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The Difference Between "Courses" and "Mentorship" That Helps Next Level Creators Generate Larger, Faster, More Affordable And Efficient Growth For Creative Entrepreneurs, Content Creators & Filmmakers

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Book A Free 1-on-1 Strategy Session With A 7-Figure Business Advisor

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A Quick Overview Of The 4-Step NLC Process


1-on-1 Business Strategy Session

Here you meet with one of our 7-figure business advisors where we get to know your current circumstances, challenges and goals for your life & business. Then we help you create a custom roadmap to reach your goal and if we believe we can help you get there faster and easier, we'll put together a custom offer with NLC mentorship.


3 Month Immersion

All of our mentorship relationships begin with a minimum of a 3 month commitment to achieve your goals. The immersion will include a custom execution plan, specific trainings for you to go through, specific action items to execute on, and then a mixture between 1-on-1, group mentorship and live events to help you navigate and adjust as you gain momentum and run into new challenges.


Repeat 1-on-1 Business Strategy Session

Guess what... At the end of your first 3 month immersion with NLC mentorship, you will have different circumstances, challenges and goals. So we'll start step 1 over again and do a full diagnostic strategy call to create a new custom roadmap for you to reach your NEW GOAL.


Commit To The Next Level

At this point steps 1 through 3 are rinsed and repeated as your progress from one level to the next. Thats why our mentorship is called "Next Level Creators, there is always another LEVEL to commit to achieving and if our mentorship can help you get there faster, easier, with less pain and more affordably than you could get their on your own, we will commit to helping you accomplish your goal!

Frequently Asked Questions About NLC

How much does NLC cost?

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How do I know NLC mentorship is legitimate & is not a scam?

We appreciate this question. You should thoroughly vet the people you choose to work with... but ultimately this comes down to a couple things. First, does what we're saying "make sense"? Can you see how it would work? That's the first step... if the education we've given you (for free) has made sense, then that's the first thing you want to consider. Second, have you had a conversation with us? You can tell a LOT by getting on the phone with someone. Follow your gut. Third, look at the VIDEOS above... the interviews. The amount of people we've helped - genuinely - get results. What do you think we threatened these peoples' families into giving us this stuff? No. We're very good at what we do and we authentically care about people. No scams here.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee you that if you don't make a change or get the expertise needed to change, you'll either grow VERY slowly, you'll not move at all or you'll shrink. When I first got started in business as a freelancer, the VERY FIRST thing I did was find a mentor and pay him more money than I had to help me grow faster. It worked, barely three months into my new business I was depositing over $20k per month into my bank. We see it time & time again - there are NO guarantees in life EXCEPT that if you keep doing what you've been doing, nothing will change, and you'll get no results. The "cost" of figuring all this out by yourself is astronomically higher than the "investment" required to work together .

What if I hate marketing & selling?

We hate selling too. In fact, we don't really "sell" anything. We help people find out if they're a good fit for us, and if so, we help them get results. You should NOT be trying to sell people on anything. Our system does a good portion of the selling for you before people even take the next step to get on the phone. From there, we'll give you our exact Earn The Deal sales guide, word-for-word, and how to lead people to a decision (if they're a good fit). Again, go check out some of the screenshots above of people raving about our script. It isn't pushy, it's super relaxed and (best of all) it is proven to WORK.

FAQ About The Commercial Campaign Value Creation Model

How can you help me land my first client?

90% of our clients "ROI" without spending any money on paid ads. Look at the client messages above. You'll see many of them mention Outreach, LinkedIn, Authority Strategies, and so on... Our philosophy is if you have a strong win-win offer then you can sell it without paying for ads, generate a profit, then reinvest your profits into advertising to scale your offer. Trying to start with paid ads when you don't have a proven message & offer is risky business which is why we don't advise it!

Do I need prior experience with paid ads or a case study?

If you're starting a new offer (or a new business), you don't need case studies OR testimonials. Guess what? When we started our production company, we didn't have any case studies (because we hadn't taken any clients yet!). The most important things you need are 1) a good, well mapped out offer that is tuned specifically for your market and 2) a system to communicate that offer, generate interest, and get clients from time methods or paid ads. That's where we come in.

Will this work for larger $100+ million companies & brands?

Absolutely! Many of the video production agencies we work with specialize in helping fortune 1000 companies to drive additional sales & growth by offering content retainers & commercial campaigns. As long as you are bringing your clients 2-10X ROI on the money they invest with you, you're going to be successful.

Do companies with a marketing director need this?

100% yes. Marketing directors at large companies are always hiring outside experts to help the scale or perform activities they can't. For example, a marketing director and team may have Facebook ads working great, in which case you can help them build out the entire Youtube ad campaign and manage it for them profitably as a company partner. Win-Win once again!

Do I need a website for myself to sell Commercial Campaigns?

Absolutely not. Consider 99% of everything everybody else tells you that you need to be BS. You don't need a blog, you don't need to have a book... you need a good offer, and a way to find your market (time methods or paid traffic). We didn't have a website when we started either. In fact, we didn't get our website up and running until after we'd already done about $100K in revenue. If you already have a website, great... but don't spend much time on it at all.

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