash flow. I mean it makes a big difference in mentality when you, you start to see things that way. And um, uh, has there been any one really significant change that we’ve helped you make at next level creators so far that you feel is, is making a really big difference that’s allowing you to go out there and have the confidence to talk to these people and offer this type of service?

Yes. Um, first of all, I think you gotta sometimes you gotta get out of your own way, which I think I was doing, um, back in the day I was getting budgets of 150 $200,000 for a music video. Those days are gone. So what you have all taught me is like the long game to not really hit him up as hard. Like I explained earlier, I’ve got two different clients. One is doing a 2000 video production, 2001 another one’s doing 22 different extremes, but I’m in it for the long game and patients. So it’s just, I’m kind of old school with the way I do things and uh, this has just opened me up to the way of the world right now. It’s all about online social media and how to engage and capture the audience. I, what was really interesting is to do two videos, the long form and then the, the, the three creatives.

I th I, I found that to be extremely eyeopening for me because I’m like everybody else, I’m scrolling through social media and I see something that speaks to me sort of keep on scrolling, then I may pop up again, but it speaks to me more and it’s the same company like, wow, that’s pretty slick. And you can’t do that with a music video. You’re only coming out with one version or a movie or coming out with one version. With this, you have some variety and a little bit more control. So, um, that, that was, that’s been a big eye opener for me.

Yeah. I find that to be an extremely creative aspect of this whole process is, um, think of thinking about leveraging your videos and your, your concepts and your pulling that creative of your mind out and saying, well, no longer do I need to do one big extreme video that answers everything. That’s the best thing in the world. You know, I can do a sequence, a series and that sequence or series of videos Deborah needs to stop because it’s a conversation you’re having with your content. Your, you’re constantly having a conversation with your audience, with your market and the way you lead into that conversation can change from day to day, from week to week, from month to month. Um, have you noticed that the way you’re approaching your, your mindset around creating content for these people is changing now to, to, to think through different ways.

So, oh, you have the, my first deal with the wellness company. Um, I basically went in there and tried to educate him on the algorithm of Facebook and I told him, you can go with someone else and they’re just going to give you one video and send you down the road. Now that’s happened to them three times so far and they’re extremely dissatisfied. I was kinda going up an uphill battle, but when I sat there and educated them, their confidence went up and I sold myself as well as like, wow, this sounds good. I just was paraphrasing what you are talking about in the modules. And it worked and I saw that Aha moment go off in their eyes. I was jacked up. I was like, okay, let me try this again. And that worked again. Knock on wood, everybody I’ve met so far as to have said yes, I haven’t gotten a no.

Um, no, that’s not true. I met with, that’s not true. I met with another couple. They have had a salon, but they just have no money. They just, they want to do it, but they just don’t have the budget right now to do it. So, uh, yeah man, there’s a lot of great information and what you have to offer it in everything speaks to everybody differently. But I found that, um, because of my history of, of a shooting, I knew I could bring value that way. But again, that doesn’t matter anymore because you can come out with something on an iPhone and if the content is good, you’re going to get that client. But I didn’t have all the other pieces about the, as far as the knowledge of the funnels and how we’re going to roll this out and how we’re going to get the clients from my customer, customers, from my clients rather. I didn’t know any of that stuff. So now that I’m, it’s accessible to me and as I said earlier, I have a ways to go. I’m extremely excited. I get this. I was skeptical at first, but this works all yet with the timing.

I appreciate that because there are so many people who are in your exact situation right now. In fact, there’s, I would say the majority of people until you interact with something and you actually see it, read it, hear it, and can believe it for yourself. Uh, you’re always gonna have that skepticism on your mind, right? Especially when it comes to people in my industry, for example, right? I’m in a marketplace with a lot of scammers. This is be honest. This is truth. Um, and to hear about all these people making a bunch of money and seeing it and then seeing the screenshots and all of a sudden there’s so much proof out there, everyone showing the same exact things, it becomes like white noise at a certain point. And it’s almost impossible to trust anyone anymore because you’re just like, is any of it real?

And that’s why I prefer to take the time to do these types of interviews and actually talk to real people who’ve been through it and who are doing it and who are experienced the challenge of it and actually push through to, to make it work for you. And again, I, I want to commend you for what you’re doing because of the fact that one, you made a decision to make it work. You’ve got in, you still were probably a little skeptical as soon as he got into the program, you listen to it and then you started making it work for you. And that’s the whole thing. Um, I always tell people this is a proven process. Everything in here is proven to work. I don’t teach anything that’s not proven, but you can still screw up doing it. It’s very easy to do, right? I mean, there are lots of people who don’t work out properly, period, and they don’t get the results that they want.

Um, you’re getting in here and you’re, you’re actually implementing this, adapting your approach to make a proven process work for you. And that’s what it’s all about, knowing what to do and then doing it until it works for you. Getting that approach. Right. So, um, with that thus far getting into the system, you’ve really gone through, you’ve selected your market, you have a clear understanding of then you’re working with people you’re passionate about, you’re starting to get that recurring cash flow coming in, you know, how to deliver results for them. You’ve got it. Visualize, you’re ready to go and execute on that on you also went through earn the deal, right? Yes. He talked to me about how earn the deal is change or has it changed your philosophy on sales at all?

Oh yeah. I used, the biggest thing is the moment of just shutting up. You know, put it out there and you hear it, but sometimes you don’t do it, sometimes you overspeak. So, um, I remember reading the, uh, I printed out the pitch and, and try to memorize it to a point and that’s from the earn the deal. Um, module. And that went in and again, when I laid down the numbers and just kept quiet and say nothing, and it’s, it sounds like a big clock ticking going off really loud and then all of a sudden they’re like, okay, let’s do it. So, uh, that’s probably the biggest thing I’ve taken out of it. And it’s a process I’d recommend. You can’t just rush through this, you know, go through it once, twice I’ve gone back to listen to other modules and up little nuggets and took notes. I’m like, how on earth did I miss that? So there’s a lot of information. Um, I will tell you there’s not the segue off ever. I’ve been getting hit left and right on my social media with all these other products that are out there. And I’m curious. I click on it and it’s, some of it’s comical, you know, like, and yet it’s $5,000 with this 10,000 or some, what are they actually offering?

Nothing. So

there earn the deal thing made me realize that you guys have walked the walk I and you understand the pitfalls and the struggles and the mountains that someone has to conquer. And this, it’s not that difficult. I was in the situation, you know, the day it has to be as a matter if it was yesterday,

um, with [inaudible]

one of the clients that we are brought on, they hire day sales and marketing lady


she’s running their sales and marketing but she doesn’t understand a funnel. I don’t get it. So they’re asking me all these questions and I put it up on the community and you’re able to answer and then I took a screenshot of the funnel met help. So the biggest thing is the support that I’m getting under this has been awesome. It’s like an internship and you’re getting paid at the same time. So

yeah, that answered your question. But it did. It did. Yeah. That’s, that’s another, yeah, it’s a big thing cause um, the nuances matter and speed matters. The faster I can get you the information you need to execute on right now, the faster you can execute and then start getting results. And if you just get into a thing where you have a bunch of knowledge, as, as with anything, knowledge is not power. Whenever people will tell you of reading books that doesn’t make you a better than anyone else, doesn’t make you rich, doesn’t make you healthier, does it? You know, you can read a many books as you want about swimming. Ain’t going to be a good swimmer if you’ve never done it. So you have to get in the water and swim. And that’s why support is so important because you need someone there to tell you and push you to actually take action, um, and then give you the nuances on what about your approach and how you’re doing it is or isn’t.

Right? So we can give you those little chiropractic tweaks to get things right in the right order so we can start making, gaining momentum. Um, so I appreciate that. And, yeah, I remember yesterday, I, I did that quick livestream for you and I’m happy that it really helped you get that client because, um, that’s what the support is for. You’re using it exactly how it was designed. Um, so I guess my last question here for you, Andrew, I mean, are there any final words or things that you would say to someone who similar to you? Uh, is right now, you know, they’re, they’re a skilled filmmaker, video producer, director, Pri. They understand that game. They’ve been in it, they see that things are changing in the industry and they see people like me and they’re skeptical, they’re skeptical and next level creators are skeptical of any of this is real. Right. What would you say to that person knowing that that’s where you were just a month and a half ago?

I will say this to that person. Um, I’ve been very fortunate to work on some big projects. The last I’ve worked on a TV show called love and hip hop and I was away from my family for a nice length of time and that was tough on all of us. So I wasn’t able to do another season. So it’s not like I haven’t had opportunity. I’ve been extremely blessed. But if you’re that individual that’s either working and you’re working these long hours and you’re not really in control, um, and you come to a point that, hey, you’re looking for an outlet now, yes am I, is my stuffing aired on TV that gets old after a while and it ends up becoming a paycheck to be honest with you. So if you’re looking for flexibility and to be in control of your own destiny and you have a skill set, I mean, you don’t even have to be that great. It’s just putting the content together. This definitely works. Hands down. It’s working for me. And again, I’ll be very clear, I still don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to the whole campaigning part on Facebook. So, you know, I’m, I’m the oldest guy in the room right now. So if I can do it, anybody can do it. If you’re open to change and learning and just applying, it works 100%.

Absolutely. And I appreciate that and we’re, we’re gonna make it. We’re going to get you to the point where you are. The way I like to look at it is there’s a lot of people who they’re afraid of the technical side of things and they’ll say, you know, I have people who have, there’s a laundry list of excuses as to why. Oh, the technical side will scare people. I don’t use technology that much. I don’t like computers. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do Facebook or Google ads. The algorithm’s always changing. It’s fear. It’s scary, right? There’s that thing in your mind where all of a sudden everything sounds bad about it and learning it. Um, but the way I like to put it is like at one point in time, you probably weren’t extremely excited to learn how to use your camera, but what you wanted was to make beautiful pictures, to take great videos, to make great videos.

And to do that you had to learn how to use that machine. That’s the same thing as ads. It’s the same thing as running Facebook and youtube and Google and running sales funnels. And if you approach it with the same mentality of, it’s not necessarily the Facebook algorithm that you care about, but it’s the enjoyment that you’ll get from becoming proficient in good at producing an outcome. You kind of get this child like fun that comes back into your life as you’re approaching your work on a daily basis. You could swing your legs out of bed and say, Oh, I get to figure this thing out today that’s going to help me deliver results for my clients and produce something great that makes an actual difference for these people that I know and care about. That’s, that’s an exciting thing to me. So I’m glad that you found that. Um, now I’ve been able to help with it. And my goal for you is to make it so that is as fun as it possibly can be and that you become extremely proficient at it so you can deliver great results for these people you’re bringing on board, which, uh, at that point in time we’ll talk again in a year and talk about how you’re crushing it for him.

Oh, thank you. And too, to your point, um, if you’re a filmmaker, you’re today, you can’t just rely on the same being a camera operator, you gotta be able to be proficient and audio editing, whether on font o’clock club, premier, whatever platform you’re on, there’s a learning curve right there. You still, you are tied into technology. So when someone does say that, I look at him twisted. If you have a cell phone, which is a walking computer and your mobile computer, that’s technology and everybody’s on social media unless you live in, out in the sticks. So I will encourage that there is a learning curve, but the way you’ve laid it out, it’s, it’s really straightforward. It’s really in depth. And and just apply herself. Again, I was three quarters through the course and I tested the water and I’ve gotten some phenomenal success. I surprised myself. So with that being said, this is a fantastic course and the one part of me is being selfish, saying, I don’t want to tell anybody or showing me around this course, but there’s so much opportunity out there. There’s so much, so you’re not going to step on anybody’s feet.

That’s the truth of it. That’s one of the, uh, people always asked me, why would you teach this? It’s like, I can’t take any more clients guys. You can only take certain number of clients before you see the diminishing law of return. Like it’s going to hit your business cause it’s a service company. And then you have to figure out new mechanisms for scale. And I’ve chosen mine. Mine is to help teach this, right? And others can also help teach us as well. And you’re not going to step on my toes still because there’s so much opportunity out there in the world that a scarcity mindset, it’s really a disease. It really is. Having that abundant mindset and going out there knowing there’s tremendous opportunities for the people who are willing to do the work and create value for others. You, you move, you move to a different level in life, and it’s, it’s an exciting thing. So, Andrew, I really appreciate you sharing your experience so far. Congratulations once again, and I look forward to, uh, helping you create these campaigns in the community as we go, go forward.

Awesome. Thank you very much, Paul. Appreciate it.

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