How To Scale A 7-Figure Video Production Company enables people with results driven education programs to succeed at every level of a video production & filmmaking career, from anywhere in the world. We aim to drive higher incomes, faster, and more cost effective than traditional career paths.

World Class “Results Focused” Business Education For Filmmakers

"52% of Next Level Creators students land their first client in less than 60 days & another 29% within their first 90 days."

Currently, if someone wants to be in the video production industry, and they go to college, it’s because they…

1) Want to get a job in the industry;

2) Want to start their own production company one day & make movies

We’ve created 100 hr+ training programs that get bigger real world results, faster, and more cost effective than that of a traditional film school degree, film awards, licenses, and traditional job experience.

We believe the value of educational programs should be based on their real world tangible outcomes such as income growth over time, speed, and low cost methods to achieve such ends.

As opposed to the old education model of accumulating degrees, film awards and certifications to look good, while not necessarily achieving your desired results. We’re focused on creating products that shorten the path to what people truly want - high paying careers and growing production companies.

The sole purpose of our programs is to help our video production experts grow their income (bigger), in less time (faster), for the the least amount of time and money investment possible (cost effective).

When we,, ask questions of what to do in our business, these considerations come first. Will it help our clients grow? Will it help increase the speed of their success? Will this make it less expensive for them to succeed?

The truth we keep in mind is that people don’t want licenses, degrees, or certifications just to have them. They want them for the sake of an outcome, typically higher earning potential in their career, increased productivity, more fulfilling work, and meaningful relationships with their coworkers, team members, and customers.

We will continue to measure our company and products against these outcomes. We are relentlessly focused on ensuring we provide the most efficient and effective paths to real world results for our clients.

Next Level Creators Program

The #1 program for scaling a 6 or 7 figure video production company by creating videos that add value to your clients lives

Next Level Creators is a rigorous training program for video creators and filmmakers who want to scale their video production companies to 6 & 7 figures in the next 12 months.

If you're a video creator or filmmaker who is...

- Tired of selling time for money
- Strung out from working with clients who don't value your work
- Frustrated because you're not earning enough income from your passion

Next Level Creators was made to help you accomplish these milestones:
1. Get video retainer clients who value your work in less than 60 days
2. Give you step-by-step instructions on how to deliver tangible value to your clients
3. Help you earn your Creative, Time & Financial Freedom so you can work on passion projects

Our mission is to fix the broken education system for creators by empowering you with the right business strategies, resources & community to experience rapid exponential growth.

In 2018, we helped creators generate over $27,600,000 for their video production companies.

If they could do it, why not you?

Next Level Creators Life Changing Results

How Johnny Eaker Scaled His Video Production Company Cosmic Sauce To $250,000 Per Year 9 Months After Joining NLC & Is Now On His Way To $500,000 Per Year In 2019

How Film Director Daniel Brea Is Providing For His Family While Making Movies Because Of The Freedom Video Retainers Have Given Him.

How Full Sail University Graduate Alec Lockavitch Went From Begging For $1k Video Projects To Landing A $72,000 Per Year Commercial Campaign Client 57 Days After Joining NLC

How Darryl Ephraums from Melbourne Australia landed his first $72,000 per year in video retainers from his first three video retainer clients using the Earn The Deal sales model taught in Next Level Creators

How Zack McNally from Bayside Media generated more sales for his production company in the first 60 days of joining NLC than he did in the entire previous year

DISCLAIMER: The results shown on this page are from hard working filmmakers, production teams & directors who committed to doing the work necessary to achieve success. Your success implementing the Creators Operating System will be determined by how hard you work to implement the methods.

3 Reasons Why Next Level Creators Is The #1 Business Training For Video Creators & Filmmakers

What makes us different here at Next Level Creators are these three things:
1. Best results: We provide the fastest & largest growth results in the video production industry
2. Client obsession: We offer self-paced training with group support, live events & 1-on-1 mentorship
3. Actionable methodology: Made for creators by creators who love imperfect action & rapid growth

By joining NLC you will receive the most transformational video production business training ever built.

Next Level Creators will teach you:
- Self transformation: How to overcome imposter syndrome and reach you fullest potential
- Value Creation: How to use videos to solve problems and add value to peoples lives
- Marketing: 8 Proven strategies for turning strangers into clients in less than 5 days
- Sales: The Earn The Deal sales model which has helped creators earn over $27,600,000 in 2018
- Operations: How to systemize, automate & deliver value with our step-by-step instructions
- Finances: How to create consistent monthly income and standardize your profits

How Does Next Level Creators Work?
1. Lifetime access to the the NLC content portal with over 200 hours of training & workbooks
2. Six month access to our exclusive community of 6 & 7 figure video production experts
3. Six hours on group Q&A calls every week inside our community
4. Lifetime access to the business of video production Facebook community to ask questions

Behind The Scenes Of Our Exclusive Community

Why choose one mentor when you can join a community of over 400 of the the fastest growing & most business savy creators & filmmakers in the world.

  1. 200+ Video Creators Starting Their Video Production Companies
  2. 50+ Video Creators Running 6+ Figure Video Production Companies
  3. 4 Video Creators Running 7+ Figure Video Production Companies

Want to see over 200 success stories from our community?

Click here to see our Google Drive folder with 100+ client success stories.

DISCLAIMER: The results shown on this page are from hard working filmmakers, production teams & directors who committed to doing the work necessary to achieve success. Your success implementing the Creators Operating System will be determined by how hard you work to implement the methods.

The Next Level Creators Curriculum

Gain access to the worlds most transformational business training program for video creators & filmmakers ever built.

  • 1: Fundamentals & Foundations
    8 Modules
    • Overview

      To scale a 6 or 7 figure video production company we need to start off by laying the proper business foundations. Similar to building a skyscraper, we don't start off by building to top floor ;)

    • 1. Fundamentals & Foundations

      Laying the proper foundations for rapid exponential scale

    • 2. Devastating Power Of Focus

      The most powerful asset you own is your energy. In this module you'll discover how to invest it wisely

    • 3. Inflection Point

      The four stages of growth for video creators & how to transcend each level as fast as possible

    • 4. Creators Operating System

      Simplify & systemize your production company into five key functions

    • 5. Proof Of Concept

      How to value your work & get others to see the value you can bring to their lives

More Client Results

Next Level Creators Community Live Events

DISCLAIMER: The results shown on this page are from hard working filmmakers, production teams & directors who committed to doing the work necessary to achieve success. Your success implementing the Creators Operating System will be determined by how hard you work to implement the methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What if I don’t have any case studies yet?

If you're starting a new offer (or a new business), you don't need case studies OR testimonials. Guess what? When we started our production company, we didn't have any case studies (because we hadn't taken any clients yet!). The most important things you need are 1) a good, well mapped out offer that is tuned specifically for your market and 2) a system to communicate that offer, generate interest, and get clients from time methods or paid ads. That's where we come in.

 Do I need a website?

Absolutely not. Consider 99% of everything everybody else tells you that you need to be BS. You don't need a blog, you don't need to have a book... you need a good offer, and a way to find your market (time methods or paid traffic). We didn't have a website when we started either. In fact, we didn't get our website up and running until after we'd already done about $100K in revenue. If you already have a website, great... but don't spend much time on it at all.

 Will this work with large companies?

Absolutely! Many of the video production companies & filmmakers we work with specialize in helping fortune 1000 companies to drive additional sales & growth by offering content retainers & commercial campaigns. As long as you are bringing your clients 2-10X ROI on the money they invest with you, you're going to be successful.

 Do companies with a marketing director need this?

100% yes. Marketing directors at large companies are always hiring outside experts to help the scale or perform activities they can't. For example, a marketing director and team may have Facebook ads working great, in which case you can help them build out the entire Youtube ad campaign and manage it for them profitably as a company partner. Win-Win once again!

 How can you help me get my first client?

90% of our clients "ROI" without spending any money on paid ads. Look at the client messages above. You'll see many of them mention Outreach, LinkedIn, Authority Strategies, and so on... Our philosophy is if you have a strong win-win offer then you can sell it without paying for ads, generate a profit, then reinvest your profits into advertising to scale your offer. Trying to start with paid ads when you don't have a proven message & offer is risky business which is why we don't advise it!

 What if I hate selling?

We hate selling too. In fact, we don't really "sell" anything. We help people find out if they're a good fit for us, and if so, we help them get results. You should NOT be trying to sell people on anything. Our system does a good portion of the selling for you before people even take the next step to get on the phone. From there, we'll give you our exact Earn The Deal sales guide, word-for-word, and how to lead people to a decision (if they're a good fit). Again, go check out some of the screenshots above of people raving about our script. It isn't pushy, it's super relaxed and (best of all) it is proven to WORK.

 How do I know this isn’t a scam?

We appreciate this question. You should thoroughly vet the people you choose to work with... but ultimately this comes down to a couple things. First, does what we're saying "make sense"? Can you see how it would work? That's the first step... if the education we've given you (for free) has made sense, then that's the first thing you want to consider. Second, have you had a conversation with us? You can tell a LOT by getting on the phone with someone. Follow your gut. Third, look at the VIDEOS above... the interviews. The amount of people we've helped - genuinely - get results. What do you think we threatened these peoples' families into giving us this stuff? No. We're very good at what we do and we authentically care about people. No scams here.

 Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. I guarantee you that if you don't make a change or get the expertise needed to change, you'll either grow VERY slowly or you'll not move at all. When I first got started in business as a freelancer, the VERY FIRST thing I did was find a coach and pay him more money than I had to help me grow faster. It worked, barely three months into my new business I was depositing over $20k per month into my bank. We see it time & time again - there are NO guarantees in life EXCEPT that if you keep doing what you've been doing, nothing will change, and you'll get no results. The "cost" of figuring all this out by yourself is astronomically higher than the "investment" required to work together.

How To Add $10,000 In Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) To Your Video Agency In Just 90 Days

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