Earn Your Next Video Retainer Client Immersion Event

March 20-22 In Houston, Texas At The Magnolia    

In Just Three Days You Can Walk Away With...

  1.  Absolute clarity & focus on what activities you should be doing to attract & convert your ideal prospects into high value Win-Win clients.

  2.  Activate your Mega-Value Marketing system by sending out your first 100 marketing messages to prospects by the end of the event earning you qualified sales opportunities.

  3.  Version 1 of your Earn The Deal™ sales guide crafted and ready to convert 20-80% of your sales meetings into new clients.

  4.  A Value Video written, shot and organically distributed attracting your existing connections & network to your new offer.

  5.  Life long Next Level Creator friends & new business connections!

Speed, Immediate Results And Learning From Your Own Experience

If you'd rather eat glass than sit in a conference room for 3 days while being lectured by self-proclaimed "gurus" about how great they are....

And if you'd rather roll around in garbage than add 100 more to-do's to your already exhaustive list...

Then the Earn The Deal (ETD) & Mega-Value Marketing (MVM) immersion event may be right for you.

What makes an immersion event different is :

  • You will be learning by doing instead of listening. We believe the best teacher is real world experience so each day we will be showing you behind the scenes of one of our proven marketing & sales systems, then helping you implement them AT THE IMMERSION EVENT .

  • You will get hands on assistance from 6 & 7 figure creators who are using the MVM & ETD systems every single day to consistently earn new clients.

  • Proximity is power . If you want to accelerate your path to business mastery, then you want to enter into the environment of the best so you can model them. When it comes to scaling video agencies with video retainers and proven marketing + sales strategies... We are the BEST OF THE BEST and we want to share our methods with you! The ROI from the proximity - even if you learn nothing - will pay for itself.

If Your Goals Include:

  • Having complete controlover your marketing system so that you have the ability to turn up or down how many qualified sales meetings you generate each week whenever you want

  • Absolute confidence while when you're in a sales meeting that you're worth the amount you offer AND certainty that when you make an offer to someone, its a Win-Win offer you believe in.

  • Ethical growth strategies… no compromising your morals, ethics or integrity by using cheap, scammy "marketing & sales" tricks to grow.

  • Scaling your video agency to the next level with intense speed, proven systems and a community of passionate wealthy creators...

Then you want to implement a proven system with hands-on guidance from a team of people who have helped other people just like YOU get RESULTS ...

Meet Your Mentors

Paul Xavier

Next Level Creator Founder

Paul is a video creator, entrepreneur, and the worlds #1 business strategiest for filmmakers & video creators. Paul has been featured in Forbes, Inc, & Entrepreneur for inventing the Creators Operating System which revolutionizes the path to scaling a video agency with predictability.

John Kovach

Earn The Deal Co-Founder

John is a Earn The Deal master having completed over 1,000 sales meetings in the past two years earning over 1.2 million in sales. John built a successful  Government Contracting company called Alapko, Incorporated which he successfully sold before co-founding the Next Level Creators program in 2017 with Paul Xavier. 

Shannon Carmody

Mega-Value Marketing Mentor

Shannon runs the Mega-Value Marketing systems for our companies. When it comes to setting up sales meetings with predictability, she's the queen. Shannon has generated $800,000 in the past two years managing our MVM model and running ETD.

Anthony Gallo

Videos That Sell Mentor

Anthony is a long-time Next Level Creator student who worked his way through the ranks, built a 6-figure video agency and now teaches how to write, direct, shoot & edit videos that sell in our community.  Anthony is actively running profitable commercial campaigns for multiple clients and raising his rates every month as a successful commercial filmmaker.

Special Guest Speaker

Jakob Owens

7 Figure Filmmaker, DP & Youtube Expert

Jakob shoots large music videos and commercials for brands  & artists. He owns Prism Lens Effects & Tropic Colour, two companies that specialize in equipping filmmakers with affordable equipment & skills. He also runs a youtube channel called "BuffNerds" with over 700k subscribers. Jakob will be joining Paul for a 1 hour interview at the event to discuss his philosophies & strategies for marketing, earning attention and scaling with predictability. 

Date & Location

March 20 - 22, 2020
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Magnolia Hotel Houston, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel
1100 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002

The Agenda

Over three day ETD & MVM immersion, we will help you select your ideal clients & target market, understand their core-human desires, develop a Win-Win Offer, craft an irresistible message, forge your first Earn The Deal sales guide and implement a proven Mega-Value Marketing system to begin proactively generating sales meetings with control.

Day 1: Mindset, Goals, Earn The Deal Practice & Mastery

If your video agency is stagnant, plateaued or failing... 80% of the time it is because of your leadership.

As the leader of your company, we need to up-level your mastery mindset, implement a daily success ritual and begin practicing it everyday from day 1 for the rest of your life.

Once we've set your goals, t he first step towards growing your company ethically is developing a Win-Win offer you can believe in & stand behind with full conviction.

Day one we're going to kick things off by selecting your value creation model, completing an ideal client & target market immersion, win-win offer immersion and your irresistible message framework.

This will give you absolute clarity on the VALUE you offer, WHO its for, WHY its a no-brainer for your clients, WHERE they hang out so we can hand there too, and HOW to communicate to them in a way that earns their attention & trust.

The wild thing about all the above is, we will knock this out before lunch time on day 1. 

In the afternoon, John Kovach & I will do a live Earn The Deal training and help you write your own ETD sales guide by the end of the first day.

Remember, professional actors don't wing it in a sales meeting...

So why would you wing a sales meeting?

This in-person sales training alone will be worth tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands over the course of your career. 

Here is what you'll accomplish on day one :
  1.  Design a future and goals you can stay fully committed to
  2.  Download a mastery mindset and eradicate limiting beliefs
  3.  Eliminate your fear of rejection from your life
  4.  Forge a ETD sales guide that will convert your ideal prospects into high value clients 
  5.  Begin your journey to sales mastery with the most effective & ethical sales model ever developed - Earn The Deal ™ (ETD)
  6. Develop confidence and friendships with wealthy creators

$10,000 Value

Day 2: Mega-Value Marketing Foundations & Mastery

A company with a great Win-Win Offer and phenomenal sales person can still fail if you have no one to talk to.

Many companies rely on what we call Hope Marketing which is the combination of :
  • Networking
  • Referrals
  • Random acts of marketing (aka... random social media posts)
The problem with this type of marketing is that it is reactive vs proactive .

All great businesses get referrals but by nature, you are left waiting for clients vs having control over how you get them.

Networking events are slightly better because you are proactively meeting new people...

But many of them are random collections of business owners who are also merely seeking to sell their offer to clients because they have no idea how to properly market.

On day two, we are going to show you behind the scenes of the predictable & proven marketing systems we use to generate qualified sales opportunities with business owners with consistency.

You'll learn how to craft your message, how to communicate in a personalized way that transfers your desire to build a relationship, help the client grow and tell their story in a way that will make a massive impact.

Here is what you'll accomplish on day two :
  1.   Eliminate your fear of judgement & perfectionism so that you feel empowered reaching out to potential clients
  2. Create & launch a value video to attract clients to your video agency
  3.  Discover how to use LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram to create 1-5 qualified sales opportunities for every hour you invest into your marketing
  4. Systemize your approach to reaching out to potential clients so that you know your numbers and can get clients at will
  5.  Begin your journey to marketing mastery with the most effective and ethical marketing model ever developed - Mega-Value Marketing (MVM)

$10,000 Value

Day 3: Launch, Leverage & Optimization For Maximum Potential

You read that right, on day 3 - a Sunday of all days... when most people are too afraid to reach out to clients because it's "the weekend" you'll be launching your newest marketing systems.

The primary focus of day 3 is launching, generating real sales opportunities while you're at the event, setting up automated marketing systems for your video agency so that while you're sleeping new prospects are learning about your video agency (never released automation strategies we use to generate 5-10 qualified sales opportunities a week for $20-$75 a month) .

Here is what you'll accomplish on day three:
  1.  Launch your Mega-Value Marketing system
  2. Use online sales funnels to make money while you sleep (…literally)
  3.  Setup low-cost HUGE ROI retargeting campaigns for your agency
  4.  Practice your daily marketing routine
  5.  Develop your mega-value marketing strategy for the Q2 2020 at the event so you know EXACTLY what you need to execute on to reach your revenue goals
  6.  Get a dozen big hugs from Paul & the whole Next Level Creators family as we send you home to crush your goals with your new ETD & MVM systems

$10,000 Value

The Power Of Proximity

Schedule A Strategy Session To See If The Immersion Is A Good Fit For You

The "Earn Your Next Client Immersion Event" is only available to Next Level Creator clients. If you would like to enroll in the event and are not a NLC member, booking a strategy session and enrolling in both NLC & the event is the only option for attending!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the immersion event be recorded?

Absolutely, the event will be recorded in full and all attendees will get lifetime access to the recordings between 45-60 days after the event for their reference.

Can I bring my business partner(s) with my ticket or does everyone need to buy a ticket?

Because we only have 20 seats available at this event, everyone would need to buy a ticket to attend the event.

We will give a business partner discount to any partners that do join us. To claim a discount reach out to: [email protected] and request the business partner discount.

Can’t I just learn this stuff inside Next Level Creators?

Absolutely, all the trainings are inside NLC.

The primary value of an immersion isn't to get information, but to execute.

Instead of watching modules for hours , you'll be doing the work with us with you in person. If you value speed, connections or just need a kick in the a** to get things working.... this event will absolutely do that for you.

I want to wait until my business is doing better... Is that smart?

As we say in NLC, the right time is always RIGHT NOW.

Yes, having tons of cash makes it easier to invest however, this event is all about how to get clients implementing proven marketing & sales system in just 72 hours.

Of course, over the next decade we'll be running one ETD & MVM event a year, but the investment will increase each year and to ensure you can the higher price next year, the best thing you could possibly do is join us this year at this insanely low price.

What if I hate being on camera and am afraid to do a Value Video?

At the event, we're going to overcome your fear of being judged and your fear of being on camera.

People out there need you to be at your best and need to see you to know what you can do for them.

If you're scared.... Good - this event is a way for you to commit to being courageous and taking your mindset to the next level.

But if I invest in this event I won't be able to buy more gear...

Priorities my friend....

Whats more important, learning how to get earn more with any camera you have / can rent or having a new camera you can play with but no paying clients to use it with.

- Our 1-Client ROI Guarantee -

If after attending the first full day of our ETD + MVM immersion you do not feel you will be able to earn 1 new client that generates you a massive ROI in your company, turn in your materials and we will send you a full refund for the event.

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