9 Steps To Prepare For Your Next Sales Meeting


Watch this training if you are preparing for a sales meeting you don’t want to screw up.

In this video I cover the 9 steps you want to take to prepare for your next sales meeting.

Seize the day,
– Paul Xavier

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So you have a sales meeting coming up and you need to know how to prepare yourself because you don’t want to screw it up and you’re nervous. You don’t want to feel like you have to pitch someone or convince them that you’re worth it. You want them to know that you’re worth it. And so in those moments, it’s important to prepare yourself for these sales meetings the right way. And I know what it’s like. I’ve been there, you know, businesses, we need clients, we need money coming in and it’s a, it’s a nervous place because we don’t want to screw those situations that they’re very important. We don’t want to undervalue, we don’t want to be negotiated down on our price point. So I want to share nine steps with you that you can use to prepare for your next sales meeting. I went over these at a live event with some of our next level creators clients where we’ve helped people go from charging $500 to $10,000 like that because they were able to prepare themselves and get themselves into the right empowered value based state and diagnose where people are coming from in their conversations to turn them into great clients.

So you’re gonna learn how to do the exact same thing here today. You’ll see that basic framework here that I had when I was first putting this together. Then I iterated it and iterated it and iterated it and I kinda made it perfect in my, uh, it’s not perfect, but it’s as good as I can possibly get it for my conversion rate can be roughly 40 to 50% in a sales meeting with a commercial campaign client. So as we’re, I was with it, I expect everyone to be able to use this and convert it roughly 15 to 20% right out of the gate with this. Um, so that’s everyone here. You, when you’re doing your numbers, like 30 actual meetings, 15 to 20% is what I would expect. So that means one in five or one in six people. Okay? So that shows us we need some volume coming through this model, but how that volume, we have a message that’s working for us.

This has got to work. So how was work is basically, um, I know I want to get some variations and some questions and some feedback as we go through this. So feel free to just kind of interject and raise your hand as we go through. By the most important thing here is kind of how we’re approaching this meeting less what words were saying. And I found this from training salespeople that it’s less the words that are on here, but more of the understanding of why we’re asking them that really matters. Okay. Let’s say in the beginning to prepare for the call. Basically we want to be in a really quiet location. You want to review their survey answers. So that’s if someone’s coming from the inbound lead, if it’s an outbound lead, you’re not going to have their survey answers, but you’ll likely have had some interaction with them.

And that’s in time to do some research on that. So that would be what you’re kind of reviewing is your research on that all. I’ve got five employees listed on the websites and then around this revenue we kind of know a little bit about the business model. I looked at Google keyword planner. If I’m planning to go and use Google ad words to what our average cost per click would be. But you’re just getting yourself prepared for that meeting, for the scenario, for this business because it’s really smart to kind of visualize the Creator’s operating system before we even go into this meeting. Does that make sense? Good, good. Um, then have something to take notes on. So I always have just a pen and a notepad. That’s it. I don’t use bring the script and nothing like that. I mean I’m just sitting here with this and this and my full 100 undivided attention and focus is just on what they’re saying.

Okay there I always do mine over the phone. I find that that works way better for me personally because of course we work with clients that are international, that are all over the world and we were able to get clients in that manner. So there’s no way I was going to travel to people and I found that video actually kind of distracted people too much because like you know the cat jumps in the back or whatever and then someone walks through the frame or um, people were just kind of looking at you weird cause you’re trying to take notes and then there’s that lack of focus on their eyes and you’re actually, but you’re, you’re trying to pay attention but sometimes you need to take a note on something and so video kind of mess with that format. For us, I would give someone the option to do that.

But it’s not like a spiked collars. Yeah, I’m not, I’m not a huge fan of it. I would much rather do over the phone. And that also really helps with the silence portion because then you’re standing someone in the eyes and you’re silent. They just seize up a bit. So it’s much easier when you’re on the phone and just doing audio. And I know a lot of people who basically run this model then do it that way as well, that are very successful with it. Doing commercial campaigns, like another rescue, you’re talking about it talking to filmmakers about commercial operating system that if we’re talking as a filmmaker about doing film, you know, then for selling a commercial selling art commercial campaigns, I mean you find the same, the phone is, it’s objective because bone is more effective, more effective. I mean it seems for the sales meeting would be, but ultimately they’re gonna you’re gonna meet them because you’re going to be doing there, you’re going to go and shoot more than yeah, yeah. Like you don’t necessarily like in your modeling to meet people necessarily. Like when drew converted me as a client, it was over the phone and like 30 minutes. Um, and these at this point, or in the annual sales model before, the biggest things that he’s been using his business and figure out what is your current situation? What’s your desired situation, what do you need, what you want? And he just used it right on me basically. And I worked, um, I knew what you were doing.

Another big thing here is to lose all emotional baggage from your day and be in a calm focus place. If you wake up and something terrible has happened, right? They don’t truck ran over your car. Um, you know, things happen, right? Then you could get some crazy thing that’s happening. You have a sales meeting two hours from now, you have to release that. You know, you’re in the present moment right here, right now. And it’s your opportunity. And is there a responsibility really to remove all that clutter from your day and just give 100% focus and the person you’re talking to is, that’s what it takes to actually talk through and help someone. Right? Um, so get present. You ready to dial the phone on the minute that it hits the number and dial and start your call. That’s pretty much how we prepare for the call recording.

And of course you can record them. Yeah. Now the next big thing is sales principles to remember here is this is that mindset component, and this is far more important than anything you’re going to say. So sales is far more about accurate diagnosis and it is about convincing anyone of anything has almost nothing to do with convincing people, has nothing to do with trying to persuade. So it has to do with diagnosing what it is, where they are, where they want to be, and if they’re serious or committed about getting there. Okay. We’re going to talk a lot about commitment and we’re going to talk a lot about how to find out where someone’s committed things truly are.


The next thing is, even if you don’t have a proof of concept, this is a mindset they believe in your capacity to make an impact. Does everyone understand what I mean by that? So that means that even if you don’t know exactly how you’re going to get this to work, you believe you can figure it out and if you believe you can figure it out, that means you believe that you can make an impact for this person. You can help them. If you don’t have that for me, there’s no way in hell you’re going to, you’re going to get them to buy. That’s really, really important. Okay? If you don’t believe in your product, your service, they won’t believe AI sell yourself before you sell them. Does everyone feel like they’re at that stage right now where they are convinced are they are essentially ready? Does anyone have any roadblocks or my wife on that?

Okay. Then

challenge objections hard when you can. So this is one where some people get a little timid about it and we were talking about it yesterday. I’m at dinner with some people, what they were saying. Yeah. Clients will say, oh well you don’t have five vms so I’m not going to work with you and you have to challenge that. We have to ask why. Right? We have to get to the root of what is it stopping them. If someone says like, oh, well, we just don’t really trust you, and I can say, okay, so you don’t trust that basically Google adverts works and they’ll be like, oh no, who elaborative words and then you, Oh, you don’t trust that commercial works. Do you convert people? I know. We know that that works. Okay. Last I want to do for you, so you trust that it works, right?

Well, yeah. Yeah. I just, I just don’t know. Okay, well I just thought this is what we’re going to do and this is how it works, so it has nothing really to do with you. This is the process is what they’re buying and the results are what they are buying. Okay. Very important. Once again, being able to challenge objections extremely hard. When someone is trying to wiggle their way out of making a commitment to get where they want to go, extremely important. Then don’t let them bullshit themselves. Are you? I really drill this one home for my team is if someone says on a call that they want to get from 1 million to 2 million a year, they’re relying on word of mouth right now in business is starting to plateau. And they are saying, I really, I want to get there in the next 12 months.

And then you ask them the question, okay, and if you continue the way you are now, will you get there? They say no. And then after you talked to him and said, all right, and they were 100% committed to getting there. And they say yes. And they’d say, do you trust yourself to convert these leads if we can bring you these leads each and every single month? And they say, yes. And do you trust that a commercial campaign would work with Google adverts and a commercial? And they say yes. And then you tell them how much it costs and they say no. You have to call them out on it and say, well then you’re not really committed to getting to 2 million a year because this is how you can do it. And show it. We’ve just, you just told me that you agree it would work. You think it would work. You’re willing to do it. It would work for you because you’re converting this way now, but all of a sudden now that you have the opportunity to get this, you’re backing down. So what’s going on here? Why and then why? And then why you dig into what that root causes of their, their disparity between that $2 million goal they told you and where they are now.

Makes Sense. All right? So we need to call people when they try to bullshit themselves. That is huge. And the authoritative, the raw, honest and real. That means getting into the weeds with people. Sometimes they’re going to talk about the life and talk about the family. They’re to talk about how things aren’t going the way they want them to. We’re gonna talk about things are just so great and they don’t want them to stop being as great and they want them to just keep getting better. Um, and you need to be able to work with people in their situations. Sales is a very, um, a very emotional conversation because oftentimes someone is, when we really think about what someone is doing is they’re not just buying, I don’t even think people ever buying anything really. They’re just lying or a better version of their life. It’s always what they’re doing.

You’re buying a Roomba, you’re buying some more time for you in your family. It’s better version of your life, right? So when we think about it that way, you’re just buying a future for yourself and ask questions, then be silent. And then after someone says something, if it makes sense, here’s what I say. Got It. Move on to the next question. Okay. If they say something and it doesn’t make sense, ask a specific question. You know, what else can you tell me? I didn’t really understand. Can you tell me exactly what this means? Right. Because you do have to understand how their business is operating, what they’re doing now so we can help them improve. Okay. But then after that we need to be silent so they can answer. And when we understand it and want to make sure they know, we understand it and just say, got it right from there.

Take any alpha role and absolutely nothing lasts. When people come on and try to like bark at me and be really mean, kicked me off or like say, oh, we’ll just, what’s the price I’ve seen everything. I just tell me to price. Restate the agenda. Right? They do it again. Restate the agenda. They do it again. I don’t waver in essentially, Hal, I’m going to run this call because I’m not willing to let bad clients into my business. And you have to have that same mentality as well. Right? Um, and if people will do more for employee pain and they will to gain pleasure. This is a, an interesting thing about human psychology. So people will do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure if your entire sales pitches about how great life could be and not about what’s going to happen if they don’t make a change, then we’re missing out on the biggest driver for human human beings, which is that pain that’s associated with not changing.

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