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How Freelance Filmmaker James Cooper Stopped Selling His Time For Money & Now Makes Over $10,000 /Month Offering Value Videos
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What Is Next Level Creators?
Are you ready to discover if our 200+ hour mentorship program can help you scale a wildly profitable commercial filmmaking company?

Our team here at Next Level Creators trains people how to start & scale multiple 6 & 7 figure video production agencies in less than 3 months time.

We help people like you to find great clients that VALUE the work that you do.

Essentially, you sell your commercial filmmaking services for one-time fees of $2,500+ and then help to distribute the videos you make for anywhere between $1,000 - $10,000 per month to the people that legitimately need your help!

These services include:
* Production & campaign setup where you produce the content for your client
* Monthly management where you manage the distribution of your videos on Google, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn every month 
This model provides you with predictable monthly cashflows solving the biggest issue for filmmakers that exists (feast or famine income)

I help connect you talent, build a business, and teach you the most effective, non-salezy, sales training skills necessary to feel confident and powerful in your appointments with clients.
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