Anthony Gallo Talks About How He Earned ROI For Client In First 17 Days Of Launching Commercial Campaign


Most people go to school to become doctors because they are driven to help people.

It also doesn’t hurt that the money is pretty good too 😉

That’s why Anthony Gallo’s story is so fascinating:

On the cusp of graduating from the University of New Hampshire as a pre-med student….

Anthony pivoted to a career as a filmmaker because he realized three things:
-He would have more creative, time & financial freedom
-He could use his videos to help people
-He would make more money as a filmmaker than as a doctor

In 2017, Anthony started making travel videos with friends as a passion.

In 2018, he started charging money to shoot one-off video projects like:
-Real estate videos…
-Brand commercials for gyms…

Stuff you probably remember doing when you had just started out as a filmmaker.

His first year charging for videos he made $60,000 while going to school full time!

Through these projects, Anthony found what he loves to do…

Make videos that make a difference.

But he had one SERIOUS PROBLEM:

There was no consistency to the clients he was getting…
-All his clients came from inconsistent & unpredictable referrals
-His price changed on every client meaning he never knew what he would make
-He had no system or idea how to growing his video production company

But filmmaking is Anthony’s calling in life…

He wasn’t going to let what he didn’t know stop him from becoming successful!

Before joining the Next Level Creators program Anthony was experiencing:

  • A lack of consistency in gaining clients
  • An inability to confidently show potential clients that his videos would produce tangible results
  • A clear path on how to make his business steadily grow

Since joining the Next Level Creators program, Anthony has been able to change the conversation he has with potential clients. Instead of offering a great video, he is now offering to grow their business with his great video.

Already Anthony has been able to net a return on investment for his first monthly retainer client in just 17 days of working for them. Anthony gets his consistent monthly income and the client gets to see immediate tangible results from the work he is doing for them.

For this pre-med student turned filmmaker, NLC was the game changer he needed to move the needle in the right direction.

If you’re ready to start scaling your business with consistency and reliability, check out Anthony’s interview here to see if his story resonates with you.

Seize the day,


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Everyone is all excited to hear from next level creators and today I have Anthony Gallo from Anthony Gallo productions with me who is a premed student at the University of New Hampshire is actually right down the street from you right now and I didn’t know that, so we got on the call today and he joined next level creators because he had a bunch of friends who kept saying, you’ve got to do something with this video passion, these films and these videos you’re making. He started his business just last year, had a great first year doing one off projects and then wanted to figure out how to make the slow months go away, how to make the feast or famine income cycles sort of go away and you jumped in. Already has his first retainer video retainer client where he’s doing commercial campaign for a company is generating $500 a month ongoing and he’s already produced them or return on investment 17 days after launching their campaign.
That is a solid, solid start to a new line, a new offering your business. And Anthony, I’m excited to jump into those details today. Uh, in this interview, so for one, thank you for being here. Thanks for having me. I was really excited when you asked me to do this. I want to, we’d love to talk about this stuff and you know, meet you face to face and stuff like that. Yeah. So Anthony, my favorite way to start these interviews usually is, I mean, you have an interesting background, right? You’re currently in university. You had people telling you that you should start pursuing this, this film thing. So what got you to say, you know, what, I’ll try and I’ll try to make a living making videos. So yeah, I mean it’s definitely an interesting story to me. I basically got my first Gopro sometime in high school and it was, you know, making fun travel videos with my friends and stuff and we thought we were crazy at the time and that they were amazing videos and whatnot.
But then, uh, I really got serious about sophomore year in college. I’m a senior now. Me and my friends actually we bought a a mini school bus, turned it into like an Rv, travel around the entire country for like a month and all I did was make episode videos documenting our whole process and from that I had people jumping out saying like, listen, I have video projects I want you to do for me. You need to pursue this like you’re clearly passionate about and it was the most fun I’d ever had in my entire life because I got to do all the videos and whatnot. So I jumped in, did a couple jobs for some friends, those lead to more referrals and whatnot and I’m still finishing up my degree because it was something that I started, but this has proven to me and my past year that this is what I want to do with the rest of my life and finding this course is even more solidified in that this is sustainable and something I can really do and hopefully be really successful with.
Yeah. Awesome. So it was this crazy trip and then that led to you. It’s funny. I mean, you went down the path of doing it for your passion, you wanted to create these videos in the first place for you and the capture trip and other people reached out and then opportunities started opening up. And so last year was your full, you know, you told me before we jumped in, it was your first full year and so what types of jobs and projects were you getting in that that first year because you are of course a student and you’re doing this on the side. What kind of projects were coming your way and how are you getting there? So it was a hundred percent referral based. I wasn’t really reaching out to many people. It was, you know, first a couple of real estate jobs for some of my friends’ parents.
Those lead to, you know, a few more real estate jobs. And those realtors had a friend who owned a business or a gym. And then that Jim started hiring me to, you know, make marketing videos for them that they were happy with and ended up actually at work now full time. Not full time, but the university pays me, um, Unh to work in their marketing department. I shoot a lot of their, the content that comes out of this university as a whole, which has been great too. And that’s built my connection’s working with that department and whatnot. Um, did a lot of weddings, of course, as most people do. Um, but yeah, my passion was always in the making people money with my talent that I liked doing the commercial end of things where, you know, we could put a video out there and they’d be like, Oh, the gym, we got five people for the 30 day free trial from the video.
And that was kind of what led me to slow down the wedding end. It wasn’t super what I was passionate about. But um, that was basically the first year it was, it was so much fun. That’s awesome. And that was all organic. Just this process of doing what you love and then it turning into opportunities. And so you’re in a really great place it sounds like because for one year central you’re getting paid to do this for school, you have projects, projects coming to you. I mean I can just tell you, you’re an extroverted kind of guy, looks like you know, you, you, you enjoy helping other people grow. So that really meshes with your values. And so what was it, when did you first see next level creators and what was it that made you pay attention? So I own this whiteboard right here for something like maybe four months.
I have this idea I’d list of ideas that I have for, but just general business ideas. And the number one idea was always subscription retainer clients find some way to get people to pay me on a monthly basis to do something for them. At first, my first big land with that was a big gym that I worked with in Massachusetts. I was doing one off videos for them and then they eventually got done. We were like, let’s do something where we pay you a monthly fee and you make us x amount of videos per month. And it was great and you know, quick after effects, you know, motion graphics stuff and they loved it and I love just knowing that I’m getting paid every month to do a very specific set of things. I know what’s on my plate and I know how to tackle it. And then I started seeing your ads and they just spoke to that. I had thought I wanted watched her free training and it made so much sense. It literally hurt. I wrote down on my board, I was like, make sure you have enough money, however much it costs to buy this course because you, the training that you outlaid just, it made sense. You seemed like a very
trustworthy guy. And right from the start you said this isn’t guaranteed if you put in the work, you’ll get what you deserve from it. And second, your whole business goal is to help people help people. And that’s what I found most fun in my line of work. So it really spoke to me and just kept watching the trainings and basically.
Wanting to jump right in.
Got It. Yeah. So that’s funny. So you wrote down what you wanted and then synchronicity comes about, right? All of a sudden you started seeing our ads is talking directly to how to get video retainers and
help other clients grow by producing videos for them. And that’s what led to this whole thing. Now,
no know you’ve been in the program for just a short amount of time. Really.
In when you consider it like a full year of business, right? When we’re done our first full year of business after you making these pivots, I can’t wait to see where we’re at. I mean what are your company scales to you and you’re still at this know you’re in your final year, but by the time you leave school you’re going to have a much bigger business than most people have after 10 years. Being in the industry, which is another exciting thing. And so you got into next level creators. What was it like, like why, what were the biggest challenges and what were the biggest lessons that you learned as soon as you got in that allowed you to get that? That next client?
So I’d say one of the biggest challenges was slowing myself down because I you have so much in depth training throughout this eight week course and I’m the type of person I don’t think I slept for like three days after I bought the course just because I was watching all these videos and I found myself having to rewash them because I wasn’t absorbing as much as I probably should have if I take my time. I’m but a couple of the lessons specifically. Not the logistical stuff, but just like the devastating power focus. I watched that and it was just like changed it. It was like why generalize yourself to all these things when you can focus and be so much more effective at one thing. That’s what led me to just, all right, I got to start outreaching to clients. I got to start spending all my time trying to get new clients and that’s what ended up getting me a client. Not Waiting for people to come in and say, Hey, do this for me. It was let me get out there and say I can do this for you.
Yeah. And then changing, tell me about your philosophy on sales, because I know a lot of people, especially filmmakers, creatives, we have this block where we think, oh, I produce great content. I know I’m good, right? But no one’s coming to me right now and I had this project and it just finished and I feel like I feel like people should just see this and want to hire me. So did you have
any challenges motivating yourself to get out there and start reaching out to people and getting over a lot of those sales blocks that people have? Yeah, so it was actually the sales shift from pre, next level creators to post was crazy because prior to the course I was trying to pitch videos where I couldn’t outline how tangible the effects were. It was like, yes, you will have this video to look great for your business. But I couldn’t say like, listen, I’m going to make you money. Like I can’t guarantee that. And then through the earned the deal training and just the product that we’re now selling in commercial campaigns, I can go into the sales meeting or the sales call and say, I’m trying, I’m not here to give you an amazingly beautiful video. I’m here trying to make you money and I’m going to prove it throughout the service.
That’s why you want to keep working with me. And uh, it was tough to do cold call outreach with videos, but now with this, people are way more interested and intrigued because it’s just like, all right, your goal is very outlined. It’s not that you’re giving me a video, it’s, you’re helping me grow my business, which is what this course could help me kind of click in my mind. I wasn’t, I wouldn’t say I was very good at sales. It was all referral based and I’m still learning. I’m trying to take notes on their own, the deal sales model and stuff like that. But, um, I would say that’s one of the biggest things I took out of the course actually is how to effectively sell something. Whatever it may be. And I know I struggled with it for a long time. Um, so I’m happy to hear that you know, you, of course no one’s ever done learning, right, like there’s no such thing as being done.
Uh, it’s just a process that we keep improving upon and the beauty of it is, I mean, I remember when you posted your organic video in the community that you would put together and that was one of our outreach strategy. So for anyone who’s listening, I am in the program, I share eight different methods for generating clients within about four to five days. So how to get a complete stranger who doesn’t know who you are, to want to hire you to produce videos for them on an ongoing basis in just a couple of days. And you did one of them. That was so good when I watched it, I was like, oh my goodness. He took a video concept and then posted it to his organic market, like a social media, different things to get people to reach out to him. Um, how has that been performing for you since you’ve released it?
Because you sent it in the program, lots of people in the program, we’re asking them for him or for that. But then I’m very curious how has, how has it been moving through the different types of methods to create opportunities for yourself? It’s been super valuable to me. It just alone in it’s a, it does a good job of explaining in under a minute what I want to do and it makes it, you know, pretty with the graphics and stuff and it’s easy to watch. Um, so I posted that I think on like instagram, linkedin, facebook, and a lot of people commented and said, wow, this is so interesting. I’d love to learn more or just wow, this a really cool video. Like, congrats, good luck with them, what you’ve been trying to do. And it was great because I also kind of put in the stuff that you taught on how to sell yourself into that video.
Like I, I told him about the value. I told him that my goal is to help you. And I think those messages really resonated with the audience that I was hoping with. I haven’t officially booked a client through the video, but it’s definitely helped generate a lot of interest and I need to change up a few things that I’m going to try and do. I’m an actual ad campaign for myself with that video. I, I tried since the first line was like, so you’re a business owner. I think facebook flagged it. Um, but yeah, it’s been really great. Could be a mix of things. Could be the fact that there’s so much text in the video. So if facebook only allows typically 20 percent text, um, you know, either videos or images. Um, however, uh, when it comes to campaigns like this, one of the things that’s important to realize is if you launch a video or you launch a piece of content, and this is for anyone who’s listening and you get a lot of interest, but you don’t get a lot of commitment.
That means that that video is probably not strong enough yet. It doesn’t mean that the video is not good. The video has trails of good, it has pieces of good, but it means we need to look at that script and see if we can’t make it a bit stronger, which is something that of course in the community we can do together. I’m sort of going through the in reverse engineering the psychology of why someone would be a good fit to, you know, work with you and the transformation that your videos will help them specifically with. Right? So you did a, you did a more broad view of what you do to any business owner and if now we can kind of get into the fact that you have a client and you developed a campaign that it launched the 17 days ago and you’ve already generated them results.
That type of messaging will definitely put that in your future videos. We’re going to add some social proof to what you’re doing. It’s going to continue to compound on your side to help you grow, but I’m curious, those methods that we teach in next level creators, what platform are you running this campaign on and how has it helped you to set the campaign up to make sure that you’re actually doing distribution that works for your client? So you’re talking about the salon client here? Oh, I set that up. So yeah, I thought based off what I’ve read in the course and in the group, I really thought that my client’s message would resonate well on facebook just because technically anybody can really be her. I’m a client of her very business like you said. Um, so we set up with facebook that the business already had some marketing content. We shot some more marketing content, you know, as a startup. And then like you said in the course, we did the formula of, you know, x amount of adds, x amount of audiences and after we launched we found out the ones that were working, duplicated, those changed them up. Um, you know, that typical strain of things do you know, maximize. At first it was like maybe one lead every other day and then
got it
closer and to that golden goose message we wanted the, you know, some days we have three leads and even for leads and it’s been really cool to see it grow in that way and having the campaign compass and being able to track all the kpis and the things that have been working have made it even that much easier to make sure I actually know without a doubt that this is working or this isn’t working, so the Google form tools that you guys have in the course are super helpful to keep me organized and I look at those things
a couple times a day. I know it’s funny because people always ask me that like, Paul will, will this program help save me time with this? I’m like, it took me a month and a half to put together one of those spreadsheets. You get it from scratch, be that long. It takes a lot. It takes a lot of energy to realize like for one, here’s what you’re supposed to be looking at the first place. Here’s what these numbers mean, but then putting together a good system for how to keep track of those things and how to make it streamlined so that way it takes up as little of your time as possible so you can come in and just do a quick review, make a couple tweaks and then off to the races. You’re back to doing something else. That’s fun. Yeah, it’s, I mean that was something that you pitched,
you know, when I in the ads and stuff that I saw for a next level creators and it was like you can get these clients that
you make a lot of money from and you don’t have to spend that much time once it’s been set up. And I almost didn’t believe it, but I think I’ve spent a grand total of half an hour this entire week managing that campaign, which is very nice. So basically like just check. Oh yeah, they got a couple leads, put my phone down, great. My work’s done, you know, fill out the campaign compass and that’s it. And you know, I’d say once a week I go in and you know, whether it’s mega new add or tweak and all of that, or just for the fun of it sometimes brainstorm some new ads because it’s really, I love just thinking about messages that might work and seeing if they do or don’t.
I mean, that’s a storyteller in you. That’s why it’s honestly why? Because when people ask about marketing, right? Oh, I’m a filmmaker, I’m a storyteller. I’m a video creator. I don’t know if this is right for me. I always have to read, frame it. It’s not an analytical holy like dated, like behind the computer kind of thing. I’m marketing the best. Marketing in the world are the best stories. That’s it. If you think about messaging and you think about how to create really powerful, impactful, inspirational, educational, entertaining content, that is what gets the most growth. That’s what produces the most growth for business owners. And that’s why 80 percent of great marketing campaigns it comes from the content comes from the story. Um, and I love that fact. The fact that for one, you’re starting. See now how,
you have these systems set up for the analytics and it’s giving you the freedom to think about the story and then get to evolve the story. And then to change the story, have you started to think about the customer life cycle as they’re going through your distribution channel? So what I mean by that is no, you hit them with one video in that says like, Hey, are you interested in this? Come check out our, our, our salon. And the next one is people who’ve seen that video for the past three weeks. How do we create another video that gets their attention from a different perspective and start having a conversation with them throughout the process of that channel. Have you started doing anything like that yet?
So at first, actually the first couple of ads that we, um, that I put out there, we’re basically just like, no, I know nobody really knows the service that they’re selling. It’s like cool sculpting cryo scan who like, I don’t, I didn’t know about that really prior to getting this client. So I just put ads out there saying like, this is what it is, know this is, this is how, what it’s done for the people that have had it and just like, I want you to know what this is and that’s it. And then we did a second level of ads which was more like deeper client testimonial videos, being emotional and now capturing the people who we already kind of had interested in saying like, it’s changed my life, you know, in those are the ones that have really driven the selling traffic to my client because they’re just so much more emotional and I’m already like thinking about the next level of the third stage of this like acquisition or what did you call it? Distribution funnel.
So it’s like a distribution channel, the entire process, the customer lifecycle as they’re interacting with you and your company and your offer. So this is one of the beauties of being a storyteller is, um, when you’re working with business owners, the story never ends. How, how exciting is that? The fact that I’ve been working with clients for over five years running the same commercial campaigns for them and I get to continuously for these businesses, come up with new stories, come up with new messages, shared Sharon knew testimonial in a light that had never been seen or even considered before. Then get that out there to people who maybe are struggling with what their business consultant and that’s the fun thing about leveraging your skill, a video to tell these different stories for the businesses
and just get so much value out of it. That’s the biggest thing with this program has been like before people would love to video and they’d be happy and then now it’d be the end of the conversation, but now it’s just like your, like you said, leveraging this talent or just passionate that we have to get people something that means so much more to them than what we had before. It’s not ego based, it’s, it’s this is their business and it’s going to grow it, which is way more valuable than just. I have a pretty video now for my website.
Yeah, and so this is great. I love what you’ve done so far, already finding success already, providing more value to your clients, getting them results. Where do you see yourself in 12 months?
What, what are you going to accomplish with Anthony Gallo productions here this year? I want to just absolutely solidify this proof of concept that I have with this first client and just blast and just try and get out there and have this be my niche because it’s fun. It’s been exciting to you. I, you know, I don’t have a crazy amount of experience, but I’ve really enjoyed how I’ve done with this client and working with them and I would just love to get out there and just keep helping businesses all around New England with this product or whatever because it’s not that wild yet. It’s not all over the place. But, um, I mean in 12 months I would love to have 12 advertising campaigns, you know, that I’m running for these businesses and I think it’s possible, especially with the methods that you’ve outlined in the course to get new clients predictably and maybe even start running these campaigns for myself with the revenue I’ve been generating from the management fees. But yeah, it’s going to be a good ride. I can’t wait to be done with school so I can just focus on this 130 percent.
Well, I mean, as we move along the evolutions of your business because, you know, we’re releasing version four point zero of the program today. I’m going out and yeah, we’re with where your company is at right now. You are, you are in the very beginning stage or in that, that flight state where you’re just taking off the ground and you, you’re very fortunate because you took off the ground very quickly and you’ve got the results. So it means you’re on your way up, which is the best place to be. Um, now how we structure your business to achieve the lifestyle and the impact that you want from your company is going to be really important. Um, you know, numbers are very important, but you have to remember numbers are, are also just people. So working with 12 people, that’s a significant amount of relationships and um, when it comes to how you’re, how you’re doing what you do, uh, I would, I would sort of lean more on the side of five to probably seven is going to be that sweet spot and then instead of looking to generate more clients to increase your revenues and the impact, it’s going to be working more in depth with those few clients to grow their businesses and grow your impact and income as well.
Um, but we’ll come to that bridge when we cross it, which will be a lot of fun as well. Um, and yeah, that the new versions coming out. So you’re going to start, we have a whole new training called inflection point on the different stages in growth cycles in where you will start to hit the law of diminishing returns when it comes to being a video creator. Um, you’ll know how to avoid them rather than doing what I did, which was I took on many, many clients and I saw this thing happen in my business where we just started going down and I was like, what’s going on? I have more clients charging more than ever before, but I’m making less of my time is gone. What’s happening? I tried hiring people. I tried
doing bigger for like everything and everything is still made it worse. So I’ll make sure that you don’t make those same mistakes. I don’t want that. But yeah, good stuff. I’m excited. It’s going to be a fun year and I’m not really happy to have you on board and thanks for sharing. Last question is for anyone else who’s like you, would you recommend next level creators and why? Yeah, I mean absolutely. If you have a passion for videography, I think this is the only course that I’ve ever seen that is all about leveraging videography skills so that you can sustainably grow your video business by helping other people. And I’ve seen a lot of courses. I’ve definitely, I get bombarded with the ads every day and I read them, I watched their trainings. I think this is the only one that they’ve. Next level creators has probably one of the best support teams in you and Miranda and all the people that you have around you. You know, you answer every single question on facebook, I think, which is wild. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. Um, but um, yeah, I’d absolutely recommended. I mean, the results come if you work hard. I mean, I’m just starting a lot of unknown in the future, but I feel very safe having this course. Um, and being part of that group. I appreciate it. Thank you for sharing your experience. And let’s get back to work. Let’s go.

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